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Photography Tip

Photography Tip

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"Photography Tip" Sites

How to Photograph Holiday Lights
Aricle from the New York Institute of Photography. Site offers tips how to make quality photos with the assortment of illumination that is displayed during the holidays.   Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles  

Garry Black Photography; Tips and Techniques
Advice on how to photograph waterfalls, and fireworks, how to make multiple exposures and use filters effectively. E-mail Gary your questions and he will post answers.   Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials  

New York Institute of Photography's Tips for Better Pictures
Advice on shooting holiday light displays, photos in low light areas, and other tricky situations. Also offers historical information and a photographer spotlight.   Kids and Teens: Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles  

AO ( Active Optics )
for Amateur Imaging

Images and tips by the authors of a book on astronomical photography.   Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Astrophotography and CCD Imaging  

Includes,editorials, industry news, a featured photographer, photography tips and subscription information. Published 3 times a year.   Arts: Photography: Magazines and E-zines  

Wildflower Photography Tips & Techniques
Various photographers offer tips on capturing the best flower pictures, with suggestions for equipment, timing, and technique.   Home: Gardening: Image Galleries  

Wildlife Photography
An article covering ethics and tips for taking nature photos.   Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles: Nature and Wildlife Photography  

Digital Photography News
Information and tips on digital cameras, printers, software. Also informative forums, member photo galleries and various on-line tools to assist the digital photographer.   Arts: Photography: Techniques and Styles: Digital  

Cruise magazine has ship reviews, articles with dining and port information, photography, news and specials. Publication includes online shopping, tips and advice columns.   Recreation: Travel: Publications: Magazines and E-zines  

Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity
Tips and tutorials about graphics editing, desktop publishing, digital photography, and site promotion presented often with humor, and always with examples.   Computers: Desktop Publishing  

Photography in Malaysia
Online portfolios, camera trading, history, photographic tips and tricks.   Regional: Asia: Malaysia: Arts and Entertainment: Photography  

Lott's Photography Business Tips for Photographers
Fee-based site offering tips on marketing, camera and darkroom technology.   Shopping: Photography  

Travel Photography
Amateur and professional photographers share their impressions and give useful tips on traveling with a camera. Over 275 sites listed.   Arts: Photography: Web Rings  

Photography Business Ideas
Provides resources and tips on starting a photography business.   Arts: Photography: Resources  

Live Simply With Style
Authors Mary Helen and Shuford Smith offer retirement, travel, and photography tips for a simple lifestyle.   Society: Lifestyle Choices: Voluntary Simplicity  

A comprehensive transgender site. Links, photos, makeup, and photography tips for cds'. Anecdotes about TG-friendly places in St. Louis.   Society: Transgendered: Crossdressing  

Ken de Haan's Birdphotographers
Offers bird photography tips and pictures taken in Holland and Morocco. Lists birding hotspots of the Falkland Islands.   Recreation: Birding: Photography  

Brids 123
Tips on attracting backyard birds, bird watching, photography, and pet birds.   Recreation: Birding: Backyard Birding  

Astronomy page of Erik Bryssinck - Belgium
Results of astro-ccd photography, several tips & tricks for quickcam astro-ccd photography.   Science: Astronomy: Personal Pages  

Internet Brothers
Expanding web community by offering free tips and tutorials about HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, site promotion, digital photography, and desktop publishing. Presented often with a touch of humor, and always with examples.   Computers: Internet: Organizations  


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