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Abell Group
Pantothenate biosynthesis and chemistry and enzymology of the shikimate pathway.

Adronov Group
Synthesis of novel polymer architectures. Carbon nanotube functionalization. Supramolecular polymer chemistry.

Anslyn Group
Physical and bioorganic chemistry of synthetic and natural receptors and catalysts.

Bagchi Group
Theoretical studies of dynamical processes in liquids, biopolymers and glasses.

Baiker Group
Heterogeneous catalysis.

Balch Group
Synthetic and structural chemistry of transition metals, catalysis, polynuclear metal complexes, metalloporphyrins, fullerene chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry.

Bernstein Group
Study of intermolecular interactions and their effects on molecular properties and behavior.

Bertozzi Group
Cell surface glycosylation. Biomaterial and interfacial design.

Bluemel Group
Immobilization of catalysts with phosphine linkers. Surface organometallic chemistry. Solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Bowser Biotechnology Lab
Neuromessenger monitoring. In vitro evolution of functional biomolecules.

Chemical Sciences Division
US Department of Energy sponsored projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.

Chemometrics Group
Homepage of the Chemometrics Research Group at the University of Silesia, Poland.

Dalton Group
High technology electronic, Electro-optic, and nonlinear optical materials.

Davis Group
Synthetic methodology. Molecular recognition. Supramolecular chemistry. Catalysis. Computer-aided molecular design.

Deck Group
Organometallic chemistry aiming at making interesting and useful contributions to the frontiers of chemistry at the complex four-way intersection of organometallic, physical organic, polymer, and organofluorine chemistry.

Deiters Group
Biological Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, DNA and RNA Chemistry, Photochemistry.

DiSalvo Group
Extended solids based on metal clusters. Chemistry of ternary nitrides. Thermoelectric coolers.

Dovichi Group
Laser based microchemical analysis, capillary separation techniques, bioanalytical chemistry.

Doyle Group
Transition metal catalysts and development of chiral catalysts.

Dupas Group
Synthesis of biomimetic models of NADH and the molecular recognition of acids and amines.

Dutta Group
Harsh environment sensor development, synthesis and photochemistry of microporous materials and atmospheric particle toxicity.

Dynamic Stereochemistry and Chirality Laboratory
Chiral HPLC separations. Data mining. Theoretical models of enantioselection. Synthesis of new chiral stationary phases.

Environmental Organic Chemistry and Technology Group
Environmental and analytical organic chemistry, odour nuisance, physical-chemical waste gas treatment, biological waste gas treatment, advanced oxidation technologies, membrane assisted processes, clean technology, and exergy.

Freund Group
Material science and analytical chemistry.

Friend Group
Heterogeneous catalysis, nanostructure growth, environmental chemistry, laser-assisted materials processing, and chemical sensor technology.

Gordon Group
Deposition of thin films using alternating layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition.

Grapperhaus Group
Metal-thiolate chemistry.

Griesbeck Group
Photooxygenation of organic compounds. Photocycloaddition reactions: stereoselectivity and spinselectivity. Photodecarboxylation, photoisomerization, and photocyclization reactions of imides. Photochemical macrocyclization reactions. New photochemical reactors and technologies.

Grinstaff Group
Novel biomaterials.

Hamers Group
Interfacial architecture.

Hartgerink Group
Supramolecular chemistry. Autowiring nanocircuits. Self-assemblying ECM. Biomineralization.

Hilvert Group
Chemical biology.

Hites Group
Environmental chemistry.

Hudson Group
Molecular electronic and vibrational spectroscopy.

Huhnerfuss Group
Ecotoxicology, biota-analysis, water-analysis, sediment-analysis, remote sensing, and Langmuir monolayer.

Hult Group
Dendritic polymers. Macromolecular nano cylinders. Biofibers.

Hutchison Group
New chemical building blocks. Green chemistry.

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute - IPPI
Government organization involved in applied research in polymer science and technology, and education.

Irmgard Frank Group
Investigates highly reactive systems with first-principles simulations.

Jarrold Group
Biological mass spectrometry. Biophysics of peptides and proteins. Characterization of metal and semiconductor clusters.

Jin Group
Materials chemistry research, with a focus on nano-scale materials.

Kahr Group
Chemical crystallography.

Kohen Group
Enzymatic catalysis in biological systems.

Laboratory of Biotransformation
Integrates both chemical and biological disciplines, including chemical modifications and biotransformations.

Laser Flash Photolysis Group
Reactive organic intermediates in solid state (zeolites) and solution systems. Physical bio-organic chemistry and the examination of enzyme active-site/reactive-intermediate complexes.

Lee Group
Organic–inorganic materials. Transition metal catalysts. Bioinorganic modeling.

Liquid Crystal Group Hamburg
Chiral liquid crystals, organic materials and glycolipids. Access to LiqCryst database.

Matyjaszewski Group
Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and other methods of controlled radical polymerization (CRP).

McDevitt Group
Development of microchip sensors suitable for detection / quantification of acids, bases, salts, sugars, proteins, viruses, and DNA oligomers.

Meyer Group
Supramolecular, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Mitchell Group
Molecular aggregation, protein ligand-interactions, prediction of molecular properties, and the molecular basis of odor.

The Molecular Structure and Detection Group
Mass spectrometry, cluster ion chemistry, molecular spectroscopy and modelling of the ro-vibrational states of small molecules.

Munro Group
Synthesis and characterization of novel metalloporphyrins by X-ray, spectroscopic, and computational methods.

Nanomechanics Group
Molecular Mechanisms underlying the biological activity of proteins. Mechanical properties of polymer molecules.

Organometallic & Inorganic Chem Lab
Organometallic chemistry of f- and d-block transition metal complexes, chemistry of boron clusters, carboranes and metallacarboranes, homogenous catalysis and coordinative unsaturation, small molecule activation and polymer synthesis .

Palczewski Group
Molecular events initiated by light in photoreceptor cells.

PĂ©rot Group
Petroleum refining and fluorine chemistry.

Piers Group
Synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry, with interests in developing and understanding novel catalytic processes.

Reymond Group
Catalytic peptide dendrimers. Enzyme assays and fingerprints. Small molecule enzyme inhibitors.

Richards Group
Design and synthesis of novel structures for application in catalysis and nanotechnology.

Rienstra Group
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, methods and applications to biomolecular structure determination.

Roach Group
Chemical biology. Enzyme chemistry. Radical intermediates. Novel enzyme inhibitors. Protein labelling technologies for proteomics and in vivo imaging applications. High throughput methods for measuring the interaction of biological molecules.

Ross Group
Medicinal chemistry and drug delivery, focused on the development of drugs and delivery systems for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Development of novel prodrug linkages and the use of prodrugs to improve drug bioavailability and targeting.

Schreiber Group
Signal transduction pathways. PIK-related kinases and the histone deactylases (HDACs).

Schrock Group
Synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal. Inorganic chemistry. Catalysis. Polymers.

Schwartz Group
Interface chemistry: surface modification of inorganic conductor or semiconductor surface and development of strong interfaces between metallic surfaces and biomolecules.

Shevelkov Group
Synthesis, crystal and electronic structure, and properties of solid state supramolecular and cluster compounds.

Simmons Group
X-ray diffraction of cobalt/iron-dioxygen complexes and copper (II) Jahn-Teller complexes.

Strouse Group
Integrated design and optical spectroscopy of nanometer-scale materials.

Structural Chemistry Group
Opto-electronic and sensor devices.

Swager Group
Supramolecular and materials chemistry.

Taton Group
Nanobiotechnology: hybrid materials from nanoscale objects and biomolecules. Nanotube composites: aligning soft mesophases with hard nanostructures. Novel bioanalytical methods using nanoparticle-based materials.

Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry Group
Dynamics of metal oxide surfaces.

Theoretical Study of Reaction Mechanisms
Investigation of reaction mechanisms by non-empirical quantum mechanical methods.

Trenary Group
Structure and chemistry of solid surfaces. Heterogeneous catalysis, semiconductor processing, growth of thin film materials, and nanotechnology.

Vicic Lab
Selective and catalytic organic transformations. Synthetic inorganic chemistry. Bio-inorganic coordination chemistry.

Volkmer Group
Biomimetic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Waters Group
Noncovalent interactions and their effect on structural specificity and chemical reactivity.

Whitesides Research Group
Physical and organic chemistry, materials science, biophysics, complexity, surface science, microfluidics, self-assembly, micro- and nanotechnology, science for developing economies, origin of life, and cell-surface biochemistry.

Wright Group
Design of novel solids for use as shape-selective sorbents and catalysts.


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