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Capillary Multi-Path Routing in a Network of a Directed Symmetric Graph
By Emin Gabrielyan.

The Clique Algorithm
A polynomial-time algorithm for finding maximal cliques in a graph with new bounds on Ramsey numbers by Ashay Dharwadker.

A Constructive Approach to Graph Theory
Notes on a semiotic approach to constructing isomorphism invariants of graphs by John-Tagore Tevet.

Counting Hamilton Cycles in Product Graphs
By Frans Faase.

The Four Color Theorem
Computer aided proof of the four color theorem by Neil Robertson, Daniel P. Sanders, Paul Seymour and Robin Thomas.

Four Colour Theorem
A new proof of the four color theorem by Ashay Dharwadker that uses group theory and Steiner systems.

Fractal Instances of the Traveling Salesman Problem
By Pablo Moscato.

From the Even Cycle Mystery to the L-Matrix Problem and Beyond
By Michael Brundage.

Getgrats: General Theory of Graph Transformation Systems
A research network funded by the European Commission.

Graphnet Archives
Archives of the Graphnet mailing list from February 1990.

Hamiltonian Circuit Algorithm
A new algorithm for finding Hamiltonian circuits with a constructive proof of Dirac's theorem and applications to finding Knight's Tours by Ashay Dharwadker.

The Hamiltonian Page
Hamiltonian cycle and path problems, their generalisations and variations.

Harmonious Colourings
Notes and bibliography by Keith Edwards.

The Independent Set Algorithm
A polynomial-time algorithm for finding maximal independent sets in a graph with new bounds on Ramsey numbers by Ashay Dharwadker.

Knight's Tour Problem
Solution for chess boards with upto 32 squares.

Liquid Schedule Construction Algorithm
An efficient method for coloring a congestion graph by Emin Gabrielyan.

An approach to solve the asymmetric travelling salesman problem using linear optimisation with a polynomial bounded set of constraints.

Multicommodity Problems
Instances and random generators of multicommodity flow and network design problems.

Network Resources for Colouring a Graph
Resources for formulating and solving coloring problems.

Other Graph Theory and Related Pages
Miscellaneous pages collected by Stephen C. Locke.

Parameters of Directed Strongly Regular Graphs
Parameters, constructions and nonexistence information for directed strongly regular graphs.

Regular Graphs Page
Tables of simple connected k-regular graphs on n vertices and girth at least g.

Sandpiles in Graphs
An application of cellular automata by Angela R. Kerns.

Signed, Gain and Biased Graphs
List of publications and manuscripts annotated by Thomas Zaslavsky.

Spectral Graph Theory
People, publications, research topics, open problems, events and resources.

A Survey of Distance-Transitive Graphs
By Arjeh M. Cohen.

Jon Perry's pages on the thrackle conjecture.

Traveling Salesman Problem
These pages report the history of the TSP and ongoing work to solve large instances.

TSP Generator
Generates a Traveling Salesman Problem map and data for a given set of US cities.

The Vertex Coloring Algorithm
A polynomial-time algorithm for coloring the vertices of a graph with a new constructive proof of Brooks' theorem by Ashay Dharwadker.

The Vertex Cover Algorithm
A polynomial-time algorithm for finding minimal vertex covers in a graph by Ashay Dharwadker.


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