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Software Contract

Software Contract

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"Software Contract" Sites

Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc.
Java consulting and contract development services for Internet/intranet applications. Multitiered enterprise systems are our specialty.   Computers: Software: Consultants  

Samurai Software Consulting, Inc.
Computer programming contract services for Microsoft Windows.   Computers: Software: Consultants  

SystemSoft Corp.
Provides utility software for power management, connectivity troubleshooting, defragmenting hard drives, and data recovery. Also offers technical and support services, and contract software development services.   Computers: Consultants  

NISA Internet and Computer Solutions Ltd
Offers MultiValue/Pick resources for the design and development of application software. Also provides short-term contract resources. Located in the UK.   Computers: Software: Databases: Pick  

Contract software development and mentoring consulting services.   Computers: Companies: Software Development  

A M Bromley
Contract manufacturer of temperature, pressure, power control, embedded software, heating, industrial and low power radio controls. From UK.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Contract Manufacturing  

Architects Office
Architectural practice management software. Contract administration, document transmittal, meeting minutes, project memos, electronic time-sheets and project cost control.   Computers: Software: Industry-Specific: Construction  

Quality Business Consulting
Job cost accounting; project management, contracts administration all integrated in financial software to meet your construction needs. Complete software and network support, training, and implementation.   Computers: Software: Accounting: Construction  

CobbleStone Systems Corp.
Providing contract administration system software, with product information, free trial, and a ROI calculator.   Computers: Software: Project Management  

Oakleaf Software
UK. Developers of software packages for estimating, planning and installation of contract carpets and hard surface flooring. Free demo downloads. Extensive video presentation.   Business: Textiles and Nonwovens: Software  

Debian's social contract
Contains the Debian Free Software Guidelines, which are regarded as compliance rules for free software by many others besides Debian package maintainers.   Computers: Open Source: Advocacy  

Complete Software Solutions
Software contract development company specializing in real-time and communications software. Company also offers a range of computer utility software. Shareware and freeware downloads available.   Regional: Oceania: New Zealand: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet: Software  

QuickForm Contracts - Invisible Hand Software
Automates drafting agreements for software consulting, development and related web projects.   Society: Law: Products: Self-Help: Business: Forms  

Corporate Software
Software procurement and contract management products and services.   Computers: Software: Licensing: License Management  

BQE Software
Handles any contract type and accommodates phasing, retainer payments and percent complete billing.   Computers: Software: Accounting: Billing  

Advantage Business Software
Mid-range accounting, contracting and manuafacturing software. Offers job and contract management, payroll and business management.   Computers: Software: Accounting: Small Business  

TAS Books Accounts Software
Practical Accounting Solutions for all your business accounts software. Products from TAS Sage Diamond and many others. Training and support contracts and ad-hoc service available in and around Hampshire and Berkshire.   Computers: Software: Accounting: Vendors  

Advanced Software Concepts
Develop tailored contract lifecycle management solutions to automate and simplify processes that generate or that are governed by legal agreements.   Computers: Software: Document Management: Products  

Cross River Software
Engages in contract programming, with an emphasis on the development of simulation applications for public utility planning.   Computers: Companies: Software Development: Business Applications  

L4 Software
Contract programming company that develops programs for the PC and console platforms Projects include WalZ, Breakout 2000, Speedster II, and Sky Copter II.   Games: Video Games: Developers and Publishers: L  


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