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Movie Production Company

Movie Production Company

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"Movie Production Company" Sites

Video Roasting Company
Joanne Nerenberg's Brooklyn-based production company, specializing in the creation of artful mini-movies for museums, companies, organizations, performance and theater groups, and families and indiduals.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Video  

JC/DV Productions
Economical, high-quality digital video production services in Kingsport, Tennessee. Weddings and other events, transfer home movies to DVD.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Video  

Unhollywood: Movie Making from a New Angle
A website for micro-budget independent production, using the new tools of digital technology. Methods, resources, links, and actual productions online.   Arts: Movies: Filmmaking: Amateur  

Kim Walker Video & Web Production
Freelance cameraman/director, NLE editor and audio/video web encoder. Available for commercial, music videos, corporate, movies and other related productions.   Business: Business Services: AudioVisual: Production  

Scott Plauche
An online portfolio for feature film and movie production designer Scott Plauche.   Arts: Movies: Personal Pages  

Beginners Guide To Digital Video Production
Explains how to make a movie, or any video production, with just a mini-DV camcorder and a desktop computer.   Computers: Multimedia: Digital Video  

QuickTime utility to generate 3D movies or images for multimedia productions or games. [Macintosh/Windows]   Computers: Multimedia: Software  

Quebec Shooting Guide
Database of 1400 companies and individuals working in the Quebec movie industry: locations, permits, crews, studios, and post-production specialists.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Location Services  

Soyouwanna Make a Low-Budget Movie?
This article explains how to make a movie on a small budget, from pre-production to production and post-production.   Arts: Movies: Filmmaking: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials  

IMDb: The Simpsons Movie
Full preview with cast, story and production information.   Arts: Animation: Movies: Titles: Simpsons Movie, The  

Killer Movies - Ocean's Twelve
Sequel to the 2001 remake of Ocean's Eleven. News on the film's production.   Arts: Movies: Titles: O: Ocean's Twelve  

Batman: Begins Pics and Movie News at The Z Review UK
Includes production stills of Christian Bale as his alter ego "Bruce Wayne".   Arts: Movies: Titles: B: Batman Series: Batman Begins  

Internet Movie Database: Big Bad BeetleBorgs
Cast, crew, and production information.   Arts: Television: Programs: Children's: BeetleBorgs  

Movie Mistakes: A Christmas Story
Production blunders from the film as submitted by viewers.   Arts: Movies: Titles: C: Christmas Story, A  

New Line Movie Publicity
Offers production notes, press releases, artwork, and high resolution images from the films for download.   Arts: Movies: Titles: L: Lord of the Rings Series  

KAS Movie Makers
A production company for feature films, ad commercials, documentaries, television serials, advertising films and news features.   Regional: Asia: India: Business and Economy: Entertainment and Media  

Top Secret Productions
Christian production company started by Mitch Robbins. Features information about movies in production and development, trailers, articles, news, credits, a resume, and an online store.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Arts: Movies - "300"
Article discusses movie outline, principal casting and production staff.   Arts: Movies: Titles: 3: 300  

Arrow in the Head
Website offers horror movie reviews, production journals, interviews, discussion forums and contact information.   Arts: Movies: Genres: Horror: Reviews  

Comic Book Movie
News about the production of movies based on comic book characters.   Arts: Movies: Guides  


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