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Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

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Society: Paranormal: Psychic: Healers  
Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Practices and Ceremonies  
Health: Animal: Alternative Medicine: Vibrational Healing  
Society: Paranormal: Psychic: Readings  

"Spiritual Energy" Sites

Inner Focus International School for Advanced Energy Healing
Teaches healing through spiritual empowerment. AlixSandra Parness, founder. Las Vegas, Nevada.   Health: Alternative: Energy Healing  

The Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing
Advanced energy healing and spiritual unfoldment training. Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe, founder. Angwin, California.   Health: Alternative: Energy Healing  

Spiritual Healing Energy Drawings
Details about clairvoyant healing readings and spiritual healing energy drawings, their prices and ordering instructions.   Society: Paranormal: Psychic: Healers  

A Place of the Heart Spiritual Center
Interfaith spiritual gatherings and practices including sweat lodges, healing energy exchanges, talking circles, and group meditations, with service schedule, related articles, and preparation instructions. Located in Pioneer, Tennessee.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Practices and Ceremonies  

Stratton School of Animal and Horse Healing
Touching Spirit Center is an educational center in the science of energy medicine and the art of spiritual healing.   Health: Animal: Alternative Medicine: Vibrational Healing  

Healing Visions Ministries
A spiritual community offering spiritual and personal development, an array of holistic services and energy practices.   Society: Paranormal: Psychic: Readings  

Patrick Kempe
[New Milton, Hampshire] Details of spiritual and energy healing for horses and people. Distant Healing.   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Health: Complementary and Alternative: Energy Healing: Energy Healers  

HCH - Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Spiritual Trainings
A California state licensed institute offering certifications in hypnotherapy and energy therapies including Reiki and EFT. CE credits for RNs and MFTs. (Lafayette, CA)   Health: Alternative: Hypnotherapy: Training  

Hildebrand Spiritual Healing
Distance healing through spirit energy transmissions.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Spiritualism: Spiritual Healing  

Self-help programs in book and video format for developing optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health through energy medicine.   Shopping: Health: Alternative: Energy Healing  

EMC² - The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness
Providing the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, a spiritual technology to assist in removing energy imbalances in order to increase the Life Force and consciousness of living beings. Contains the churches tenets, news, articles and event schedule.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Modern Movements  

The Vanilla World View
Dedicated to the development of one's personal and spiritual energy.   Computers: E-Books: Titles  

A one year-long writing journey during which writers took part in an in-depth exploration of the sources and expressions of their own spiritual and creative energy.   Arts: Online Writing: Non-Fiction  

Reiki Energy Mastery
Assimilating different schools of spirituality and Reiki systems, Rashmi Khilnani practices and teaches healing and unity consciousness within the diverse spiritual paths. Locations in London and Denmark.   Health: Alternative: Reiki: Practitioners and Teachers: Europe  

Spiritual Awakening Network
Offers distance training in many different systems of Reiki and other energy work. Also lists articles on healing.   Health: Alternative: Reiki: Practitioners and Teachers: Remote  

Spiritual energy, ancient wonders abound in Ethiopia
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2001: June: Travel  

Nightingale Spiritual Healing
Provides Reiki energy healing, aromatherapy, past life regression, and channeling. Located in Toronto, Ontario.   Health: Alternative: Reiki: Practitioners and Teachers: North America: Canada  

Spiritual Technology of New Age
There are many contemporary Paths of Evolution. The Spiritual Technology systems of Z. M. Slavinski, are adapted to contemporary man. They are cheap, quick and very efficient, employing "PEAT" or Psycho Energy Aural Technology.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Scientology: Free Zone: Adapted Technology: Organizations  

Spiritual Technology of New Age, Yahoo! Group
This group discusses use of Psycho Energy Aural Technology, (or PEAT)
, created by a Yugoslav psychologist and researcher of metaphysical worlds - Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. 100-200 Members.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Scientology: Free Zone: Adapted Technology: Chats and Forums  

Kendra Hurd, MA
36 self care tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Love yourself like God loves you. Treat yourself like your own best friend. Nurture the garden within - draw more positive energy into your life.   Health: Mental Health: Counseling Services: Alternative  


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