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Ant: A Morphological Tour of the Super Organism
Tour of the external anatomy of the Fire Ant.

Ant Baits: A least toxic control
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County factsheet on using baits to control ants found indoors.

Ant Colonies
Describes how various species organize their society. Includes facts on feeding, communication, and government.

Ant Colony Cycle
View photos and read explanations of the life and building cycle of an ant colony. Click on the images for additional details.

Ant Control
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County factsheet on controlling ants found in and around the home.

The Ant Farm
A personal site with links to information about ants, including keeping them as pets. Includes FAQ and message board.

Ant Identification
Illustrations and key from the University of Nebraska for indentification of common one-node and two-node ants.

Ant News
Links to recent scientific research papers about ants and other social insects.

Ant Photo Library
Commercial photo archive offers images of Australian and international insect, wildlife, landscapes and plants. Browse a full listing of subjects.

Ants of Arizona
A large collection of photos of ants in the their natural habit in Arizona. Photos are divided by species.

Ants of Borneo
Photos and information on 130 species (57 genera) of Formicidae (ants) from Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia.

Ants of Borneo
Includes introduction to this family of ants, species list, and identification keys.

Ants of Costa Rica
John Longino's article about Costa Rican ants, as well as information on how to interpret the names of ant species and how to properly mount ant specimens for museum use.

Ants of the Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie, Carleton College
This is a presentation of the research being done at the Cowling Arboretum, with general information on how to collect, identify and study ants.

Ants of West Africa and the Congo Basin
An electronic book by Brian Taylor covering geography and history, ant mosaics, economic importance of ants, biodiversity and niches, and taxonomy.

Extensive information about the ants of California and Madagascar from the California Academy of Sciences. Includes browsable and searchable high-resolution images of specimens.

Argentine Ants
Why Argentine Ants invade homes in Southern California.

Argentine Ants
Information about Linepithema humile, one of the world's most invasive ant species, in New Zealand.

Army Ants
Offers facts regarding the Army ant's feeding habits and social structure.

Atta sexdens
Leaf cutter ant.

Australian Ants Online
Guide to the Australian ant fauna. Biology, species list, identification keys, and descriptions.

Behavior of ants
Facts concerning ant trails and foraging behavior.

Brisbane Ants
Pictures and information on these insects in Brisbane, Australia.

Camponotus pennsylvanicus
North American carpenter ant.

Carpenter Ants
This University of Kentucky site offers detailed information about behavior and physiology of the common carpenter ant.

Carpenter Ants
Detailed guidelines about dealing with carpenter ants in the home.

Carpenter Ants
Information on carpenter ants and photography.

Carpenter Ants
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County factsheet on carpenter ants--their behavior and control.

A Checklist of the Ants of Michigan
The taxonomy of the 113 ant species recorded in Michigan, with an introduction describing the history of Michigan myrmecology.

Ecology - Displacement of Native Ants
Research paper printed in 1999 investigates the causes behind Argentine ant invasions.

Facts about ants
Ant facts: Interesting facts about ants

Imported Fire Ant
Imported Fire ant Information from Purdue University

Imported Fire Ant
Frequently asked questions about Fire Ants from University of Texas.

Imported Fire Ants
Biology of Imported Fire ants and control techniques for lawns and turf from University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

Imported Fire Ants
Research and management of the fire ant from Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Tech University,University of Texas, and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Japanese Ants Color Image Database
A guide to Japanese ants and their taxonomy, as well as general information about ants. Available in English and Japanese.

Lurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants
A guide to the leafcutter ants (Atta, Acromyrmex), including biology, research, care, and images.

A comprehensive website about the nature of ants, including pictures and links.
Close-up images of ants and other insects by Alex Wild.

Myrm's Ant Nest
The basics of myrmecology (the study of ants), concentrating on species found in the British Isles.

New World Army Ants
A review of army ants of the new world. Includes maps and keys.

Non-native ants: Exotic and invasive species
A worldwide resource for tracking exotic ants

Notes From Underground
Illustrated articles on ant biology, behavior, and ecology.

Online Catalog of Ants of North America
Comprehensive resource includes nomenclature (scientific names), natural history, genus-level identification guide, and annotated bibliography.

The Pharaoh Ant
Ohio State University Extension Factsheet on the pharaoh ant, and how it has established itself as a nuisance in hospitals, rest homes, and day care centers.

Photos of ants
Photo encyclopedia of various ants showing their biology and habits.

Red Harvester Ants
Description, pest control, management, and the effect of the diminishing red harvester ant population on the Texas horned lizard which is a protected threatened species.

Red Imported Fire Ant
History, biology and control of the Red Imported Fire Ant , an IPM pest fact sheet.

The Secret Life of Ants
Discusses the architecture of ant nests, the growth of the colony, and the behavior of various species.

Smithsonian Magazine - Small Matters
Illustrated article about how leafcutter ants learned to grow fungi.

Solenopsis invicta
Imported Fire Ant.

USDA Areawide Suppression of Fire Ants
Information on fire ant control in the USA, including biology, chemical and biological controls, publications, contacts, and distribution maps.

White-Footed Ants
Biology, identification and control of white-footed ants.


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