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Solar Radio

Solar Radio

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Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Observatories  
Science: News and Media: Radio Programs  
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"Solar Radio" Sites

Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Automated weather stations and evapotranspiration stations. Stations provide data useful for crop management. Battery and solar panel provide long-term, unattended operation. Stations transmit data by radio, phone, cellphone, and satellite.   News: Weather: Commercial Products  

Cracow Observatory - Solar Radio Emission
Contains daily data on radio emissions.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Observatories  

The Planetary Society's Planetary Radio Show
Each week, Planetary Radio visits with a scientist, engineer, project manager, advocate or writer who can provide a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond. Broadcast weekly.   Science: News and Media: Radio Programs  

Yellowstone River Trading
Includes emergency foods, generators, independently powered radios and flashlights, water filters, grain mills, and solar ovens.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Emergency Supplies  

Solar Radio
Playing music from four decades of soul, funk and jazz. RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required for online listening.   Arts: Radio: Internet: Music  

Radio astronomía solar aficionado
Cómo empezar, equipos, fórmulas, resultados, imágenes y enlaces para los radio astrónomos amateurs.   World: Español: Ciencia y tecnología: Astronomía: Aficionada  

Radio Controlled Clock
High-tech atomic, radio controlled, and solar clocks and watches.   Shopping: Jewelry: Watches: Novelty  

Solar Traffic Controls
Provides solar-powered traffic systems for school zones; continuous-duty flashing beacon systems; radio-activiated systems; and sensor activated flashers   Business: Energy and Environment: Renewable: Solar: Electric  

Radio ShowCase
Specialized in items antique radios from the 30`s to modern 21st century electronics, such as solar and dynamo powered radios, emergency radio/flashlights and shortwave radios.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Communications: Wireless: Radios  

Callsign database, solar reports, and amateur radio resources.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: Search  

Solar and Terrestial Resource Site
Solar and Terrestial information (live, and historic)
, used for Radio Science, Earth Science, and related fields. Site focus over all is for Amateur Radio and Shortwave Listening.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: DXing  

EI5FK's VHF Ham Radio Website
Ham Amateur radio of EI5FK in Ireland, 60 foot tilt over tower construction, profiles of other Irish amateurs, Meteor scatter and more VHF information Who is "active" on VHF in EI, Solar Auroral and Tropo information, Vhf logs and maps, Vhf links in EI and elsewhere, meteor scatter information, and panoramic views.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: VHF  

Highway Information Systems Inc.
Developer, manufacturer and installer of Highway Advisory Radio stations (stationary, mobile, solar-powered, and computer-controlled)
throughout the United States.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Traffic Control: Intelligent Systems  

New Astronomy
Publishes articles in various fields of astronomy and astrophysics: theoretical, observational and instrumental. Includes full length research articles and letter articles. The Journal covers solar, planetary, stellar, galactic and extragalactic astronomy and astrophysics. It reports on original research in all wavelength bands, ranging from radio to gamma-ray.   Science: Astronomy: Publications: Journals  

Ham Radio Community ChapterEditor's Choice   - Based in Central Virginia. Comprehensive and interactive ham radio resources; features audio and video interactive, radio mods, solar updates, news, shack photos, online forums, auctions and software.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: Organizations: Clubs: North America: United States: Virginia  

Propfire - HF Propagation Browser Bar
A Firefox plugin that allows you to track solar propagation indicies in your browser status bar. Also features Pocket PC Ham radio information, logs and links.   Recreation: Radio: Shortwave and DX Listening: Equipment: Software and Computer Control  

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Contains daily updates of solar and geomagnetic data relevant to the reception of distant radio stations.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Sun-Earth Interaction  

Jagiellonian University Astronomical Observatory
Information on current research projects, publications, staff and the observatory's history. Also a real-time graph of solar radio emissions at 10 frequencies in decimeter wavelengths refreshed every 10 minutes.   Regional: Europe: Poland: Science and Environment: Astronomy  

Owens Valley Radio Observatory
An array of radio telescopes, a solar interferometer, and other instruments are available to astronomers at this observatory, located near Big Pine, California.   Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: North America: United States: California: Private Colleges and Universities: California Institute of Technology: Affiliated Research Centers  

National Astronomical Observatories - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Information on the meter-wave aperture synthesis radio, multi-channel solar magnetic field, mark-III photoelectric astrolabe, 60/90cm Schmidt, 1.26m infrared, 2.16m optical, 7M solar radio, 85cm reflector, and 60cm reflector telescopes.   Science: Astronomy: Institutions: Observatories: Optical and Infrared: International Facilities  


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