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American Institute of Physics Center for History of Physics: The Discovery of the Electron
An exhibit with text, animations and voice about J.J. Thomson's 1897 experiments which helped bring understanding of the electron as a fundamental unit of matter.

Atom gallery
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy image gallery of many metals and surfaces on an atomic scale.

The Chelate Effect
A short tutorial on the chelate effect.

The Chemical Elements
An introduction to elements and element characterization.

Coordination Chemistry.
An Introductory course (course objectives and lecture summaries) in coordination chemistry at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

Coordination numbers
Part of the 'The Organometallic HyperTextBook'. Definitions of coordination numbers in complexes of transition metals, by Rob Toreki (University of Kentucky, USA).

CSC Inorganic Division
Canadian Society of Chemistry, Division of Inorganic Chemistry.

An essay on diamond, prepared as molecule of the month presentation.

Division of Inorganic Chemistry
American Chemical Society division of Inorganic Chemistry.

Formulas and Names of Ionic Compounds
Primer on nomenclature of inorganic compounds. Introduction to basic rules with examples.

The crystal structure of gold.

Grayce Lecture
How to predict the properties of solids.

Inorganic Chemistry Group
University of Southern Denmark research group on inorganic chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry Teaching Resources
Three dimensional periodic table of radii and structure database.

Inorganic Courses from the West Indies
Including course information on coordination numbers, geometry and a start on Interpretation of spectra.

Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
Notes about inorganic reaction mechanisms, including an introduction to kinetics and mechanism, substitution reactions, sis and trans effects, trans influence, anation and solvolysis reactions, and electron transfer reactions (from Oxford University in the UK).

Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms I
WWW resources for a course given by Dermot O'Hare at Oxford, UK.

Inorganic Syntheses
Summary of The Inorganic Syntheses series published by John Wiley And Sons. Published to provide all users of inorganic substances with detailed and foolproof procedures for the preparation of important and timely compounds.

Institut für Theoretische Physik der Universität
Quasicrystals and Symmetry, a technical discussion about quasicrystals.

Introduction to Non-Metal Chemistry
WWW resources for a course given by Dermot O'Hare at Oxford, UK. Chemistry of boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and the halogens.

Information about some of the important elements in the construction of fireworks.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Particle Adventure
The fundamentals of matter and forces.

Marz Kreations Chemistry Page
An online database of experiments done by a teenager. Non-professional but instructive with many experimental examples. Hobby oriented presentation.

Molecular Models
Rendering techniques with many examples of inorganic compounds.

Organometallic Mechanisms
Lectures on Organometallic Reactions.

Quantitative analysis of mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc in dental amalgam
The percentages of mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc left in dental amalgam after being in vivo for 9+ years are measured and faraday's law is used to compute the release of mercury from dental amalgam due to galvanic current between gold alloy dental material and amalgam.

Quasicrystal Research at Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
Background information and scope of quasicrystal research at Iowa State and Aims Laboratory.

Quasicrystals Page
Explanation, pictures, and wallpaper of these unusual structures.

Quia - Java Games
Learn the elements and their symbols using Java.

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Including many for early to present atomic hypothesis and the discrete nature of matter.

Structure and Isomerism of Coordination Compounds
A guide to important introductory concepts of inorganic chemistry. By John Nash (Purdue University, USA).

TIS: Cotton, F. Albert et al. - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
WILEY-VCH Title: Cotton, F. Albert et al.: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. Probably the most fundamental and authoritative book on the subject.

University of Idaho: Crookes Tube
The Crookes Tube and related experiments used to first determine charge to mass ratio of the electron.

A visual interpretation of the table of elements.

Water Structure and Behavior
A scientific description of water, including anomalies in water, the molecule and its bonding properties.


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