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Large Object

Large Object

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Society: Future: Catastrophes: Large Near Earth Object Impacts
Computers: Programming: Component Frameworks   (4 matches)

Computers: Software: Networking: Middleware  
Computers: Programming: Languages: Object-Oriented  
Computers: Programming: Methodologies: Object-Oriented  

"Large Object" Sites

Object Edge Inc
Components and frameworks are used in developing component-based large-scale enterprise systems using J2EE, XML, and Smalltalk.   Computers: Programming: Component Frameworks  

The Resilient Network Object Domain Infrastructure
The Resilient Network Object Domain Infrastructure (hereafter RNODI)
is a middleware product designed to host and organize large volumes of Java Mobile Intelligent Agents. RNODI provides a low-overhead easy-to-use and efficient alternative to using costly CORBA products and expertise in an Open Systems Environment. RNODI provides a single real-time message and content delivery kernel that scales from a PDA class of device all the way to large servers and network backbone gateways.   Computers: Software: Networking: Middleware  

The Object-Oriented Page
Large, well researched list of OO issues, languages, projects, and links. Excellent resource.   Computers: Programming: Languages: Object-Oriented  

itmWEB: Object-Oriented Programming
Large set of top resources for OO analysis, design, programming, testing. References to some of the top personalities in the field.   Computers: Programming: Methodologies: Object-Oriented  

DOORS: Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems
Goal: develop method to design real-time systems that: is practical for large scale, complex systems; includes support of OO techniques to achieve reuse in implementations; helps visualize and test design concepts during early stages when main decisions are made. Carleton University, Ottawa Canada.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Realtime: Resources  

Ada 95: The Craft of Object-Oriented Programming
By John English; Prentice Hall, 1996, ISBN 0132303507. Example-based introduction gradually develops small programs into large case-study type programs; focus: using OO approaches to write maintainable, large programs. [Online]   Computers: Programming: Languages: Ada: Books  

Design Addict: Index
A large source of information on 20th century designers and manufacturers. Includes the ability to search objects by period, function or material.   Kids and Teens: Arts: Design  

Impossible Bottles
Learn the puzzling art of putting large objects into small bottles.   Games: Puzzles: Mechanical  

Dreamweaver UltraDevEditor's Choice   - For creating dynamic websites in ASP, JSP, or ColdFusion. Database functionality makes UltraDev a powerful authoring tool. Large collection of UltraDev extended commands and objects can be downloaded from the site.   Computers: Programming: Internet: ASP: Tools: Authoring  

Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope
Information, news, events and technical reports, documents, gallery, and links.   Science: Astronomy: Institutions: Observatories: Future: Optical and Infrared  

Crystal River Gems
Large selection of jewelry, fossils, crystals, and object d'art.   Shopping: Recreation: Science and Nature  

Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference
With this book you'll learn how to call numeric, character, date, conversion, large object (LOB)
, and miscellaneous functions, as well as packages like DBMS_SQL and DBMS_OUTPUT.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Publishing: Books: Business: O'Reilly and Associates: Technical Books: Oracle  

NAMD Scalable Molecular Dynamics
NAMD is a parallel, object-oriented molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large biomolecular systems.   Science: Chemistry: Computational: Molecular Dynamics  

The ROOT System
An object oriented framework for large scale data analysis. ROOT is a C++ replacement of the popular PAW program developed at CERN.   Science: Physics: Particle: Software  

The Amateur Sky Survey - TASS
Project objective to construct low-cost, drift-scan cameras and distribute to sites around the world to monitor for bright objects across a large section of sky.   Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Amateur Contributions to Science  

A Deep Ecliptic Survey for Kuiper Belt Objects
A description of the Deep Ecliptic Survey, a systematic search for Kuiper Belt Objects using large telescopes.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Kuiper Belt  

Cincom Smalltalk
An object-oriented application development environment that enables large organizations to quickly develop and maintain complex component-based applications. (Cincom Systems)   Computers: Software: Object-Oriented: Companies  

Object-oriented operating system for large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors. Minimizes data sharing via careful design: often eliminates data sharing even when sharing appears natural. Successor to Hurricane.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Object-Oriented  

Forest Project
Investigated using persistent object technology in building large-scale software development environments. In time, became more about developing persistent object technology; broadened scope to provide support for all Java applications that manage long-lived, large-scale, complex, shared data.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Persistent  

Keller, Arthur
Stanford University - Electronic commerce, interoperability of heterogeneous databases, database integration, object-oriented databases, database implementation, databases on parallel computers, federated autonomous databases, database views including updates, incomplete information and nulls, software integration and reuse, and large system integration.   Computers: Computer Science: People: K  


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