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Needlepoint Magazine

Needlepoint Magazine

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Needlepoint Now
Magazine dedicated to the craft. Back issues archive, free tips and projects, and online courses.   Arts: Crafts: Needlework: Magazines and E-zines  

American Needlepoint Guild
Non-profit organization for needlepoint (including most handwork on evenweave)
. Events, national and chapter information, "Needle Pointers" magazine, correspondence courses, certification for teaching and judging.   Arts: Crafts: Needlework: Associations  

Blackwork: An Introduction
Survey article from Needle Pointers magazine XI:5, Winter 1983, by Carol Algie Higginbotham, EGA certified teacher of blackwork. Modern and traditional examples, bibliography, some free charts.   Arts: Crafts: Needlework: Blackwork  

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