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"Quick Search" in Open Directory Categories (1-5 of 5)
  1. Business: Directories   (1 match)
  2. Computers: Software: Freeware   (2)
  3. Computers: Software: File Management: Search   (2)
  4. News: Weather   (1)
  5. Business: Marketing and Advertising: Advertising: Promotional Products   (1)

"Quick Search" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 63)

  1. Industrial Quick Search - Comprehensive vertical product directory for buyers, engineers and specifiers.
    --   Business: Directories   (1)

  2. TurboNote - Sticky note program that includes network and email sending, alarm, search, and quick launch feature to easily open files, email and URLs.
    --   Computers: Software: Freeware   (2)

  3. Files Search Assistant - Search quick and efficient within text documents by using different file formats. Custom search options, generate reports, print or save to file.
    --   Computers: Software: File Management: Search   (2)

  4. Find Local Weather - Local, national and international forecast search. Get quick and accurate local forecasts. Clear and concise weather forecasts and maps with no pop-up or pop-under ads.
    --   News: Weather   (1)

  5. Quick Technologies Inc. - Providers of the SAGE Information System, a search tool for promotional products.
    --   Business: Marketing and Advertising: Advertising: Promotional Products   (1)

  6. A Quick Guide to Search Engine Positioning - How to improve the position of a site on the major search engines.
    --   Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Promotion: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials   (1)

  7. Quick March India Business Report - Stocks calculator, live quotes from National Stock Exchange, search box on India business, links to all major India business websites.
    --   Regional: Asia: India: Business and Economy: News   (1)

  8. Quick Barbecue Sandwiches - A basic recipe using chicken, ham, turkey, or pastrami cooked in barbeque sauce and served on hamburger buns.
    --   Home: Cooking: Sandwiches: Hot   (1)

  9. - Find the best summer camps, seasonal camps and specialty camps in over 32 countries. Use the keyword search, advanced search, or quick-click links.
    --   Recreation: Camps: Directories   (1)

  10. Stolen ATV - Free quick serial number search, and an internet database listing service to locate stolen ATVs.
    --   Recreation: Motorcycles: ATVs   (1)

  11. Wordelizer - Delve deeply into a word or subject. Quick search of several word and language related sites.
    --   Arts: Writers Resources: Style Guides   (1)

  12. ThunderbirdEditor's Choice   - Official site. Open source cross-platform email and Usenet client based on Mozilla code. Features intelligent spam filters, built-in RSS reader, and quick search.
    --   Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: Mail: Mozilla Thunderbird   (1)

  13. PubMed Search Tips - Quick guide of search. University of Washington, Health Sciences Libraries.
    --   Health: Medicine: Reference: Online Databases: Medline: Help and Tutorials   (1)

  14. International Patent Search - International Patent Search delivers quick, thorough, and accurate patent searches that span databases of 65 patent offices in countries around the world including the USPTO, EPO and WIPO.
    --   Society: Law: Services: Intellectual Property: Patent Services: Searching   (1)

  15. A Search Engine Worth Gambling On - "Developed by two Stanford Ph.D. candidates, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google is lightning-quick. And, while it's not completely on target, it's close."
    --,12974-page,1/article.html   Computers: Internet: Searching: Search Engines: Google: News and Media   (1)

  16. Department of Defense Job Search - Offers quick search by job title and position, branch of service, keywords, and job number.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Government: Employment: Vacancy Announcements   (1)

  17. Quick Machinery Sales. - Specializing in sale of used CNC machinery including Mazaks, Yamazaki and Mori Seiki. Buy, sell trade-in, search.
    --   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Cutting and Machining: Machine Tools: Used   (1)

  18. Laser Dentistry In America - Lasers have helped dentists make many dental procedures quick, easy, and painless. Information about laser dentistry and search for a dentist in by area.
    --   Health: Dentistry: Education: Patient   (1)

  19. Duplic8 - Duplicate file manager for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Load and save search profiles for quick repeat searches. With Mark Wizard select all the oldest/newest files for deletion, or target them by drive automatically. Features many unique and powerful features.
    --   Computers: Software: File Management: Deletion   (1)

  20. SGI Software Repository - All software ready for quick download from Web pages.(You will have to do a Search on SGI in the search box)
    --   Computers: Hardware: Systems: SGI   (1)


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