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Micro Processor

Micro Processor

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"Micro Processor" Sites

New Micros Inc.
Specialize in embedded systems, and the Motorola processor line. Industry leaders in FORTH programming.   Computers: Hardware: Embedded  

Micro-Processor Services, Inc.
Embedded systems design, development and consulting services for all micro-controllers.   Computers: Consultants: Embedded Systems  

Micro-Processor Services, Inc.
Software translators, converters, and translation services.   Computers: Programming: Compilers: Companies  

The Microprocessor Decentralized: A Bit-Slice Processor, the 2901
Description, photo of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
1975 chip. [The Chip Collection, State of the Art, Smithsonian Institution]   Computers: Hardware: Components: Processors: Bit Slice  

FlowKinetics LLC
Manufacture a range of micro-processor based instruments for pressure, temperature, relative humidity and velocity measurement.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Instrumentation  

Micro-Processor Services
Provides computer language translation software and services. Mainframe source languages include Assembler, COBOL, PL/I and FORTRAN. Translations to C, C++ and Java.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Mainframe: IBM: Software  

Raytheon Develops World's First Polymorphic Computer
MONARCH: Morphable Networked Micro-Architecture; adaptable processor is 10 times faster than Intel Xeon quad-core chip. Military Embedded Systems.   Computers: Hardware: Components: Processors: Reconfigurable  

Shield International
Make custom built modular target systems using the latest micro-processor and digital control technologies.   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Dorset: Poole: Business and Economy  

AMD unveils new processor for laptop computers
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: January: Tech  

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