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Japanese Name

Japanese Name

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Regional: Asia: Japan: Society and Culture: Language   (2 matches)

Recreation: Birding: Asia  
Sports: Martial Arts: Weaponry: Japanese  
Kids and Teens: School Time: Foreign Languages: Japanese  
Regional: Asia: Japan: Science and Environment  

"Japanese Name" Sites

Your Name In Japanese
Translates your name phonetically into Japanese kanji.   Regional: Asia: Japan: Society and Culture: Language  

Bird Names in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese
Translates scientific names for species into English, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Also give the literal translations of the Asian common names in English. Subdivided by family and subfamily.   Recreation: Birding: Asia  

Traditional Japanese BujutsuEditor's Choice   - Frank Nilden provides a listing of the names of many Ryu Ha. Similar to Bugei Ryu Ha Daijiten in English.   Sports: Martial Arts: Weaponry: Japanese  

Japanese Kanji Images
Image of kanji symbols. Kanji idiomatic phrase, flower name, meaning, and reading.   Kids and Teens: School Time: Foreign Languages: Japanese  

Encyclopedia of Japanese Reptiles
Catalog of all snakes native to Japan with their names and photos.   Regional: Asia: Japan: Science and Environment  

Sells business cards, postcards, and name stamps in Japanese.   Regional: Asia: Japan: Business and Economy: Shopping  

Sushi Vocabulary
Glossary of sushi-related terms and Japanese names for common fish served as sushi.   Reference: Dictionaries: By Subject  

Your Name in Japanese
Converts foreign names into Japanese kana, with seven different graphic styles, using Philip A. Ronan’s dictionary file with 3,700 names. (PNG)   Reference: Dictionaries: World Languages: J: Japanese  

Japanese Name Translation
Names translated into Japanese kanji characters on T-shirts, mugs, and as calligraphy.   Shopping: Gifts: Personalized: Names and Definitions  

Japanese Gods and Goddesses
Names of deities and their attributes, from Chrissy's Dojo.   Arts: Literature: Myths and Folktales: Myths: Japanese  

JPNIC Whois Gateway
Search domain names in English or Japanese.   Computers: Internet: Domain Names: Name Search  

Japanese electronic artist, real name Keigo Oyamada. Biography, discography, audio and video files, and photos from his US record label.   Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: C  

Modern Works for Accordion by Japanese Composers
Listing by the Free-Reed Journal includes composer name, age or year, piece name, and rights owners.   Arts: Music: Composition: Composers: By Region: Asia: Japanese  

His name is Kunou, Tatewaki Kuno
Large shrine with images, reviews, links, club, poll and a Japanese tutorial   Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles: R: Ranma ½: Characters: Tatewaki Kuno  

Country Names
Parallel documents on Foreignword with translation pop-ups. English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Arabic, and Japanese. Popular (non-official)
name and ISO code of 240 countries, with links to encyclopaedic information.   Reference: Dictionaries: World Languages: Multilingual: Terminology  

Immortal GRE Communication Receivers
GRE was the Japanese company behind the names that were placed on some of their receiver models sold in the USA that may surprise you.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: Boatanchors: Receivers  

Shodo Designs
Sells custom calligraphy of a customer's name hand painted in Japanese.   Shopping: Ethnic and Regional: Asian: Japanese  

Goo's Tree Encyclopedia
Names and illustrations of Japanese trees.   Science: Biology: Botany: Dendrology: By Region  

Unicode Domain Names
A multilingual domain names registration center providing Chinese, Japanese and Korean domain names.   Computers: Software: Globalization: Internet: Domain Names  

Offers services including website design, domain name registration and hosting. Chinese, English and Japanese translations.   Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Multilingual  


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