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Science: Physics: Relativity: Time_Travel

Apocalyptic Visions of the Past
Introduction, reactivating the past, inadvertent disclosures, worldwide earthquake, concealed manipulations, religious wars, the rapture and conclusions.

Astral Time Travel
Read about other peoples' stories and submit your own, different techniques, clarifying the myths, how common is it, what are the differences and is it just a dream.

Basic Introduction to Time Travel
Pythagoras, Einstein, Lorentz factor, paradox and cosmic censor.

BBCi - Space - Time Travel
Gravity, black holes, singularity and mini wormholes.

Chronos Shrugged: The World of Time Travel
Introduction, myth, psychology, abstracts, ethics, experts, science, analysis, paradox, fun stuff, bibliography and links.

Chronos: The Future of Time Travel
Nine-dimensional theory, using timegates, destiny, causality, temporal divergence, navigating parallel timelines, interspatial teleportation, message board, chat forum and links.

Cosmos Time
Theory in the relation between time and space.

A Discussion on Time Travel
A forum on time machines and travel as it relates to science and technology.

Endeavor Into Time
Wormhole, space-time continuum, black hole, quantum foam and causality violation.

Evading Quantum Barrier to Time Travel
Einstein's special theory of relativity, warping of space-time, Misner space and chronology protection conjecture.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Time Travel
Time and the universe, time machine, beginner's guide, point of view, Einstein connection, wormhole engineering and proof.

The Future of Time Travel
Guide, teleportation, temporal phasing and applications of nine-dimensional reality.

Getting In A Twist Over Time
Wormhole, negative energy, Einstein, gravitational field equation, closed time-like loops, cosmic strings, chronology protection conjecture and twisted light.

How Time Travel Will Work
Special relativity, understanding, space phenomena, black holes, wormholes, cosmic strings and problems.

How to Travel Through Time
Discussion of becoming an explorer mentally.

Instructions for Meeting Time Travelers
Introduction, how method discovered, speculation of future laws, if visit does or does not occur and printable document.

A New Concept of Time Travel
A bipolar type of discontinuity in spacetime is postulated that would enable time travel, teleportation, antigravity, and warp drive. Introduction, humanity's dream, spacetime postulate, consequences, research directions and conclusions.

NOVA Online-Time Travel
Interview with astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Carl Sagan.

Quantum Time Travel
Kip Thorne, wormholes, superposition, time translation and stasis field.

The Relativistic Asynchronous Machine
Design of a hypothetic machine for travel into the future by Tilmann Schneider.

Rotating Universes and Time Traveling
Thesis, Mach's principle, Einstein's general relativity, equation and diagram. Is Time Travel Possible
Article examining this controversial situation. Read and add your response.

Some Ramifications of Time Travel
Introduction, scenario for discussion, next 500,000 years, after 500,000 years, features of time travel, constraints on travel to past, operational considerations and conclusions.

Space-Time Physics and the Future of Time Travel
Black holes, wormholes, time dilation factor, gravity, graphs and equations.

Super cosmos, Hawking's nutty universe, physics of exotic propulsion, destiny matrix and the world crystal.

Tachyon Pistols
Simile and diagram explaining faster than light travel.

Tachyons, Time Travel, and Divine Omniscience
Philosophy of science and religion, theological fatalism, equations and footnotes.

Taking the Cosmic Shortcut
The future, Einstein's special theory of relativity, the past, theory of gravitation, black holes, wormholes, negative energy and links.

An interview with Paul Davies, paradox, wormhole, black hole, Newtonian mechanics and quantum computations.

The Time Machine
Einstein's theory, special relativity, communication faster than light, quantum cosmology, interview with Carl Sagan and links.

Time, Time Travel & Traversable Wormholes
Links to articles and sites about the possibility and impossibility of time travel.

Time Travel
Simple explanation, black hole containment device, mathematics, energy equation, chaos and super string theories, power of the crystal, FAQ and links.

Time Travel - A Discussion
Hyperspace, space-time continuum, black holes, wormholes, parallel universes, quarks, tachyons, quantum and super string theories.

Time Travel - Fact or Fiction
The science fiction paradigm, conservation laws, general relativity, paradoxes, tachyons and graphs.

Time Travel - The Grandmother Paradox
Discusses the possibility of associated paradoxes from a philosophical rather than purely scientific viewpoint, Mobius strip, bibliography and links.

Time Travel and Einstein, Mysteries of the Universe and Aliens
Einstein, Minkowski's four dimensional space, Lorentz transformations, behavior of clocks and measuring rods in motion, cosmological difficulties of Newton's Theory, finite and infinite space.

Time Travel and Modern Physics
Paradox, Cartesian product, closed time-like curves, partial Cauchy surface, acyclic lattice, glancing blow continuations, multiple wormhole traversals, equations and diagrams.

Time Travel and Paradox
Time lines, movements, parallel universes and dealing with phenomena.

The Time Travel Fund[tm]
Q&A, sign up page and links.

Time Travel Institute
Discussion forum, theories and concepts, mass media, around the world and the store.

Time Travel: Is It Possible
Interview with Steven Gibbs, documented incident of possible time-slippage, scientific premises of possibility, warping time, cosmic strings, paradoxes, wormholes, black holes, movie and book reviews.

The Time Travel Page of James M. Deem
Retrocognition, precognition, deja vu and stories.

Time Travel Paradoxes
Closed temporal loop, thermodynamics,entropy, alternative universe and Ockham's Razor.

Time Travel Portal
A forum about time travel.

Time Travel Presentation
Mathematical holism, equations and phenomenon.

Time Travel Reality
Parallel experiences, creational geometry, deja vu, spacetime continuum, Philadelphia Experiment, Bermuda Triangle and links.

The Time Travel Tale of John Titor
This site contains the posts of a time taveler who was online between Nov 2000 and March 2001.

Time Travel-NA
Time Travel-NA is a small website set up by irish students to see if time travel is possible. Contained in the site is a small list of the different methods of time travel.

Traveling Through Time
Newton, Einstein, special relativity theory, quantum mechanics, equations, Lorentz factor, radius of Schwarzschild, wormholes, tunnel effect and parallel universe.

Scientific American: How to Build a Time Machine
It wouldn't be easy, but it might be possible Article by Paul Davies (September, 2002)


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