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Lighter Side Co

Lighter Side Co

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"Lighter Side Co" Sites

SwRI's Lighter Side
Engineers and scientists are available to answer questions. The site also features an archive of past enquiries.   Science: Educational Resources  

Bruce Goddard
A fourth generation funeral director from Reynolds, Georgia is available as a public speaker throughout Georgia and the United States. He presents the lighter side of what can be a very stressful occupation, while, at the same time, giving thought provoking observations about life from the perspective of a small town "undertaker".   Society: Death  

The Lighter Side of Psych
Graduate student, assessment, and clinical jokes.   Health: Mental Health: Humor  

On The Lighter Side
A club for lighter enthusiasts   Recreation: Collecting: Organizations  

Features the lighter side of news, short stories, snippets and the comic strip Crackhead & Hatch.   Recreation: Humor: Satire  

A View From the Lighter Side of Parkinson's
Parkinsaw is an imaginary community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for people with Parkinson's Disease. John Bjork, a member of the Parkinson's Information Exchange Network, describes their life with the disorder.   Health: Conditions and Diseases: Neurological Disorders: Parkinson's Disease  

Lighter Side
Offers collectibles like Betty Boop and Elvis, nostalgia, humorous t-shirts, party stuff.   Shopping: Toys and Games: Novelty  

A Lighter Side
Gold, silver and platinum designs including Mokume-gane, fine jewelry, and unusual metal sculptures such as the Harley Davidson motorcycle ring and a 1965 corvette.   Shopping: Jewelry: Fine Art  

Spells and Spell-Casting
A comprehensive resource of spells. Contains articles on both the lighter and darker side of magick use.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Esoteric and Occult: Magick  

Miss Kitty's Cat Humor Page
A look at the lighter side of being owned by a cat! Includes cartoons and comics, jokes and humor, music and poetry, top ten lists, trivia, quizzes and other information.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Humor  

Rescue Humor
The lighter side of Police, Fire and EMS work, including stories, photos and jokes.   Recreation: Humor: Job-Related: Law Enforcement  

No One Else Comes Close
The lighter side of boy bands.   Recreation: Humor: Musical: Pop Artists
The lighter side of collegiate distance running at The Ohio State University. Information about collegiate distance running.   Sports: Running: Cross Country: College and University  

Recovery Cartoons
Cartoons by BenBen the Fisherman depicting the lighter side of 12-step recovery.   Arts: Comics: Comic Strips and Panels: R  

Pam Calvert's Writer's Heaven
Children's author, Pam Calvert, offers tips plus she shares the lighter side of rejection on Inksplaaat.   Arts: Writers Resources: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials: Personal Pages  

The Lighter Side of Librarianship
Links to a variety of entertaining library- or book-related resources, including the Book Game, Wordplay, library records, and others.   Reference: Libraries: Library and Information Science: Librariana: Humor  

Looks at the lighter side of life. Includes articles, pictures, drawings, and diaries.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: Anonymous: S
Featuring lighter content. Current events with a humorous side.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: Weblogs: G  

Suburban Diva
The lighter side of the picket fence.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: Weblogs: S  

The Holy Observer
The Lighter Side of Christian News.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Fun and Entertainment: Humor  


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