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Water Plant

Water Plant

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Home: Gardening: Plants: Water and Bog Plants  
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"Water Plant" Sites

ChemDen Nitrate Conversion Pilot Plant
Information about a new denitrification technology to convert nitrate in wastewater, agriculture runoff, and other waters to nitrogen gas.   Science: Environment: Water Resources: Wastewater  

Agriculture 21
Food and Agriculture Organization's agriculture website. Includes a news magazine plus guides and links to information on livestock, biotechnology, land/water development, crop production, plant protection, agricultural support systems.   Science: Agriculture  

Pond Plant, Aquatic Plant Exchange
Information about water gardens, water lilies, construction tips, and exchanges.   Home: Gardening: Plants: Water and Bog Plants  

Water Wise Gardening for the Pacific Northwest
Rod Smith, nursery professional in Oregon, describes how to save water by choosing low water plants, grouping plants according to water needs, preparing the soil properly, and conserving water with drip irrigation and mulch.   Home: Gardening: Landscaping  

Paul Bromfield Aquatics
Pond, aquatic, and water plants, water lilies, marginals, moisture and bog plants from specialist Hertfordshire nursery. Buy online.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Plants: Water and Bog Plants  

Sewage World
Wastewater and water treatment plants around the world: virtual visit and industrial flowcharts   Science: Environment: Water Resources: Wastewater  

Agvise Laboratories
Offers testing services for soils, water, and plant tissue. Website has a number of technical and informative articles on soil. United States.   Science: Agriculture: Products and Services  

Texas Agricultural Xeriscape
Information for water conservation in Texas with information on lanscpae plants friendly to the climate.   Home: Gardening: Landscaping: Xeriscaping  

Stillwater Gardens
Aquatic farm in Virginia offering water lilies, lotus, bog plants and marginals, iris, and floating aquatic plants.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Plants: Water and Bog Plants  

VA Technologie AG
Manufacture of turbines and generators, high-voltage transmission systems, plants that supply fresh water and treat waste water and metallurgical plants for the production of steel.   Business: Energy and Environment: Utilities  

Aquatics Unlimited
Articles and tips covering general and beginner issues, aquarium equipment, fish compatibility, maintenance including pests and parasites, saltwater, ponds, water chemistry, fish health, plants and a miscellaneous section.   Recreation: Pets: Fish and Aquaria  

Burns Water Gardens
Canadian aquatic plant nursery. Includes online catalogue, info about ponds, waterlilies and plants, lots of beautiful pond pictures, and gift ideas page.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Water Gardens  

Walden Inc. - Clean Water
Custom builds wastewater treatment plants for environmentally sensitive areas worldwide, using sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
technology.   Science: Environment: Water Resources: Products and Services  

American Water Works Association
International nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Represents treatment plant operators and managers, scientists, environmentalists, manufacturers, academicians, regulators, and others.   Science: Environment: Water Resources: Drinking Water  

Pikes Peak Water Garden Society
Includes information about pond tours, plant sale, and meetings, and photos of members' ponds. Colorado Springs.   Home: Gardening: Gardens: Water: Organizations  

Goldgrate Fibreglass Company Limited
Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced composite products including water treatment plant, bathtub, insulation material, building products. Glass reinforced cement and gypsum [China]   Business: Materials: Composites  

Hans Huber AG
Process engineering and manufacturing of plant equipment and machinery made of stainless steel for municipal and industrial water treatment. Specializing in stainless steel products for industrial equipment. Site is translated into two languages.   Business: Energy and Environment: Environment: Engineering  

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB)

Wisconsin organization advocating expedient cleanup of contamination at Badger Army Ammunition Plant and to preserve and protect water resources. Description of current campaigns, media references, newsletter, and volunteer information included.   Society: Issues: Environment: Water  

Achromatic Limited
Experts in analytical process control. On-line monitoring and control systems for the water, wastewater, utilities & process water industries. Problem solving and plant optimisation.   Business: Energy and Environment: Utilities: Water: Consulting  

Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center
USDA-ARS (Florence, SC)
research projects in agriculture on soil, water, constructed wetlands, animal waste management, irrigation, tillage, colored mulch, and site specific farming.   Regional: North America: United States: South Carolina: Science and Environment  


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