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Right To Die

Right To Die

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"Right To Die" Sites

Human Rights Alerts
From Peace Brigades International.   Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties  

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
A conservative forum with articles, editorial, humor, polls, and message board. Site updated daily.   Society: Politics: Conservatism  

A Doctor's Right to Choose
Gives the views from the medical profession's standpoint on political actions that could hamper the types of procedures performed on women ending pregnancies. From Salon Magazine.   Society: Issues: Abortion  

American Land Rights Association
A grassroots, non-profit private property rights/multiple-use advocacy organization.   Society: Issues: Property Rights  

The Men's Activism News NetworkEditor's Choice   - Tracks news and information about men's issues from around the world, especially promoting men's rights and equality.   Society: People: Men: Issues  

Reproductive Health & Rights Center
US and California medical and legal information for health care consumers, educators, advocates, and activists.   Society: Issues: Abortion: Pro-Choice  

Compassionate Healthcare Network - "Canadian Suicide Facilitator - Right to Die Society"
An article, about Hofsess's early funding and involvement with the Sue Rodriguez case, by the Compassionate Healthcare Network, which opposes assisted dying.   Society: Issues: End-of-Life: Right to Die: People: Hofsess, John  

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA)

Directory of firearms rights organizations, research, news, legislation, court and legal issues, and other resources.   Society: Issues: Gun Control: Pro-Gun Rights  

The Right to Read
Richard Stallman's famous parable about the Right to Read, and what will happen if intellectual monopoly laws continue to grow.   Society: Issues: Intellectual Property  

Equal Rights Advocates
A public interest, nonprofit women's law center in San Francisco that fights for the economic, social and political equality of women and girls.   Society: People: Women: Women's Rights  

Human Rights for Workers
Explores the consequences of globalization for ordinary workers in both developed and developing countries, and analyzes initiatives seeking solutions.   Society: Issues: Labor  

Greensboro Sit Ins: Launch of a Civil Rights Movement
A multimedia site presented by the Depot, the News and Record, and the Greensboro Public Library.   Society: History: By Region: North America: United States: Civil Rights Movement  

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Covers over 1000 companies, over 160 countries, over 150 topics. The site is composed of links to a wide range of materials published by companies, NGOs, governments, intergovernmental organisations, journalists, academics, etc. It includes reports of corporate misconduct as well as positive examples of "best practice" by companies.   Society: Issues: Business  

Making Human Rights a Reality
Description of activities of the church to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including information on youth human rights education programs and actions to protect persons whose human rights are violated. [Scientology Effective Solutions Series]   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Scientology: Church of Scientology  

Human Rights - Israel, Occupied Territories and Palestinian Authority
Reports on human rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories.   Society: Issues: Warfare and Conflict: Specific Conflicts: Middle East: Israel-Palestine: Human Rights  

Twilight's Animal Rights Haven
Contains a web ring, message board, and links to information.   Society: Issues: Animal Welfare: Animal Rights: Personal Pages  

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)

Studies and gathers human rights documentation.   Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties
Offers a large collection of essays, quotations, and links to right-thinking academics, journalists, authors, and activists in North America.   Society: Politics: Conservatism  

Casey's Critical Thinking- Is Life a Right?
Short essays and a collection of pro-life links.   Society: Issues: Abortion: Pro-Life  

Property Rights Congress of America (PRC)

A coalition of advocacy and educational groups and individuals formed to educate the public about and defend proeprty rights. Mailing list, news updates, horror stories.   Society: Issues: Property Rights  


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