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- A public-interest information exchange for the urban planning and development community. Urban planning and development news, job opportunities, commentary and events.

An online community and resource for architects, urban designers, landscape architects, planners, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.

Big Box Reuse
Julia Christensen studies and explores how communities reuse empty big box buildings. Case studies, articles, and presentation schedule.

Building Better Communities Network
An information clearinghouse and communication forum dedicated to building inclusive communities and to successfully siting affordable housing and community services.

California Land Use Planning Network
LUPIN (Land Use Planning Information Network) is an information service that supports and addresses California land use planning issues via the CERES web.

Center for Land Use Interpretation
Research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. It employs a variety of methods to pursue its stated aim, engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition.

Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy
Reports, analysis, commentary, special features, and books from The Brookings Institution.
Information on planning, conducting, and implementing results from design charettes.

News about the world's cities and how their mayors are dealing with today's urban issues.

Planning resource center includes a detailed resource directory, numerous message boards, a wiki, and image galleries.

Ecology of Absence
Documents abandonment of the built environment and speculates on geographic, sociological, ecological, and architectural factors. Most examples are in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ecosystem Anthologies: Land Use
This guide to online resources serves the information and communication needs of individuals and organizations working to protect our environment and create a sustainable future.

Europaforum Wien
Analyzes policies, conducts public dialogues, organizes conferences, and publishes works on urban issues in the European Union. In German and English.

Great Streets!
Profiles of cities with thriving main streets, an examination of the details that make them successful, and a look at the fictional River City in the movie The Music Man.

Jobs In Planning
Employment opportunities for planning professionals, with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Land Use Law
Includes articles, cases, ordinances, statutes, and photographs from Professor Daniel R. Mandelker of Washington University.

Legal Information Institute: Land Use Law
An overview provided by the Cornell Law School.

The Mayors' Institute on City Design
Works to transform mayors into advocates for good design by hosting symposiums on urban design.

Annual Dutch lecture series. Includes full text archives from prior years.

National Geographic - The New Suburb?
Explore a virtual new urbanist neighborhood. Includes comparisons to typical suburban developments, lesson plans, links, and an image gallery.

Neighborhood Planning
Educational resource for understanding and improving neighborhoods. Includes a number of detailed examinations of topical issues.

New Urbanism
The revival of our lost art of place-making, it is essentially a re-ordering of the built environment into the form of complete towns. New Urbanism promotes the creation and restoration of compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Observatoire de la Ville Interieure
Collects and disseminates information on Montreal's indoor and underground city. In French and English.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Urban and Regional Planners
Career profile from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Online NewsHour: New Urbanism
Companion site to PBS program includes core concepts, interviews, discussions, criticisms, comparisons, and examples.

The Orange Empire of Southern California
Profiles, news, and commentary for the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan region.
Pay site with free sections providing land use ordinances, maps, design guides, and similar services. Registration required.

A thesaraus of modern concepts in urban development. For each there is a definition, bibliography and its source publication.

Covers topics on architecture and urban design in the Caribbean.

Topical material on zoning ordinances, land use, comprehensive plans, master plans, subdivision regulation, transportation, housing, urban design, takings-property rights, and the impacts on cities and towns.

Planning and Regulatory Services Online (PARSOL)
National United Kingdom program providing planning and regulatory standards, toolkits, specifications, schemas, and systems for use by local governments.

Planning Help
Campaign to Protect Rural England project provides information on how citizens can influence local planning decisions.

Planning Portal
Government gateway to planning information throughout the UK. Provides information on plans, appeals, applications, contact details, research areas.

Planning Resource
UK planning portal. Includes news, employment, appeals, education, documents, consultants directory, and forum.
Free online guide to the U.K. town planning system. Lodge an appeal and review development plans.

Selected European planning journals, an extensive planning web guide, archives of plans, and events from the town and regional planning world.

Resource for Urban Design Information
Multimedia resource for teaching, research, and professional activity in urban design and its related disciplines.

Sense of Community Project
A study of social capital in urban blocks of Lansing, Michigan demonstrating its relationship to quality of life and social behavior.

Smart City
A weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that looks at urban life. Host Carol Coletta talks with public policy experts, designers, elected officials, developers, planners and others in discussions of urban issues.

The Smarter Land Use Project
Focuses on improving the quality of proposed developments in settled areas. Includes a citizens guidebook for achieving effective collaboration.

The Social Developer
An examination of issues in modern urban development and its influence on the lives of urban dwellers.

The Social Life of Cities
A collection of photo essays illustrating aspects of public space, collective memory, urban design, and architecture.

Seattle, Washington-based nonprofit hosts lectures and events on architecture, public art, and urbanism.

Environmental, community, and economic news for the bioregional community of western North America.

Timeline of New Urbanism
A searchable database of key events in the history of new urbanism, as well as historical influences.

Urban Age
International conference series on the future of cities. Conference information, archives, foci, and networking.

Urban Environmental Management
A grouping of urban planning researchers from around the world. It looks at urban areas as the intersection of natural, built, and socio-economic environments.

Urban Futures
A project of the Reason Public Policy Institute. Promotes voluntary, private-sector and market-oriented solutions to sprawl and other urban problems.

Urban Photo
Promotes and explores urban issues through photography.

Urban Planet
Urbanist message boards with areas for general and regional discussions.

Urban Planning, 1794-1918
An international anthology of primary source material for the study of how urban planning developed up to the end of World War I. Includes articles, conference papers, and reports.

Urban Planning Now
Job postings and links to planning employers.

Urban Planning Topics
Dedicated to providing information and resources on urban and regional planning and environmental issues.

Urban Residue
Papers on the nature of public space and profiles of progressive urban areas.

An introduction to the concept of urbanicity.

Urban projects, ideas, and plans. Virtual tour in ghetto spaces, urban planning students network and philosophy for the Urban Planning Department of Columbia.

Wikipedia: Urban Planning
Encyclopedia entry covers planning's role in aesthetics, safety, transportation, suburbanization, and the environment. Includes lists of famous planners and planned communities.    XML Feeds: