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Japanese Print

Japanese Print

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  1. Shopping: Ethnic and Regional: Asian: Japanese   (13 matches)
  2. Regional: Asia: Japan: Business and Economy: Shopping   (5)
  3. Sports: Martial Arts: Sumo   (1)
  4. Arts: Visual Arts: Galleries: Asia: Japan   (2)
  5. Arts: Visual Arts: Printmaking: Printmakers: Relief Techniques   (2)

"Japanese Print" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 65)

  1. T Fujii Japanese Antiques - Antiques from Japan from screens, scrolls, and woodblock prints to chests, lacquer ware, porcelain (Imari), and figures. Based in Honolulu.
    --   Shopping: Ethnic and Regional: Asian: Japanese   (13)

  2. Japanese Art Woodblock Prints - Large online gallery of modern Japanese art and woodblock prints from various artists. Hundreds of prints, Japanese etchings, woodblock, silkscreen, and stencil prints. Based in Berkeley, California.
    --   Shopping: Ethnic and Regional: Asian: Japanese   (13)

  3. Osamu Tatematsu - Displays artist's work of contemporary and fine art prints from famous Japanese classical literature using Japanese art materials and gold foil.
    --   Regional: Asia: Japan: Business and Economy: Shopping   (5)

  4. Japanese Sumo Wrestling - Introduction to Japanese Sumo wrestling including ancient prints and terminology.
    --   Sports: Martial Arts: Sumo   (1)

  5. Viewing Japanese Prints - Provides overviews of the Ukiyo-e ("Pictures of the Floating World"), Shin Hanga ("New Prints"), and Sosaku Hanga ("Creative Prints") traditions (containing profiles and works by representative artists), and Selected Topics of Japanese print studies.
    --   Arts: Visual Arts: Galleries: Asia: Japan   (2)

  6. Brown, Matt - Color woodprints made using the traditional Japanese hanga method in his New Hampshire workshop, Ooloo Press. Gallery of his prints plus some produced by his friends and students, a book list, web resources, list of his suppliers, and a calendar of upcoming appearances.
    --   Arts: Visual Arts: Printmaking: Printmakers: Relief Techniques   (2)

  7. Fallen Warriors as Mass Media StarsEditor's Choice   - Graduate paper on Japanese gay samurai iconography, with prints depicting "nanshoku" and homosexuality in military society.
    --   Society: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual: History: Pre-Modern Japan   (1)

  8. Japanese Garden Journal - A bi-monthly English-language print publication dedicated to the world of Japanese gardening and architecture.
    --   Home: Gardening: News and Media: Magazines and E-Zines   (1)

  9. Utagawa Kunisada Project - Collection of prints and series from one of the most prolific Japanese ukiyo-e artists.
    --   Regional: Asia: Japan: Arts and Entertainment: Traditional: Ukiyo-e   (2)

  10. Understanding Japanese Information Processing - Now out of print. Superceded by 'CJKV Information Processing'.
    --   Computers: Software: Globalization: Publications: Books   (1)

  11. History of Japanese Railways - Chronological listing of railroads from 1872 to 1907 (the first line, redcap, women employed, and horsedrawn). A few illustrations, including a print of an 1870s train.
    --   Regional: Asia: Japan: Society and Culture: History   (1)

  12. Ota Memorial Museum of Art - Displays ukiyo-e prints and paintings from Ota Seizo's collection of over 12,000 pieces. Exhibition schedule, admission fees and hours, and map and directions. [English/Japanese]
    --   Regional: Asia: Japan: Prefectures: Tokyo: Arts and Entertainment: Museums   (2)

  13. Kotobuki - Japanese artists offer prints of ukiyo-e, also have an exhibition .
    --   Shopping: Auctions: Arts and Crafts   (1)

  14. Yoshida, Hiroshi - Biography of Japanese woodblock print artist.
    --   Arts: Art History: Artists: Y   (1)

  15. Allinson Gallery, Inc. - American, British, Continental and Japanese fine prints of the 18th - 20th centuries, emphasizing 1920-1950. Related paintings, drawings and watercolors.
    --   Arts: Visual Arts: Resources: Private Dealers   (1)

  16. Artelino - Offers galleries, articles, auctions, glossary, and a forum for Japanese art with emphasis on prints - ukiyo-e, old and modern prints, historical maps, and contemporary art. [German and English]
    --   Arts: Visual Arts: Resources: Research   (1)

  17. Wai, Vincent - Online gallery of limited edition art prints featuring WWII military uniforms, tanks and Japanese samurai paintings.
    --   Arts: Visual Arts: Thematic: Aviation and Military   (1)

  18. Guide to Futures and Options Market Terminology - Parallel documents by the Center Online, also in print. Translations from German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese into English. Economics and finance.
    --   Reference: Dictionaries: World Languages: Multilingual: Terminology   (1)

  19. Duke University East Asian Collection - Print and electronic resources for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Asian-American Studies, with resources for elementary and secondary school teachers.
    --   Reference: Libraries: Subject Specific: Social Sciences: Area Studies   (1)

  20. The Art of Japan - Fine Japanese prints and paintings of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.
    --   Shopping: Visual Arts: Ethnic and Regional: Asian   (1)


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