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Web Capture

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"Web Capture" Sites

Peephole Video Capture Software
Program that is an easy to use video and still image capture utility, capable of uploading still images to a remote web site via FTP. [Win 95/98/NT]   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows  

Kofax Image Products
Creates document capture and storage software, developer toolkits and boards for high-speed image scanning.   Computers: Software: Document Imaging  

Talking Caller ID
Program that captures incoming phone calls for storage and distribution to a number of other communication devices. Actually talks using Microsoft Agent technology with animated talking characters. To be used with caller id service from local telephone company.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows  

Image-X Enterprises, Inc.
Provides document imaging and document management solutions to major corporations and institutions who need to capture, manage and share multiple data types.   Computers: Software: Document Imaging  

ZoomOut: TV Capture
A VCR plugin for KastorTV. It allows one to record television in AVI, Xvid, DivX and also control various other features such as time programming, and image resolution.   Computers: Software: Freeware  

Headway Technology Group
European distributor for document management products including scanners, document capture software, optical, CD, DVD storage hardware.   Computers: Hardware: Peripherals  

Yahoo! Movies: I Capture the Castle
Synopsis, cast and crew, reviews, and links.   Arts: Movies: Titles: I: I Capture the Castle  

TARGET 3001! PCB, ASIC, schematic capture
TARGET 3001! is provides schematic capture, PCB/ASIC layout with autoplace and route, PSpice compatible simulation, EMC-check, and a large component library. English, German or French language.   Computers: CAD and CAM: Electronic Design Automation  

Shareware program that allows the user to continuously see in a window parts of the screen which the mouse moves on in customisable magnified size; it also provides a facility to capture and resize those parts. Site includes a general description, screen shots, and previous versions.   Computers: Software: Graphics  

Capture 1
Digital video production company based in North West England. Produces innovative, creative programming for businesses, education, training purposes, weddings & celebrations.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Video  

Meta Motion - Motion Capture Hardware and Software Mocap Tools
Worldwide distribution and sales of motion capture tools: Gypsy Motion Capture System, Kaydara Filmbox and Famous faces motion capture software, data gloves and face trackers - mocap.   Games: Video Games: Game Design: Development Tools and Software  

Provides doctors with an internet platform of automated services at the point of care, including charge capture and dictation, using PDAs.   Business: Healthcare: Computing  

Commercial Data Processing
Data capture, entry, and document imaging, saving you time and money. Based in Fairfield, New Jersey.   Business: Business Services: Office Services: Data Management  

MIT Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies
Background information and details of research projects.   Science: Environment: Global Change: Carbon Management  

CAD-Capture Limited
Supplies knowledge management and document management systems. Document conversion services.   Computers: Consultants: Business Systems: Document Management  

Manila captures senior Abu Sayyaf
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2003: December: World  

Milwaukee Capture the Flag
Includes upcoming game times, field descriptions, links to other cities and news updates.   Sports: Informal Sports  

Advanced Data Capture Corporation
Offering barcode data collection, hardware, software, and engineering services.   Business: Business Services: Physical Asset Management: Asset Tracking  

Louis Fourie Game Capture
Captures and translocates over 7500 animals each year in Southern Africa.   Regional: Africa: South Africa: Science and Environment: Wildlife  

Motion Analysis Corporation
3D optical motion capture systems and analysis systems for sports medicine and performance professionals.   Sports: People: Training: Sports Science: Technology  


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