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Solar Powered

Solar Powered

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Business: Energy and Environment: Renewable   (24 matches)

Shopping: Home and Garden: Emergency Supplies  
Science: Technology: Energy: Renewable: Solar: Solar Electric: Solar Powered Vehicles  
Science: Technology: Energy: Renewable  
Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Fencing  

"Solar Powered" Sites

Sepco, Solar Electric Power Company
Providing a line of commercial, mass produced, engineered products powered by solar energy.   Business: Energy and Environment: Renewable  

Green Star
A self-contained solar-powered system, delivering electricity, electronic commerce, pure water, education, telemedicine and support for agriculture and light manufacturing to any community in the world.   Business: Energy and Environment: Renewable  

Citizen Safe
Includes surveillance systems, survival kits, gas masks, radios, solar powered equipment, and generators.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Emergency Supplies  

Solar Utility Neighborhood Vehicle
Describes a solar-powered, utilitarian neighborhood electric vehicle that has been in use for several years and concepts for improving its design.   Science: Technology: Energy: Renewable: Solar: Solar Electric: Solar Powered Vehicles  

Regenerative Power and Motion
White papers discussing several concepts for innovative and renewable energy, including on-site solar/wind powered buildings, flywheels, and electric highways for high-performance EVs.   Science: Technology: Energy: Renewable  

Southwest Power Fence & Livestock Equipment
Specialists in electric fence systems & solar powered automatic gate technology.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Fencing  

Test flight of solar-powered plane delayed
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2001: July: Tech  

Vega Lights
Designs and builds specialised lights used as aids to maritime navigation, such as the PEL sector light, solar-powered lighthouse beacons, and LED buoy lanterns.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Maritime: Equipment and Supplies  

Solar Powered Model Toys
Model planes and helicopters.   Shopping: Toys and Games: Transportation  

Precision Solar Controls, Inc.
Manufactures traffic monitors, signal lamps, and solar powered changeable message signs.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Traffic Control: Signals  

Eternal Solar Light Cross
Solar-powered acrylic crosses and angels.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Shopping: Specialty Items  

Solar Fountain
Free-floating solar powered unit that looks like a frog on a lily pad. Suitable for birdbaths and backyard ponds.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Water Gardens: Fountains  

Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group
Aquaculture techniques for the hatchery and field production of commercially important bivalve shellfish including spawning, phytoplankton, larval, and seed production. Descriptions of culture methods including solar hatchery and tidal-powered nurseries.   Science: Agriculture: Animals  

Buy Back Pro
Software for recycling centers and scrap yards. Custom hardware/software packages for store parking lots. Solar powered, self contained systems.   Computers: Software: Industry-Specific  

Tahoe Truckee Earth Day Festival
Featuring a solar-powered live music stage and performances by Daowaga All Nations Drum Group   Society: Holidays: Earth Day: Events  

Technology: Public and Business Policy
Public and business policies that impede implementation of environmentally responsible new solar and wind powered buildings and EVs.   Society: Issues: Environment: Energy  

Allmand Brothers, Inc.
Makes loaders (wheel backhoe compact)
, concrete breakers; heater/generators; site lighting and air moving units, portable light towers; solar-powered flashing arrow and message boards. Nebraska, USA.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Tools and Equipment: Earthmoving  

Online Data Specialists
DataGarrison's secure servers receive your data day and night from wireless, solar-powered SOLARSTREAM® modules from Upward Innovations Inc.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Instrumentation: Data Acquisition and Control  

Watercare Systems
Providing information on water filtration and disinfection systems including solar powered treatments and cryptosporidium sampling equipment. Watercare Systems is based in North Devon, UK.   Business: Energy and Environment: Environment: Engineering  

Highway Information Systems Inc.
Developer, manufacturer and installer of Highway Advisory Radio stations (stationary, mobile, solar-powered, and computer-controlled)
throughout the United States.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Traffic Control: Intelligent Systems  


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