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Useless Information

Useless Information

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Recreation: Humor: Useless Pages   (24 matches)

Recreation: Humor: Personal Pages: U  
Recreation: Collecting: Out of the Ordinary: Air Sickness Bags  
Games: Online: Talkers: Ewtoo  
Games: Video Games: Recreation: Trivia: Browser Based  

"Useless Information" Sites

The Useless Information Society
Useless news, rants, writing, discussion, and links.   Recreation: Humor: Useless Pages  

Altering Time
A blend of geeky and technical humor, reviews of useless sites, news commentary and multimedia.   Recreation: Humor: Useless Pages  

The Useless Page of Junk
A collection of useless things the author finds funny, plus a do-it-yourself rollercoaster ride (requires imagination)
.   Recreation: Humor: Personal Pages: U  

The VomitoriumEditor's Choice   - Bags of fun from the colorful world of international airsickness. GIFs, links, swaps, useless facts and FAQs.   Recreation: Collecting: Out of the Ordinary: Air Sickness Bags  

UberWorld FreetalkEditor's Choice   - The worlds first and most popular Ewtoo freetalk. Contains many code modifications and useful statistics.   Games: Online: Talkers: Ewtoo  

The Trivia PortalEditor's Choice   - A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community forums, an archive of useless facts, plus the ability to create and share trivia games online.   Games: Video Games: Recreation: Trivia: Browser Based  

The Useless Information Society
Useless news, rants, writing, discussion, and links.   Society: Subcultures: Directories  

Archive of Useless Facts: Bizarre Laws
A large selection of strange and weird laws from around the world that are all real.   Recreation: Humor: Laws  

Useless Advice from Useless Men
Answering questions about men, dating, every day life and the idiosyncrasies of the stereotypical male in general.   Recreation: Humor: Relationships  

David's World of the Useless
A list of the top ten words and humorous articles.   Recreation: Humor: Personal Pages: D  

My Repository of Useless Stuff
Featuring a swirly picture, surreal marquee and some links.   Recreation: Humor: Personal Pages: M  

Useless Movie Quotes
Quotes from more than two hundred movies, sortable by title or actor. Weekly movie quote mailing list and a quiz.   Arts: Movies: Quotations  

Useless Advice from Useless Men
Just like Dr. Phil, this advice is meant for entertainment purposes.   Society: People: Men: Publications  

Useless Information: The Electric Pickle
The tale of a teacher in search of compelling classroom demonstrations. Also discusses, but does not explain, a demonstration where he set his tie on fire to satisfy a student's repeated requests.   Science: Educational Resources: Experiments: Glowing Pickles  

Adaptive Path - 90% of All Usability Testing is Useless
Lane Becker writes, "Rather than a validation done once before completing a product... internal, qualitative usability testing [should be] done earlier, more frequently, and as part of the design process - not separate from it."   Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Web Usability  

Ambit's Totally Useless
A growing list of dozens of Web sites with absolutely no purpose.   Computers: Internet: On the Web: Worst of the Web  

Captain Useless
About a superhero who is more likely to go to the grocery store or eat fried cheese than to save the world. Features an archive, history,a nd the cast.   Arts: Comics: Comic Strips and Panels: C  

Brad's Completely Useless Record Reviews
Detailed reviews for a variety of classic rock artists.   Arts: Music: Reviews: Personal Archives  

The Good, The Bad And The Useless: Evaluating Internet Resources
Judith Edwards discusses three main aspects in the evaluation of Web resources; access, quality, and ease of use.   Reference: Education: Instructional Technology: Evaluation: Web Site Evaluation  

Blackhole of Useless Information
Includes music reviews, surveys, quotes, and pictures.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: Anonymous: B  


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