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Ballard, Dana H.
"Animate vision". Computational theories of the brain with emphasis on human vision. (Univ. of Rochester, USA)

Barsalou, Lawrence W.
Perceptual bases of cognition, situated conceptualization, dynamic representations of concepts, frames, category learning, event memory.

Bearden, J. Neil
Graduate student at the Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Brooks, Rodney A.
Embodied cognition in autonomous robots. (MIT, USA).

Calvin, William H.
Theoretical neurophysiologist and popularizer. Author of "The Cerebral Code," "How Brains Think," "Conversations with Neil's Brain" and "A Brain for All Seasons," amongst other works.

Cave, Kyle R.
Cognitive psychology of visual cognition, including attention, imagery, and object recognition.

Coneural — Center for Cognitive and Neural Studies
Research center for computational embodied neuroscience. Director: Razvan Florian.

Cotterill, Rodney M.J.
Neurophysiology of consciousness, considered as an active process. Implications of this view for understanding autism. (Danish Technical University, Denmark)

Cziko, Gary
Educational psychology. Darwinian approaches. (Univ. of Illinois, USA)

Dunbar, Kevin
Scientific discovery and reasoning (especially in molecular biology); visual, causal, abductive, and analogical reasoning; gender differences in reasoning; science education; mental models; invivo cognition; visualization. (Dartmouth College.)

French, Robert M.
Connectionism and philosophy of cognitive science (Univ. de Liège, Belgium)

Gregory, Richard
Influential researcher on perception and perceptual illusion. Site gives access to selected publications as well as his CV and animated demonstrations of significant illusions.

Harnad, Stevan
Categorical perception, Cognitive Theory. Editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the e-journal Psycoloquy, and a strong advocate of online publication, sponsoring the online archive CogPrints. The page also gives access to threaded discussions between Harnad and students.(Univ. of Southampton, UK)

Järvilehto, Timo
Finnish Psychologist with interests in psychophysiology, preception, education, and "the theory of the organism-environment system".

Johnson-Laird, Philip N.
Psychology of reasoning and logical thinking, mental models, AI.

Kirsh, David
Representation in everyday activity, cognitive complexity.

Koch, Christoph
Neuroscience and consciousness.

Kosslyn, Stephen M.
Mental imagery, perception.

Kubovy, Michael
Perceptual grouping.

Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Psychology of memory, false memory, eyewitness testimony.

Minsky, Marvin
One of the pioneers and most creative thinkers of Artificial Intelligence research.

Modestino, Ed
A graduate student in the Complex Systems and Brain Sciences program at Florida Atlantic University, working on neuroimaging of complex systems and neural networks of cognition.

Moravec, Hans
Mobile robots and their psychology.

Norman, Don
Author of The Design of Everyday Things, list of books and articles in human-centered design.

O'Regan, J. Kevin
Visual perception: "change blindness" (nice animated demos), active perception, eye movements, consciousness, and "the world as external memory".

Pylyshyn, Zenon W.
Visual attention and preattention, critique of "pictorial" theories of mental imagery, foundational issues in the computational theory of the architecture of cognition.

Sayan, Omer Fatih
Graduate student at University of Osnabrück, Germany. Interested in emotion and cognition, human machine interaction, mental models, unconscious processes, dual processes of thought.

Scaruffi, Piero
Information about Scaruffi's research and teaching activities in Cognitive Science, Psychology of Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind, and links to his papers, and to his annotated bibliography of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, artificial life, linguistics, neural networks, connectionism, cognitive psychology, and consciousness.

Smolensky, Paul
A leading researcher in connectionism.

Sun, Ron
Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and connectionist models and hybrid systems. Computational approaches to consciousness, commonsense reasoning, learning and skill acquisition in humans and machines.

Thomas, Nigel
The philosophical, scientific, and historical study of imagination and mental imagery, and their role in consciousness and cognition [Cal State LA].

Thomas, Nigel J.T.
Imagination, mental imagery, consciousness. Curriculum Vitae with links to published and unpublished writings.

Turner, Mark
Professor and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Research focus is to study how human thought processes are different than other species with an emphasis on blending.

van Diepen, Paul
Scene perception, eye movements, chronometry of information processing (no longer active in cognitive research).

Zhang, Jiajie
External representations; human-computer interaction; human factors; medical informatics


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