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Crop Circle Connector
- Resources and related information including an International crop circle database.

All crop circles
French crop circle site with extensive photo archive.

Circle Speak
Information about a crop circle documentary being made by a US independent production company.

The Circle Vault Project
Site trying to test if researchers are able to distinguish between genuine and man-made crop circles.
Controversial science web site, focusing on scientific study of "non-mainstream" topics such as crop circles. Comparison of crop circle theories.

Crop Circle Archive
Has a great interactive archive of crop circle formations. Also includes articles. (Macromedia Flash required)

Crop Circle Books
Steve Canada's collection of books on the topic. Several selections to choose from covering UFOs and other things of this nature as well as working theories. Also lecture and interview information.

Crop Circle Cereal
Marketing Plan for proposed crop circle breakfast cereal.

Crop Circle Geometry
Analysis of some of the underlying geometry of crop circles

Crop Circle News
A new crop circle portal with forums, galleries and articles.

Crop Circle Nirvana
This site takes a refreshingly irreverent look at the crop circle phenomenon.

Crop Circle Quest
Crop formations in Western Canada reported by Judy Arndt. Just a few circles but the reports are excellent with lots of pictures and diagrams.

The Crop Circle Web Site
Photographs and information of the formations plus a large searchable database.

Crop Circles - Their Meaning and Connections to Dreams
Articles by Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney. They belive that the crop circle formations are related to dreams and human consciousness.

Crop Circles and Balls of Light
Jan-Willem Bobbink's site about his experiences with balls of light. Also crop circle reports and diagrams.

Crop Circles and the Key to the World Order
Article about the science, nature, politics and spirituality of crop circles.

Crop Circles, and the King James Bible Code, and the Book of Revelation Prophecies
An explanation of crop circles: they are prophecies of Book of Revelation events. The Bible Code in English looks at crop circles.

Crop Circles Astral Traveller
Defining the Crop Circle phenomena.

Crop Circles Book
Book by Carolyn North describes crop circles with many photos.

Crop Circles Deciphered
Crop circle symbols can be easily interpreted using Biblical symbols, the book of Revelation in particular. A few chapters of the book are free on the web site.

Crop Circles Intelligence Mighty Companions Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor's page on the subject, articles, reconstructions, reports and interviews with researchers.

Crop Circles Jewelry
This site features LightCircles™ Jewelry Designs which were inspired by the crop circles.

Crop circles jewelry
Crop Circles Jewelry, with its Italian jewel designers and goldsmiths, has combined the mystery of the unknown with the amazing beauty of its forms.

Crop Files
Italian crop circle database.

Cropcircle Anomality Website
Edited and designed by Dirk Wessels: scientific articles, anomality specifics and crop circles and etheric energies.

Crystalinks Crop Circles
As usual on Ellie Crystals site - good introduction to the subject with images and links to latest developments.

Danish Crop Circles
Skeptical crop circle article.

Dutch Crop Circle Archive
Complete archive of formations dating back to 1590. Articles and other resources. Both Dutch and English.

Dutch Crop Circle Website
Reports and articles about Dutch crop circles.

German Association for Crop Circle Research
Crop circles from Germany. Most articles have an English translation.

Glastonbury Symposium - crop circles and signs of our time
Leading annual conference on crop formations and related issues, in Glastonbury, SW England, July/August.

Invisible Circle
An independent community for the exploration of the crop circle phenomenon based in Germany.

Janosh Art
Crop circles related art work.

Mystic Merlin
Games and books created by mystic merlin.

The Mythologist - A film by John Lundberg
The Mythologist is a film about crop circle / ufo researcher Armen Victorian aka Henry Azadehdel.

Oxfordshire Crop Circle Group
The first place to look for all the information on Oxfordshire crop formations.

Paranormal World
A guide to all those things, from aliens to crop circles, from spontaneous human combustion to disappearances, from ghosts to ley lines.

The Phenomenon Crop Circle Pages
Information about crop formations and images.

Quest for Truth
A feature-length documentary full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circle researchers and scientists.

Remote Viewing Crop Circles
In 1992, PSI TECH was hired to examine function/purpose, and mechanics of the Crop circle production.

Science Report Radio: Crop Circle Math
Report from the America Institue of Physics about the diatonic ratios found in crop circles.

The Spiritual Genome
There is a divine intelligence in the DNA, what the Hindus call the Inner Self, that is responsible for creating crop circles.

Swirled News
A rolling news service for the crop circle phenomenon.

Temporary Temples
Web site of crop circle photographer Steve Alexander and writer Karen Douglas. Online image library, online shop of stock photos and a selection of articles.

Touch the Sky Crop Circle Energy Essences
Energy allegedly extracted from English crop circles made into essences.

Tully Saucer Nest
About a swirled circle apprently left by a UFO in Tully, Australia back in 1966. Circlemaker Doug Bower said this incident was the inspiration for the crop circles he created in England.

UK Crop Circles
Provides views of each crop circles at ground level, using photographs, first hand reports and observations.

Unified Field Objection
Information about a graphic novel that will incorporate the crop circle phenomenon.

Vital Signs Publishing - crop circle books
Small publisher of crop circles books by Andy Thomas, including the guidebook Vital Signs.

Why Real Crop Circles Can't be Hoaxed
An online booklet (written in Flash) explaining why real crop circles cannot be hoaxed.

A couple of articles dealing with the analysis of samples taken from crop circles.

Zef Damen Crop Circle Reconstructions
Possible solutions for the construction sequence of many crop circles. - Crop Circles
Special feature article on the Crop Circles phenomena (August 10, 2002)

BBC News
Disney signs Sixth Sense director to make crop circle movie (April 25, 2001)

BBC News
Magnetic 'solution' to crop circle puzzle (August 9, 2000)

BBC News
There is no mystery about crop circles, says our science editor Dr David Whitehouse. (August 9, 2000)

BBC News
Crop circle Q and A with George Bishop (August 9, 2000)

BBC News
Tis the season to be silly (July 14, 2000)

BBC News
Crop circles mystify Russian farmers (June 24, 2000)

BBC News
Former US Congressman Laurance Rockefeller is to finance the largest survey of crop circles in the UK. (May 19, 1999)

BBC News
Mysterious circles keep cropping up. (May 19, 1999)

Anatomical Anomalies In Crop Formation Plants
by Talbott, Nancy (August 11, 1997)


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