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Other Solar System

Other Solar System

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Science: Physics: Astrophysics  

"Other Solar System" Sites

Our Solar System
An overview of the sun, the nine planets, asteroids, comets, and other links.   Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: Astronomy and Space: Solar System  

Life Extraterrestrial: Life on Other Planets in the Solar System
Curriculum framework for comparing Earth to other planets with regard to life.   Science: Astronomy: Extraterrestrial Life  

Planetary Systems Corp
PSC is a space vehicle mechanisms manufacturer offering separation systems, solar arrays and other deployable release devices.   Business: Aerospace and Defense: Space  

History of Mathematics in India
Describes Indian mathematicians such as Aryabhatta - who modelled the solar system, Bhaskar, Varahamira, and others who made important contributions in the fields of trigonometry, algebra, and classical analysis.   Science: Math: History  

SIMBAD Astronomical Database
The SIMBAD astronomical database provides basic data, cross-identifications and bibliography for astronomical objects outside the solar system. SIMBAD can be queried by object name, coordinates, other criteria (filters)
, and lists of objects.   Science: Physics: Astrophysics  

National Geographic News: Pluto: Planet or Comet?
Discusses Pluto's similarity to other Kuiper Belt objects, and introduces a 5-way classification scheme for solar system objects to break down the lumping together of dissimilar planets.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Dwarf Planets: Pluto and Charon: Planet Controversy  

Solar System Live
Interactive Orrery of the web with links to other software.   Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Sky Maps and Atlases  

Solar System Applet
[online Java applet] This 3-d solar system applet can be rotated and zoomed with the mouse. Below it are links to other online gravity simulators and resources for building solar system simulations.   Science: Astronomy: Software: Space Simulation  

Icarus, International Journal of Solar System Studies
The official publication of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. Reports the results of new research concerning the astronomy, geology, meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology, and other scientific aspects of the solar system or extrasolar systems.   Science: Astronomy: Publications: Journals  

A colorful multimedia atlas of the solar system. You can learn about each planet's motions, atmospheres, geology, and internal structure. Colorful photographs, animated maps, and data from Voyager, Galileo, and other space probes are combined in an informative and entertaining program. [commercial, demo available - DOS, Win3.1/95/NT]   Science: Astronomy: Software: Education and Multimedia  

Cyprus Astronomy Society
Java applets of the solar system and the moon's current phase; comprehensive illustrated information about the planets, comets, nebulae, meteors and other phenomenon; monthly night-sky data; links; a forum; latest club and general news, and membership information.   Regional: Middle East: Cyprus: Science and Environment  

Comparative Aeronomy in the Solar System
Workshop, discussion group, links for topics related to aurora on other planets in the solar system.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Aurora  

Offer on-line calculator for Sun and some other solar system bodies.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Sunrise and Sunset Times  

Chart showing relative sizes, distance from the sun, inclination/eccentricity, shape, and color. Other charts showing position in the solar system. Summary data.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Small Bodies: Asteroids  

A Space Library
A mixture of space-related images and programs which will help you visualize the Solar System and NASA space missions using computer graphics.A solar system simulator lets you view any body in the solar system from any other. There are maps and images of the surfaces of planets, and accurately-rendered star backgrounds that include up to one million stars.   Science: Technology: Space: NASA: Education  

The Dynamic Earth
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History presents articles about gems, minerals, rocks, mining, earth movements, volcanoes, and materials from other planets in our solar system.   Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: The Earth: Geology  

Visnjan Observatory
Public observatory specialized in research of the small bodies of the Solar system. Other activities include education and popularization of astronomy and science.   Regional: Europe: Croatia: Science and Environment: Astronomy  

BP Solar
Manufacturer of a wide range of solar electric (photovoltaic)
panels. Purchased Solarex in 2001, Solarex panels now sold under the BP brand name. Also a distributor for all other system components.   Business: Energy and Environment: Renewable: Solar: Electric: Photovoltaic Panels  

Designs and manufactures thermal proccessing equipment for silicon and compound semiconductors, MEMS, and solar cells applications. Refurbishing Jipelec RTP Systems and others modelling for MOCVD reactors and processes.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Components: Semiconductors: Tools and Equipment: Used Equipment  

Gate Crashers MUX
A SciFi game in which travel throughout the solar system is possible, and characters can be derived from sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comic books, and other sources.   Games: Online: MUDs: By Codebase: MUSH: Science Fiction  


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