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PC function calculator that operates in Windows.

Advanced Converter
Program for conversion between units of measurements.

Analysis, a Tool Dedicated to Calculus
Analysis is a tool that can draw 2D and 3D graphs of functions with different characteristics. Implicit f(x,y)=g(x,y)form curves are plot in a xy plane. Free download for all Windows versions

A powerful calculator for Linux. Algebric, RPN, vectors, matrices, quaternions, System, equations, complex numbers, solution of triangles, measure conversion. License GPL.

BAC Computer Software
Calculator that performs the basic arithmetic operations on fractions and then at the press of a button gives you a detailed explanation of how the computation was done.

Big Integer Numbers Calculator
Free download big integer numbers calculator.

A library of online calculations for use with your web browser as well as the ability to create your own calculations and publish them to the web for your own use or to share with the webpage community.

Calculator Directory
Extensive variety of software calculators collected in one directory. Scientific, graphing, loan and mortgage, currency and conversion calculators.

Calculator Express Math Formulas
Includes arithmetic, mortgage and currency exchange processing features. Uses a dialog box and icons for input.
Calculator resources including free download of scientific engineering, statistical, and financial calculators.

Calculators by Ken
Reference programs written in VB3. Includes common mathematical formulas.

RPN Calculator with unit conversion and matirx calculator. Functions for vectors and complex numbers and a function-plotter.

Command-line Calculator for tcsh/bash/zsh
Guide on how to create a simple command-line calculator for the tcsh, bash and zsh shells.

Constructive Reals Calculator
An RPN calculator applet and supporting Java library.

Date Calculator
Perform date math, calculate date differences, and organize data and events.

5000 digit calculator
A calculator that takes calculations out to many, many digits

DreamCalc Pro
Photo-realistic scientific and financial calculator for Windows. Free trial download.

Easy Date Converter
Adds a number of days to a date, calculates the number of days between two dates, and converts among Gregorian dates, Julian dates, Julian day numbers and ordinal dates of the form yyyyddd. Supports batch computation.

EngCalc Calculator
Calculate and evaluate expressions even by copying and pasting expressions from other applications. It can also read txt (Text) or .doc files automatically line by line.

16 function webpage calculator
Scientific web page calculator, written in JavaScript.

Fung-Calc - Graphing Calculator
2D and 3D graphing calculator for Linux with multiple graphing modes.

An online graphing calculator Java applet.

GCalc -- Java Mathematical Graphing System
Free online graphing calculator for education use with 2d, 3d, cartesian, polar, calculus, differential equations, scientific, implicit function components.

A interactive computer math system that uses standard JavaScript as the scripting language, and a collection of re-usable math oriented components such as a complete MathML DOM implementation, and a MathML viewing / editing control.

Free software for the Macintosh. FrakKalk, the newest GoldfishSoft Program, is a fraction calculator for Mac OS X.

Fully functional graphing calculator built around the Microsoft Office suite.

Haxial Calculator
High precision calculator with unit and radix converters.

Powerful calculator for students and teachers. Five number systems, full complex numbers support, and 15-digit maximum precision.

High Precision JavaScript Calculator
A JavaScript Calculator that adds, subtracts and multiplies fairly large numbers. Functions are added in my copious free time.

Guide to online calculators, including those designed for home, travel, finance, health, and small business.

Jason's Calculator
Open source calculator application for the Windows platform.

Jason's Calculator
The homepage for an easy to use multipurpose shareware calculator.

Linear Algebra Calculator
mcalcdos is a free command line linear algebra calculator capable of matrix, vector and polynomial operations in real and complex fields.

MathServ Calculus ToolKit
Online calculators for several calculus functions.

Matrix Calculator
Calculator for basic matrix operations. A demo version download is available.

Matrix Calculator
Online Java calculator for matrix operations.

Graphing calculator. Includes matrix editor and unit conversions.

Monachos Calculators
Online calculators with variety of engineering functions, including unit conversion, periodic table, piping applications, and electrical applications.

Multi-Function Calculator
Multi-function shareware calculator, and unit conversion utility for Windows. Four modes of operation: statistics, trigonomety, base-n, and unit conversion.

My Ten Key
A realistic ten key calculator designed by a CPA.

Online Calculators
A collection of everyday use calculators and converters written in Javascript and PHP, available to use and download.

Online Matrix Calculator
Calculates matrix determinant and inverse. Performs LU, Cholesky, QR, SVD decompositions. Calculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Programmable arbitrary precision RPN calculator. Zip file, download will start immediately.

PG Calculator
A scientific calculator with full customizable user interface. Aalgebraic and RPN mode. Windows; shareware trial version.

Pocket 16C Calculator
HP-16C emulator calculator for Pocket PC, by Pirrama Development. Free trial download.

Pocket Calculator
Online calculator, written in Java. Includes Square root button and number memory. Source code can be downloaded.

PractiCalc Windows Calculator
PractiCalc is a calculator and conversion tool for all 32 bit windows platforms. It provides result of calculations they are typed.

Printing Calculator by Auroa Binary Systems
Desktop printing calculator. Prints in columns and color on standard-sized paper.

Programmable Mathematics Freeware
Calculator and numeric system supporting permanent installation of user defined functions and libraries.

Quadratic Equation Calculator
Calculator for solving a general quadratic equation.

RPN Calculator
This Windows programs emulates a fully programmable HP29C RPN calculator that has been augmented with linear curve fit and graphing capability. It was written to serve as a fun introduction to computer programming.

sCal and sCal2
Small, open source (free), scientific and engineering, JavaScript-programmable calculators.

Scientific Advantage Calculator for Pocket PC
Calculator works with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, and automatic solvers.

Scientific Calculator
Javascript scientific calculator using RPN.

Scientific Calculator
Java applet online calculator.

Scientific Calculator
Javascript calculator with basic scientific functions.

Scientific calculator with graphing capabilities
Fornux Calculator is a scientific calculator for Windows that can plot functions and diagrams with many mathematical functions for statistics and algebra.

Mathematical calculations using scripts and commands in a console-based multiple-window interface using the Microsoft VBScript engine. Windows; shareware.

Online graphing calculator.

A user-oriented software package that allows non-programmers the opportunity to explore the computational power of their computer. Free trial download.

SplineCalc is a multipurpose scientific calculator for implementation of various mathematical operations with maps (grids), data tables, lines, polygons and numbers.

1st Calculator
Scientific calculator.

Syntan - a calculator of math functions for Windows.
A calculator of math functions based on syntax analysis with living graph. Free download.

Unit Conversion Tool
Convert between 2200 units in 78 measurement categories. Includes units for length, mass, temperature, volume, area, speed, pressure, energy, power, force, fuel consumption, flow and torque.

Simplifies calculations involving numbers, units, and precision.

Volume of Partially Full Cylinders, Spheres and Cones
Java applet for partially full cylinder (on side), sphere, and cone.

Wahoo Software
Financial desktop calculator.

Collection of free web based calculators for many subject areas.

JAVA applet that allows mathematical online calculations.

Wise Calculator Homepage
Scientific and engineering calculator for Windows.

X-Bc - a GUI to bc
X-Bc is desktop calculator that provides lots of functionality for scientific working. Input and output stay visble at all time for correction and comparation. It's a frontend to bc.


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