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Property Right

Property Right

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"Property Right" Sites

Property Rights Congress of America (PRC)

A coalition of advocacy and educational groups and individuals formed to educate the public about and defend proeprty rights. Mailing list, news updates, horror stories.   Society: Issues: Property Rights  

Intellectual Property Rights Overview
The W3C's take on intellectual property rights in the Information Age.   Society: Issues: Intellectual Property  

Property Rights Foundation of America
An advocacy group for private property rights. Political research, action alerts and analysis.   Society: Issues: Property Rights  

Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR)

UK Government IPR Commission's website containing background, papers, conference reports and UK government response. Commission's Report: "Integrating IPRs and Development Policy" available in many languages.   Society: Issues: Intellectual Property: Genetic Resources  

Intellectual Property Rights - Training Database
Maintained by agencies of the United States Government and industry associations who claim to provide training and technical assistance relating to protecting IPR.   Society: Issues: Intellectual Property: Organizations  

National IP Rights Center, LLP - IP Toolbar
Links, articles, and content on a wide range of intellectual property subjects.   Society: Law: Legal Information: Intellectual Property Archives of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee
Describes activities and history of MPRAC, a group of inner-city landlords, offering its view of tenant-landlord issues and the treatment of landlords by the local government and news media.   Society: Issues: Housing  

International Union of Property Owners
Defends property rights worldwide, with members from more than 20 European countries, established in 1923. Includes bylaws, details on initiatives, related links, and history of the group.   Business: Real Estate: Associations  

Guardian: Single-sex partnerships set to win property rights
Michael White, political editor. The government is poised to endorse the concept of a civil partnership which will provide same-sex couples with property rights and other benefits.,3604,973296,00.html   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Society and Culture: Politics: Issues: Civil Partnerships Bill: News and Media  

Novell Douses Smoking Gun against SCO
Some open-source community members thought they had a smoking gun against SCO and claims to own intellectual property rights to Unix OS, but Novell on Thursday poured cold water on that. [eWeek],3959,1112253,00.asp   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Unix: SCO: Boycott, Lawsuits: Novell  

R.S. 2477 and Property Rights
Details and facts regarding Revised Statute 2477, adopted by Congress in 1866 which granted a right-of-way for the construction of highways across public land not reserved for public uses.   Recreation: Outdoors: Offroad Vehicles: Land Use Issues  

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition
Dedicated to protecting the rights of Alaskans to quiet places for the benefit of public land users, private property owners, and visitors   Society: Issues: Environment: Noise Pollution  

Beyond Capitalism
Advocating a mixed economy with elements of private, community and state ownership with weak property rights and the abolition of most intellectual property rights.   Society: Politics: Alternative Political Systems  

The Illustrators' Partnership of America (IPA)

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the business of professional illustration and protecting the intellectual property rights of its members.   Arts: Illustration: Organizations  

UNESCO - National Copyright Laws: Africa
Collection of laws regulating the rights of authors and intellectual property.   Regional: Africa: Government  

Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology & Industrial Property Rights
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD)
: ethical and ecological aspects of industrial property rights in the context of genetic engineering and biotechnology.   Society: Issues: Science and Technology: Biotechnology: Genetics  

Copyright Rights and Wrongs
Students learn the importance and procedures for respecting intellectual property and how to ask permission to use images on the web. Site designed by 5th and 6th grade students for Thinkquest Junior.   Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Writing: Plagiarism  

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition
Concerned with protecting the rights of Alaskans to quiet places on public and private property. Includes organization information, newsletters, and fact sheets addressing concerns such as snowmachines, jet skis, and tourism.   Regional: North America: United States: Alaska: Science and Environment  

RentRight Property Management Software
Property management software for rental owners and managers of apartments, commercial property, mobile home parks, and storage units.   Computers: Software: Industry-Specific: Real Estate: Property Management  

Microsoft Sends Message with Unix Deal
Licensing rights to Unix technology from SCO lends heavyweight backing to SCO intellectual property claims and helps Microsoft fight Linux, a growing market threat to Windows, analysts say. [CNET]   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Unix: SCO: Boycott, Lawsuits: Microsoft  


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