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Analytic Solution for the Burgers Equation
Provides the general analytic solution for the Burgers equation in the form of a 4-D commutative hypercomplex function. The solution exhibits the main dynamic features in a Burgers medium: propagation of disturbances, shock waves, propagating state change fronts, and solitons. A page is included to explain the hypercomplex mathematics.

Analytical solution for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
Provides the general analytic solution for the KdV equation. In one function, the result models traveling wavetrains, solitary spikes (solitons), and sech-form long waves.

The Animated Telegraph equation
This demonstration illustrates the behaviour of solutions of the telegraph equation

arXiv Front: AP Analysis of PDEs
PDEs section of the mathematics e-print arXiv.

Bifurcations, Equilibria, and Phase Lines: Modern Topics in Differential Equation Courses
Online course material

C*ODE*E Archive
Consortium of ODE Experiments at Harvey Mudd College. Newsletter, graphics, links.

Computational PDEs Unit
School of Computing, University of Leeds. Research details, publications, software and resources.

Difference Method for Numerical Approximation to Applied Differential Equations.
This page explains how to use the difference formula of differentials to approximate the differential equations for applied systems. This method is used when analytical techniques are unavailable or cause computers to spit out garbage. This difference method is very similar to the Runge-Kata and Newton's method.

Differential Equations in a Nutshell
An overview of the terms used, as well as solving general and initial value problems. Includes corresponding graphs. [PDF]

Differential Equations in Banach Algebras
Fuchsian Singularities of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations in Banach Algebras. By Gerald Albrecht in Wuppertal. [PDF]

Differential Equations in Industry and Commerce
European TMR network coordinated at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Elliptic Problems with Concentrated Loading
A web text on the background to the extrapolation method for the numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems by Kwok Sui-Yuen Billy.

Finding Green's Functions for ODEs
A brief but technical overview of methods of finding Green's functions. By Evans M. Harrell II and James V. Herod.

GetDP (a General environment for the treatment of Discrete Problems)
A scientific software environment for the numerical solution of integro-differential equations, open to the coupling of physical problems (electromagnetic, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, ...) as well as of numerical methods (finite element methods, boundary element and integral methods, ...).

Green's Function Library
Collection of Green's function solutions to canonical differential equations.

Green's Function Theory
A set of lecture notes on Green's functions and their applications.

Introduction to Green's Functions
Green's functions play an important role in the solution of linear ordinary and partial differential equations, and are a key component to the development of boundary integral equation methods.

Linear Mathematics in Infinite Dimensions
A set of lecture notes on the mathematical framework that underlies linear systems arising in physics, engineering and applied mathematics.

Math Unit III: More on the derivative and differential equations
Exact definition of derivation and calculating the relationship of derivatives of related functions.

MathPages: Calculus and DiffEq Notes
Kevin Brown's compilation of postings including many topics in differential equations.

Information related to multigrid, multilevel, multiscale, aggregation, defect correction, and domain decomposition methods.

Navier-Stokes Type Equations
Explicit solutions provided for this particular type of equation and their relations to the heat equation, Burger's equation, and Euler's equation.

Nonlinear Differential Equations at Glasgow
The site describes research activities of the differential equations group in the mathematics department at the university of Glasgow, UK, and provides some resources of a general nature.

Partial Differential Equations
An overview of partial differential equations and their physical applications.

The Polar Representation Theorem
An article covering n-dimensional time-dependent linear Hamiltonian systems. By Jorge Rezende from the University of Lisbon. In PDF format.

Products by Rapid Integrated Detailed Engineering. An application of PDEs in engineering design.

Table of Laplace Transforms
This page contains an extensive table of Laplace transforms. Laplace transforms are used to solve certain differential equations.

Weak and Variational Forms of Poisson's Equation
A set of lecture notes on Poisson's equation. [PDF Format]

The World of Mathematical Equations
Gives solutions to different types of ordinary differential equations, including linear and nonlinear functions. Many pages use PDF.


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