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Wisconsin Corporation

Wisconsin Corporation

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Business: Financial Services: Mortgages: Regional: United States   (3 matches)

Business: Energy and Environment: Utilities: Gas and Electricity  
Business: Real Estate: Development  
Business: Electronics and Electrical: Manufacturers Representatives  
Business: Chemicals: Custom Manufacturing  

"Wisconsin Corporation" Sites

Majestic Mortgage Corporation
Features overview of financial services and planning. Serving the Chicago, Illinois area with offices in Mundelein, Rolling Meadows, and Naperville; southeast Wisconsin with offices in Kenosha and Milwaukee; and Englewood, Colorado.   Business: Financial Services: Mortgages: Regional: United States  

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
A utility holding company. System companies provide products and services in both regulated and nonregulated energy markets.   Business: Energy and Environment: Utilities: Gas and Electricity  

Professional Realty Development Corporation (PRDC)

Property developer focusing on mixed-use, residential and retail developments throughout Wisconsin. Includes staff and featured projects.   Business: Real Estate: Development  

Abbey Sales Corporation
Offers electromechanical and electronic components and assembly serving the Illinois and Wisconsin markets.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Manufacturers Representatives  

ChemDesign Corporation
Custom chemical manufacturer whose capabilities include a wide range of organic reactions. Overview of capabilities and services, as well as a range of primary products. Locations in Massachusetts and Wisconsin.   Business: Chemicals: Custom Manufacturing  

Information Technology Association of Wisconsin (ITAWI)

A statewide membership association based with a corporation focus addressing high-level issues. Includes an advocacy function directed at state and federal policies. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.   Business: Information Technology: Associations  

Vita Plus Corporation
An agricultural company that manufactures livestock feed for dairy cows, beef cattle, and swine. Includes nutrition consulting and on farm troubleshooting for livestock producers. Located in Madison, Wisconsin.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Livestock: Feeds, Minerals, Supplements  

Peterson Manufacturing Corporation
Clintonville, Wisconsin manufacturer of feeders, harrows, spreaders, trailers, bale spears, and buckets. Includes location and product information.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Equipment and Supplies: Tractors, Machinery, and Implements  

Davig Financial Corporation
An independent registered investment advisory firm located in Holmen, Wisconsin. Specializing in client portfolio management and general financial planning.   Business: Investing: Money Managers: D  

Powerbrace Corporation
A supplier of products for truck trailers, intermodal cargo containers and similar applications in the transportation industries. Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Trucking: Truck Parts and Repair  

Exacta Corporation
Information systems consulting firm based in Wisconsin.   Business: Information Technology: Consulting: E  

Northern Illinois & Wisconsin Railway Corporation
Locomotive leasing company.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Rail: Services: Leasing  

Wisconsin Oven Corporation
Manufactures extensive range of industrial batch and conveyor ovens, incinerators, and heaters. Includes product information, applications, processes and fuels. Headquarters in Troy, Wisconsin.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Thermal Process: Ovens and Dryers  

Wisconsin Automated Machinery Corporation.
Manufactures and distributes variety of cutting and accessory products. Focus is on band saws for metal and woodworking industries. Additional lines include saw blades, coolants, and screen printing equipment.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Cutting and Machining: Cutting Machinery  

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
WECC provides information on energy conservation and efficiency for utilities, consumers, environmental groups, and regulatory agencies.   Science: Technology: Energy: Conservation: Organizations  

Quantum Tubers Corporation, Delavan, Wisconsin
A global company making a quantum leap in seed potato production through rapid-growth biotechnology for pathogen-free, virus-free, potato minitubers.   Science: Agriculture: Field Crops: Root Crops: Potatoes  

Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation
Regional air carrier providing scheduled passenger and air freight service as United Express. Corporate information, routes, links to United Air Lines.   Regional: North America: United States: Wisconsin: Transportation  

Resonance Research Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of exhibits and science demonstrations including high voltage Tesla coils. Includes products, services and floor demonstrations. Located in Baraboo, Wisconsin.   Reference: Museums: Museum Resources: Exhibit Resources: Exhibit Fixtures  

Chef Craft Corporation
Distributor of kitchen items, housewares and cookware. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Home and Garden: Kitchen and Dining: Wholesale and Distribution  

CRT Processing Corporation
CRT Processing Corporation is a Wisconsin based company which specializes in the recycling of used or obsolete computer monitors, televisions, and other electronic equipment.   Business: Energy and Environment: Waste Management: Recycling: Electronics  


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