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Project Object

Project Object

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"Project Object" Sites

Iguana Project
Investigating use of object-orientation, computational reflection, and metaobject protocols (MOPs)
to support dynamic customizing of (system)
software.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Object-Oriented  

GoodStep (General Object-Oriented Database for Software Engineering Processes)

Has extended O2 database with schema updates, versioning, rules, views and concurrency control. Added some software engineering tools and evaluated it in two case studies. ESPRIT-III Project 6115; ended in 1995.   Computers: Software: Databases: Object-Oriented: Projects and Research  

rST Project Details
Framework to support distributed Squeak objects, goals: transparency, so no need to change objects to go remote; to handle intermittent image availability, so mobile computers can interoperate in distributed systems. Status page: description, release announcements, downloads, comments, links, contact. [, Open Source, GPL]   Computers: Programming: Languages: Smalltalk: Squeak: Software  

The Body as Teacher - Paideia Project
Essay by Carol Collier subtitled "From Source of Knowledge to Object of Knowledge".   Society: Philosophy: Philosophical Anthropology  

MACHO Project
Primary aim is to test the hypothesis that a significant fraction of the dark matter in the halo of the Milky Way is made up of objects like brown dwarfs or planets: these objects have come to be known as MACHOs, for MAssive Compact Halo Objects.   Science: Astronomy: Cosmology  

The Big Occulting Steerable Satellite
Mission designed to provide improved resolution of closely spaced objects with comparable brightnesses (binary stars, microlensing events)
and to facilitate separation of dim objects from nearby bright objects (such as planets around stars)
.   Science: Astronomy: Extrasolar Planets  

Object-Oriented Project Size Estimator
Provides information on the Oopsize system for estimating the time required to develop an object oriented project.   Computers: Software: Software Engineering  

Yet Another Object Oriented Operating System
A project of developing new object oriented operating system.   Computers: Programming: Operating Systems  

Deliberately Concealed Garments Project
The Textile Conservation Centre at the University of Southampton explores the folk tradition of concealing objects in the fabric of buildings. Includes a database of garment finds.   Society: Folklore: Magic: Building Protection  

Forest Project
Investigated using persistent object technology in building large-scale software development environments. In time, became more about developing persistent object technology; broadened scope to provide support for all Java applications that manage long-lived, large-scale, complex, shared data.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Persistent  

Blue Project Software
BlueDoc document management system that offers workflow definition, secure access to documents, document storage, business object (persons, document types, categories, keywords)
definition, and optimized search algorithms.   Computers: Software: Document Management: Products  

MIT: The Curl Project
An object-oriented language from MIT for creating web documents with almost any sort of content, from simple formatted text to complex interactive applets, in one system.   Computers: Programming: Languages: Curl  

Parsed XML Project
Project implementing the DOM as a persistent object in the Zope application server. Currently implements Core levels 1 & 2, XML level 2, and some Core & Loading level 3.   Computers: Programming: Internet: W3C DOM  

The Cold ProjectEditor's Choice   - A group of programmers involved in developing in ColdC. ColdC is an object-oriented database language designed for setting up persistent online servers, such as MUDs.   Games: Online: MUDs: Development: Server Software  

The Material History of American Religion Project
A project (1995-2001)
focusing on material objects and economic themes.   Society: History: By Topic: Social History: Religion  

Giza Archives Project
Designed to serve as a centralized online repository for archaeological activity at the Old Kingdom Giza necropolis, beginning with the Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts excavations (1902-1947)
. Page contains thousands of excavation photographs, expedition diary pages, object register book pages, maps, tomb plans and sections, books and articles.   Science: Social Sciences: Archaeology: Periods and Cultures: Ancient Egypt  

GNUstep Project
A project devoted to providing an object oriented application framework to developers.   Computers: Systems: Apple: Macintosh: Development  

Project Satori
High-Performance distributed object environment emphasizing adaptive end-to-end QoS guarantees. Abstract, components, documents, people, funding.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Network: Quality of Service  

Cambodian Defenders Project (CDP)

Established in 1994, the primary object is to provide free legal defense to the poor and the vulnerable. Information on activities, Cambodian Law, publications and donations.   Regional: Asia: Cambodia: Society and Culture: Organizations  

JUPOS - Database for Object Positions on Jupiter
Project aimed to collect precise positions of jovian cloud features, to analyze them in drift charts, and to examine if and how their movements change in time.   Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Solar System Observing: Jupiter  


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