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Monster House

Monster House

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"Monster House" Sites

Kino-Morgen:Monster House
Inhalt, Hintergrund zur Animationstechnik, Trailer und Foto-Strecke zum Film.   World: Deutsch: Kultur: Film: Titel: M: Monster House  

Haunted House Collectibles
Offers vintage clothing, gothic accessories, Halloween costumes, toys and games, and movie monsters collectibles.   Shopping: Holidays: Halloween  

Monster Makers
For Do-It-Yourself Monster Makers ranging from amateur hobbyists to professional SPFX artists; supplies for use in Film, TV, and Haunted House productions.   Shopping: Clothing: Costumes  

Johannesburg Star - Schuster outgrosses 'Monster' star
National euphoria surrounding Theron becoming South Africa's first Oscar-winning actor boosts interest in this art house movie.   Arts: Movies: Titles: M: Monster  

Monster House
Site officiel du film d'animation réalisé par Gil Kenan. Présentaiton de l'histoire, des personnages, de l'équipe technique, notes de production, photos, bande-annonce et clips, jeux.   World: Français: Arts: Audiovisuel: Cinéma: Films: M  

Deadly Intentions Haunted House
Features monster backstories, videos of the event, photos and directions. Located in Warren.   Society: Holidays: Halloween: Haunted Houses: Commercial Attractions: United States: Michigan  

Elmo's House
For anyone who enjoys the little fuzzy monster from Sesame Street.   Arts: Television: Programs: Children's: Sesame Street: Characters: Elmo: Clubs News: Scottish Actor Goes from "Phantom" to Vampires
Scottish-born actor Gerard Butler, who haunted an opera house in 2004 and battled a monster named Grendel last year, is in negotiations to star in a new film as a warrior priest.   Arts: Movies: Titles: P: Priest  

These New Dark Ages
Features history, character descriptions, house rules, new feats, spells, equipment, and new monsters for a campaign set in a post-apocalyptic 21st-Century United States ravaged by magic.   Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Fantasy: Dungeons & Dragons: Third Edition: Campaigns  

Cineclub - Filmkritik: Monster House
Inhalt und Kritik von Rouven Schumacher, dazu Bilder aus dem Film und eine Bewertungsmöglichkeit.   World: Deutsch: Kultur: Film: Titel: M: Monster House  

Bump In The Night Productions
Features Halloween masks, monster puppets and dolls, and haunted house props for horror movies.   Shopping: Holidays: Halloween  

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