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Mind Power

Mind Power

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Society: Religion and Spirituality: Yoga: Teachers and Centers: Canada: Nova Scotia  
Health: Alternative: Hypnotherapy: Training  

"Mind Power" Sites

Mind Power Makes Miracles
Jennifer Scott, Clinical Hypnotherapist.   Health: Alternative: Hypnotherapy: Practitioners  

NLP, Mind Power and Coaching Training
MindBridge is a rapidly growing international organization that is dedicated to helping people to develop and enhance the extraordinary powers of the human mind.   Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Alternative: Neuro Linguistic Programming: Trainers  

Power of the Mind Magazine
The online magazine devoted to bringing you the truth about human existence, our place in the universe and our relationship with intelligent extraterrestrial species.   Society: Paranormal: Magazines and E-zines  

Mind~Power~Yoga | Master Mind Power Yoga
Align with the laws of Natural Order | Weave Breathing~Waves   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Yoga: Teachers and Centers: Canada: Nova Scotia  

Directory of practitioners, training, resources, California and Nevada. Articles, newsletter, hypnosis products, seminars and workshops.   Health: Alternative: Hypnotherapy: Training  

Mind Power by John Kehoe
Can the powers of your thought lead to socially responsible citizenship?   Society: Activism: In Daily Life: Money Matters  

America's Mind Power Golf Schools
Describes golf instruction for effective learning. Located in San Diego, Las Vegas and Hawaii.   Sports: Golf: Instruction: Golf Schools  

Medicine Power
Dedicated to the opening of body, mind and soul through traditional and contemporary teachings, includes workshops, drumming and drum-making circles, and eco-tours.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Practices and Ceremonies  

The Power of Words
A description with examples of twenty types of emotional appeals, fallacious arguments, and other verbal manipulations that touch the heart and manipulate the mind.   Science: Social Sciences: Communication: Rhetoric  

The Power of Your Mind
Discussion about how to use and release the power of the mind to achieve dreams, goals, success, health, and love.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Chats and Forums  

Inner Power International
Personal coaching, professional coaching, peak performance enhancing coaching. Coaching integration with holistic mind body and spirit retreats in Hawaii and Mexico. Development courses, seminars, teleclasses and leadership development consulting.   Health: Alternative: Coaching: North America: United States  

Power To Cope
Four Bible-based guides to help people find peace of mind.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Christian Living: Advice  

The Smarmy Marmot: Nobody Wants to Hear My Opinion
These pages have the power to change your mind. Especially if it is weak. My favorite phrase is 'I am a liberal.' It usually precedes something very funny.   News: Analysis and Opinion: Personal  

Living in Action
Highlighting "Mind Power Leadership" a technology of using the innate power of the leaders' minds to enhance their ability to lead others in organizations to greater heights.   Business: Management: Leadership  

God Is the Machine
In the beginning there was 0. And then there was 1. A mind-bending meditation on the transcendent power of digital computation. By Kevin Kelly   Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy  

Power States
Offers products for developing altered states of consciousness, including e-books, tapes and cds, training courses, and mind machines, with product catalog, specials, and downloads.   Shopping: Health: Alternative: Biofeedback: Brainwave Stimulators  

Body Mind & Soul Studio, Hermosa Beach
Power yoga, easy yoga. Special events.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Yoga: Teachers and Centers: United States: California  

Writing Up Your PhD
The human mind works on full power until you sit down to write. Good advice on how to get past this problem.   Reference: Education: How to Study: Postgraduate Research  

Self Help Life Changing Course
Offers a training system, including personal coaching, to create success by developing the power of your subconscious mind. Includes success stories, monthly tip and newsletter.   Health: Mental Health: Self-Help: Courses  

LightShift 2000
Information on global meditation and the power of one-mind synergy. Includes ezine.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Meditation  


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