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Read Poetry

Read Poetry

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"Read Poetry" Sites

Online Poetry Database
Read feature poems, see user-submitted poetry videos and browse through a directory of famous poets.   Arts: Literature: Poetry  

The Poetry Haven
If you like to read or write poetry, this is the place for you. Submissions welcome.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: P  

Poetry In Music
Community where writers in any genre can come to read the works of others, or contact the author of any work. Includes an anonymous section, and copyright information. Emphasizes lyrics.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: Showcases  

Poetry Talk
A forum for exchange. Read poems, post some poems. Tips and information for when your well runs dry.   Arts: Writers Resources: Poetry  

Pitfall Read Wiki
This site is a Wiki where various authors can or have posted poetry, short stories and scripts. We hope to specialize in collaborative stories between more than one author.   Arts: Literature: Online Reading  

The Web of Loneliness
Contains poetry about loneliness and other places to read about people's experiences of loneliness.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: Genres and Subjects  

Teen Poetry
A place where teens can post their poems, receive feedback, and read poems written by their peers.   Kids and Teens: Teen Life: Creative Expression: Poetry  

StellaLuna-Poetry Circle
A place where you can share your poetry, read that written by the sites creators and discuss your favorite poems or poets. In English and Spanish.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: S  

The Teen Poetry Lair
Made by teens, for teens. Have your poetry or short story/essay published, read other teen's works, post your poetry on the message board, and communicate with poets.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: T  

Kids on the Net Creative Writing
Read other children's stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction from all over the world, submit your own writing, read jokes, and read articles on how to write.   Kids and Teens: Arts: Creative Writing  

Valentine's Day Poetry Slam
Submit, read, and vote for hilarious semi-romantic rhymed couplets.   Society: Holidays: Valentine's Day
Science Fiction and Fantasy based short stories that can be read online. Other types of work also available including poetry and fan fiction. Stories can be reviewed by readers.   Arts: Online Writing: Fiction: Genres: Mixed Genre  

Poetry Pals
A series of books, videos, and activity toys that teach children to read through rhyme and rhythm.   Reference: Education: Products and Services: K through 12  

Refoyls Veb Bletl (Yiddish Poetry Pages)

A collection of links to pages with Yiddish poetry text in image format (so it can be read on Hebrew-challenged browsers)
, as well as a collection of Yiddish-interest links.   Society: Ethnicity: Jewish: Ashkenazi  

Poetry Critical
An open online poetry workshop where anyone can read, critique, and numerically rate poetry, with over 3,000 poems, 20,000 comments, and 260 active amateur poets.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: Chats and Forums  

Begin Your Journey
Browse through native wallpaper graphics, and read the poetry of Powwow Bunny.   Society: Ethnicity: The Americas: Indigenous: Native Americans: Personal Pages  

Rainbow Bridge Memorial
Read others' feelings for their pets and add a pet to the Rainbow. Also has thoughts on grief, poetry, and special memorials for victims of animal abuse.   Recreation: Pets: Loss  

Nagoya Writes
Published twice a year, with fiction, poetry, essays, photoghraphy and artwork. Selected works from each issue can also be read at the website.   Arts: Literature: Magazines and E-zines  

Kegan, Natalie - Read it or Wear it
Poetry and short stories.   Arts: Online Writing: Mixed Genre: Personal Pages: K  

Giggle Poetry
Explains how to write poems, offers contests for young writers, features interviews with poets, and includes an assortment of poems for kids to read and rate.   Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Literature: Poetry  


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