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Microsoft Window Explorer

Microsoft Window Explorer

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"Microsoft Window Explorer" Sites

A plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.0 for removing ad banners, popup windows and other annoyances. [Win 9x/NT/2000/Me]   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Internet: Clients: WWW: Browsers: Plug-ins  

Espace internet Microsoft
Actualités, téléchargements, informations, cours en ligne, support, newsgroup concernant Internet Explorer, Messenger, Windows Media, Outlook Express.   World: Français: Informatique: Logiciels: Internet  

A tool that finds the words in a document as you type in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Notepad, Outlook Emails, and other programs. [Windows NT, 2K, XP]   Computers: Software: Freeware  

ECDL.web - ECDL tudástár
Számítástechnikai alapismereteket felölelő online ECDL jegyzet, amit bárki szerkeszthet. Jelen állapotában a Microsoft Windows 2000 és XP operációs rendszerrel és a Microsoft Office 2000 irodai szoftvercsomaggal foglalkozik; szövegszerkesztési, táblázatkezelési és az ECDL vizsgához szükséges további ismereteket tartalmaz, valamint a magyar nyelvű Mozilla, Netscape 4.5 és Internet Explorer 6 programok leírását.   World: Magyar: Számítástechnika: Oktatás  

Using Windows Forms Controls in Internet Explorer
Windows Forms controls within IE are activated without user prompt, require no registration and utilize the Common Language Runtime (CLR)
code access security. By Erick Ellis, Microsoft.   Computers: Programming: Component Frameworks: NET: Articles  

Navigator / Explorer Comparison
Comparison of how Netscape Navigator 4.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows render some examples of HTML and CSS.   Computers: Data Formats: Style Sheets: CSS: Browser Compatibility  

Developing International Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT
Free online version of the book "Developing International Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT" by Nadine Kano. Deals with internationalization and localization issues. [Internet Explorer only]   Computers: Software: Globalization: Localization: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials  

Hulp voor Microsoft Office, Windows 98/NT, Internet Explorer, antivirus.   World: Nederlands: Computers: Educatie: Vraagbaken  

Microsoft New Zealand
Makers of Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.   Regional: Oceania: New Zealand: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet: Software  

File manager for Windows 95, 98, NT, combines the qualities of Microsoft Explorer, WinFile, Norton Commander or XTree Gold for DOS. Available in English, French and German. Shareware.   Computers: Software: File Management: File Managers: Windows: Orthodox  

IE privacy flaw still causing leaks
New privacy-enhancing controls in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 can be rendered useless by a long-known security flaw in Windows Media Player.   Computers: Security: Internet: Privacy: Protocols: News and Media  

Hatchet Online
Download free ICP web browser skin for Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.   Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: I: Insane Clown Posse: Fan Pages  

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Er zit o.a. ook een mail-programma, Flash, Shockwave en een instant messenger bij. U kunt deze browser meteen downloaden, een eigen versie hiervan maken (IEAK)
en er is een afdeling support. Deze browser is alleen voor Windows en de Macintosh.   World: Nederlands: Computers: Software: Internet: Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer  

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh
Versions 5 and above have excellent support for the DOM Level 1. Differs significantly from the Windows version of Internet Explorer.   Computers: Programming: Languages: JavaScript: W3C DOM: Applications: Browsers  

Microsoft Global IME
Input method for Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Word 2000 on Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.   Computers: Software: Globalization: Language Specific: CJKV: Japanese: Input Methods  

Internet Explorer 6
Funciona en Windows 98, Windows 98 Segunda edición, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 4.0 Workstation y Windows 2000 Professional.   World: Español: Computadoras: Software: Sistemas operativos: MS Windows: Actualizaciones y Service Packs  

Avant Browser
Custom web browser designed to expand services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Features include search accelerator/manager, and multi-window browsing.   Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: WWW: Browsers: Freeware  

Guru News Ticker
Displays the latest world headlines as scroll text on your desktop, inside your Windows taskbar or inside Microsoft Internet Explorer.   Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: WWW: Feed Readers: Windows  

Plone Desktop
Provides Microsoft Windows Explorer integration.   Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Application: Zope: Products  

Designed to help optimize and organize bookmarks in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It includes source URL and date/time stamp along with description, author and keywords. FAQs and downloads. [Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT4]   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Internet: Clients: WWW: Browsers: Add-ons: Bookmark Managers  


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