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Pc To Phone

Pc To Phone

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"Pc To Phone" Sites

PC-phone internet voice service provider based in the United Kingdom.   Business: Telecommunications: Services: VoIP  

PC-Phone or device-to-phone United Kingdom based service.   Business: Telecommunications: Services: VoIP  

Iscom, Inc. PCCall Service
PC to Phone call services.   Computers: Internet: Telephony  

PC Helpline
Provides around-the-clock phone and web-based support to PC users around the world, on toll free lines to users in North America.   Computers: Companies: Product Support: Independent Tech Support  

Pretty Good Privacy internet phone allows encrypted talking over a network. MAC and PC versions available.   Computers: Speech Technology  

Saanlo Mobile Phone Book Manager
Connects GSM compatible mobile telephones to PCs and manages a phonebook, save phone numbers on the PC or import them on a new mobile, and compose SMS.   Computers: Software: Communications  

GPS-based vehicle tracking and security system, providing real-time tracking on street level mapping and mobile phone alerts with desktop PC software.   Business: Telecommunications: Location and Tracking: Vehicle  

Pingram Marketing
Sells PC based software-only call recorder. Uses a voice modem to record phone conversations to compressed Windows WAV files.   Computers: Data Communications: Telephony: Recorders  

SMSep Software
SMS Communicator mobile telephone messenger to send short messages using cell phone connected to the PC. Product specifications, screenshots, and download.   Computers: Mobile Computing: Wireless Data: Short Messaging Service: Software  

A modular program which allows users to control their mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared or cable.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Communications: Wireless: Cellular Phones: Accessories: Software  

Five Trees Nokia Phone Manager
Allows one to use a PC to manage the address book and SMS messages on a Nokia phone and send SMS quickly and easily using the computer keyboard. [Win95/98/2000/XP/2003]   Computers: Software: Freeware  

香港國際 Pocket PC 俱樂部
Pocket PC, PDA Phone 硬件, 軟件, 電子書, Theme, 遊戲介紹及下載, 疑難解答, 會員活動, 產品優惠及討論區等...   World: Chinese Traditional: 電腦: 硬體: 掌上型  

Oxygen Phone Manager
Nokia 8xxx GSM phone program to communicate with Nokia 8210, 8290, 8850, 8890 and all other 8xxx GSM phones using PC. Includes phonebook, calendar and SMS manager.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Personal Information Managers: Phone and Address Managers  

Sells and offers research on a selection of PC hardware digital cameras and accessories for cellular phones and gadgets.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: G
Offers a range of accessories for electronic equipment such as mobile phone, iPods, PC and laptop, and digital cameras.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Accessories  

Sells DSL network and computer parts supplies and resources for home such as phones or office PC.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: T  

Clearwave Communications
Software and hardware solutions to connect your PC and your telephone line, PBX or key business phone to completely automate the critical telephone tasks. Incoming call screening with Caller-ID, call logging, and reply to priority callers.   Business: Telecommunications: Equipment: Multiple Products  

Terra 2
Serviços de telefonia internacional DDI a tarifas baixas Callback clássico (telefone para telefone)
, Phone-Booth (PC para telefone)
e 0800-Internacional. Representantes internacionais.   World: Português: Negócios: Telecomunicações  

FNG Gaming News
News and reviews for PC, Xbox, PSP, and mobile phone games.   Games: Video Games: News and Reviews: F  

Offers a virtual secretary communication service, unifying voice, fax and email communications, and making them available from any phone or PC.   Regional: North America: Business and Economy: Telecommunications  


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