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New Business Idea

New Business Idea

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Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Crafts  
Reference: Education: Early Childhood  
Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: Science Fairs  
Reference: Knowledge Management: Knowledge Creation  

"New Business Idea" Sites

Website Ideas for Writers
Every writer today needs an effective website as part of a complete marketing plan.   Arts: Writers Resources
Ideas to make better writers. Writers' bookshop, discussion forums, eZine and newsletter, competition, plus writing, computing and word processing help.   Arts: Writers Resources  

Rainy Day Craft Ideas for Children
Offers instructions for a few projects, such as gak, playdough, bookmarks, and bath salts.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Crafts  

The Idea Box
Site aimed at parents and teachers of young children offers games, songs, kid recipes, craft ideas, and message boards.   Reference: Education: Early Childhood  

Discovery Channel: Science Fair CentralEditor's Choice   - Separate science fair guides for students, teachers, and parents. In the Science Fair Studio, there is a handbook for kids to help with the project, some project ideas and questions you can ask, and a list of books you can get at the library.   Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: Science Fairs  

The Innovation Conversation
What's the conversation about inside your company? Creativity and speed -- or cost cutting and risk avoidance? New ideas and new opportunities -- or the stock market and layoffs?   Reference: Knowledge Management: Knowledge Creation  

Library Lovers' Month
Offers library support groups some ideas for making February a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types.   Reference: Libraries  

FOLUSA: Friends of Libraries U.S.A.Editor's Choice   - National organization supporting library Friends groups. Fact sheets on a variety of topics, also membership-building, fund-raising, program, and advocacy ideas from public, academic, and school library Friends. News of programs, awards, and resources for Friends of libraries.   Reference: Libraries: Friends of the Library: National and State Associations  

Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects
List of questions to investigate, along with educational background links.   Science: Educational Resources: Science Fairs: Ideas and Guides  

Teacher discussion boards and chatrooms. Lesson plans, project ideas and teaching tools. Searchable teacher job listings and career resources.   Reference: Education: K through 12: Educators  

Health Issues - Idea House
Conservative, pro-free market analysis of health-care issues from national center for policy analysis.   Health: News and Media  

Strolen's Citadel - The Idea Guild
Searchable fantasy resource for game masters and players for original plots and items.   Games: Roleplaying  

Idea Space
Idea Space are experienced professionals who work with top organisations on strategic change and creativity and innovation.   Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Creativity  

Idea Cafe
Ideas and advice on how to start, finance and run a small business.   Business: Small Business: Resources  

UK Kitchen Specialists AssociationEditor's Choice   - Offers practical buying advice, design ideas for kitchens, dealer/designer referrals and a catalogue of all the latest kitchen appliances in the United Kingdom.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Design: Kitchen and Bath  

Idea Engine
A marketing and advertising idea generation tool based on the Theory of Solving Inventive Problems.   Business: Marketing and Advertising: Internet Marketing: Resources  

The Skeptic's DictionaryEditor's Choice   - Skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, pseudoscientific ideas and practices with references to skeptical literature.   Science: Science in Society: Skeptical Inquiry  

Ideas Genie
Plant and garden record-keeping tool, with photo capabilities. Aimed at home gardeners, public gardens, and professionals.   Home: Gardening: Software  

Idea Workshop Journal
Collection of articles focusing on design issues in the home. Covers designing a home office, basement foundation guidelines, planning for accessibility, zoned heating and cooling systems, creating architectural detail with drywall, and kitchen design.   Home: Home Improvement: Design and Construction  

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
Hundreds of teaching ideas, activities, resources and worksheets are available free for primary teachers to use in their classrooms   Reference: Education: K through 12: Educators: Lesson Plans  


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