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- Offers news on UFOs and space, MP3 music, intergalactic downloads, e-mail, chat, and Web search.

The Black Vault
- Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, information on viewing UFO's, and a discussion board.

Alien Enigma
Offers exchange between people who have UFO experience. Includes, how to tell if you are an abductee, personal accounts, pictures and links.
UK UFO resource running petition to uncover facts regarding UFO's and alien visitation.

Aliens and UFOs Among Us
Reasons why alien visitations are thought to exist, from ancient history to the present.

Aliens the Truth
UFO resource site.
See UFO photographs and find information on Area 51, Roswell, crop circles, alien abductions and conspiracy theories.

United Kingdom UFO and alien conspiracies.

Amateur Radio Unidentified Flying Object Net
Offers information and links on ufos and ham radio.

Cosmic Conspiracies
Over 100 pages on UFOs.

Destination: Space
An active exploration of astronomical & aeronautical advances, the ongoing intrigue behind the UFO enigma and a view towards the reality behind science fiction.

Extra-Terrestrial Contact
A scientific overview of the UFO phenomenon.

FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Unidentified Flying Objects
Declassified UFO documents from the FBI.

First Encounter
Ancient and modern encounters with extraterrestrials.

General Protocol (for) Human/Alien Contact
This is a general, formalized protocol containing: vital assessments for all future Human/Alien encounters. Printed manual version available.

HowStuffWorks: How Aliens Might Work
Illustrated article examines astrobiology, the scientific search for extraterrestrial life.

Moon Fossil
Evidence of fossil life on moon. Invertebrate fossil discovered by Apollo 17 astronauts.

Path to the Source
The purpose of this site is to present extra-terrestrial contact experiences, e.t. philosophy, missing time and para-normal experiences.

The Project At Earth
Learn about the true nature of universal life, including our own. The Project At Earth is the organization of all of Earth's Visiting Life.

South Africa's UFO Resource
Collection of information related to UFO`s, for example: top secret files, implicated officials, downed and/or recovered craft, military and government involvement, specifically in South Africa

The South Australian UFO Mystery Site
Detailed examination with very large pictures of a UFO and its probe, sighted early one morning in South Australia.

The Temporal Doorway Window - The Scientific Study of UFOs

Think About It
A place to think.

UFO Area
Offers information about UFOs, ancient astronauts, crashes and sightings, flying triangles, and Puerto Rico.

UFO Documents Index
National Security Agency released UFO documents in PDF format..

UFO Emporium
Contains information and news on the UFO Phenomenon, with main features, updated news and links, message forum, and famous quotes.

UFO Evidence
In-depth, quality and scientific research on the UFO phenomenon.

UFO Folklore!
A huge amount of UFO related information.

UFO Infosite
Information on UFO's, space and NASA.

UFO Online
Italian and English site, international UFO information.

UFO Resource Center
Offer photos, video clips, image analysis, research, discussion forum and documents on UFO sightings and extraterrestrial aliens.

UFO Skeptic
An information site on the UFO phenomenon by and for professional scientists.

The UFO that Crashed in Wales
An account of the UFO that allegedly crashed into the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.

Providing information regarding a wide range of UFO topics, an assortment of bulletins, links to organisations, magazines and a site search engine.

UFOLOGY: An Informative Approach
History of UFO encounters, aliens on Earth, Roswell crash. In-depth articles on UFO personalities and abductees.

Ufology UK
Latest news, theories, articles, community, games, documents, history, and news.

Provides information about UFO-related incidents.

UFOs and the National Security State
An Unclassified History. Volume One, 1941 to 1973. This is a thorough historical analysis of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon.

UFO's Evidence?
UFO, Cydonia, opinion & link page for the serious researcher.

UFOs: State of the Evidence 2000
On-line article concerning the present juncture of the ufology v. Hard-science conflict of the last 50+ years.

Features alien conversations with a weekly Q&A forum, submitted paranormal stories, author Heidi Hollis, UFO2U group, and a unique alien gallery.

Varginha ET Case - The Whole Story
Detailed information about the Varginha UFO incident.

The W-Files
Documents UFO sightings and abductions in the state of Wisconsin. Also covers a variety of other paranormal incidents.


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