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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

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Business: Energy and Environment: Environment: Noise and Vibration Control  
Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Test Equipment  
Business: Electronics and Electrical: Substation and Transmission  
Science: Technology: Reliability Engineering  

"Predictive Maintenance" Sites

Advantage Thermal Vision
Offers energy predictive maintenance services designed to save time through early detection of electrical and mechanical problems.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Consulting: Testing Services  

Tekland, Inc.
Offering predictive maintenance services in the areas of vibration, oil, thermography, and ultrasonic inspection, as well as training on controls and drives.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Consulting: Testing Services  

Envibe Condition Monitoring
Designs and implements predictive maintenance programs for industries including food plants, manufacturing facilities, municipal utilities, petrochemical plants, hospitals, and gas transfer stations.   Business: Energy and Environment: Environment: Noise and Vibration Control  

SpectraQuest Inc.
Specializes in machinery fault simulation products and advice regarding remedies to reduce bearing failure, shaft misalignment, and balance problems. Also provides training and technical support for predictive maintenance programs.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Test Equipment  

Ofil Ltd.
DayCor corona camera, a predictive maintenance tool for arcing, partial discharges and corona detection on insulators, substations and OHT lines.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Substation and Transmission  

Reliability Direct, Inc.
Provides e-commerce solutions for electric motor condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability products as well as other centrifugal and reciprocating machinery.   Science: Technology: Reliability Engineering  

Mohler Technology, Inc.
Electric motor repair and rewinding service. Predictive maintenance services. Water cooled electric motors for the mining and tunneling industry. New industrial electric motors.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Electromechanical: Electric Motors: Repair  

Maintenance Strategies, Inc.
Cstat line of on-line monitoring systems to portable hand-held data collectors: technologies for equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Instrumentation: Data Acquisition and Control  

GlencoMetrics Inc.
Provides infrared imaging and consultation for reliable and cost-effective energy management, predictive maintenance and quality assurance.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Consulting: Inspection and Maintenance  

COGZ Systems, LLC
Software for preventive maintenance, work order, predictive maintenance, maintenance scheduling, inventory and purchasing.   Science: Technology: Software for Engineering: Maintenance Management  

Magnus Maintenance Management Support
Implement wide range of Computerized Maintenance management CMMS programs. Upgrade preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Train senior maintenance personnel. Develop all preventive maintenance instructions required.   Business: Management: Business Process Analysis  

Teva Limited
Specialist predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, laser alignment, thermal imaging.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Services  

Technical Training, L. L. C.
Provides maintenance training courses for CNC, PLC, electrical, welding, mechanical, predictive and preventive, industrial rigging, hydraulic systems and pneumatics. Thermography scanning also provided.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Maintenance: Education and Training  

Infrared Solutions
Low cost infrared cameras for use in predictive/preventive maintenance and other IR applications requiring highly accurate temperature measurements.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Optoelectronics and Fiber: Vendors  

E-Max, Inc.
Communicates with the building automation system (BAS)
, predictive maintenance work orders are produced automatically based on variables, daily energy use tracking and control, and daily tracking of unauthorized comfort control and scheduling. Demo is available for download.   Business: Energy and Environment: Management: Software  

Great Lakes Power Service
Suppliers of periodic and predictive maintenance, both shop and field service repair, rebuilt exchange and remanufactured components for engine flywheel mounted transmissions.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Industrial Supply: Power Transmission  

Daniel Smith & Associates LLC
Manufacturers representative for diagnostic, preventive and predictive maintenance tools. Products include leak testing systems, helium mass spectrometer, RGA, pressure and vacuum decay.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Factory Automation: Manufacturers Representatives  

Lubratech Solutions
A full service preventive and predictive maintenance company focusing on industrial machinery and conveyor systems. Service on all brands & models of automatic lubricators.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Technical Services  

InfraMation - The Thermographers Conference
Annual conference to be held September 29 through October 2 in Orlando, Florida, for infrared camera users and thermographers involved in predictive maintenance, online process monitoring and non destructive testing.   Science: Earth Sciences: Geomatics: Remote Sensing  

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association
An non-profit association whose fields of interest include machinery dynamics and all aspects of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machinery, especially vibration monitoring and analysis.   Science: Technology: Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration: Vibration  


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