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Archaeology Info
Comprehensive human evolution and archaeology online resource for amateurs and experts alike.

Australian and Asian Palaeoanthropology
Information and teaching resources on human evolution and the hominid fossil record from Australia, East Asia and South-East Asia.

BBC News: Asteroids May Have Affected Human Evolution
The ascent of mankind could have been influenced by frequent cosmic catastrophes.

BBCi - Cavemen
Essays, and videos related to the BBC series about human evolution.

Becoming Human
Arizona State University's Institute for Human Origins reviews four million years of human evolution in an interactive documentary. Includes an extensive glossary, a bibliography, and an annotated set of links. [Requires Flash and a high-speed connection.]

A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution
Offers an outline of William Calvin's from his book about a theory about human brain evolution and climate change.

Carboniferous Human Bones
A discussion and thorough critique of claims that human bones have been found in context with Carboniferous age geological formations.

Did Language Reduce Sequence Variation? The Evolution of Humans
Two articles regarding theories of rapid evolution through biased gene conversion and loss of allelic variation, leading to the winnowing of the bushy hominid tree.

An Essay on Human Evolution
A speculative essay on primate evolution in East Africa in the period between approximately five million years BCE and two and one-half million years BCE, during which significant pre-human evolution took place and ending when recognizably-human, tool-using creatures first emerged.

The Evolution of Man
Exhibit on the evolution of man at the Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum.

Evolution's Arrow
Full text of a book presenting the author's views about directionality in evolution and its implications for human society.

Handprint : Ancestral Lines
Provides an'interactive' graph that maps the journey of our hominid ancestors from 5 million years ago to present day with descriptions of the various species.

Handy Clues to Ascent of Man
BBC News report on study suggesting that the precision grip of early modern humans may have allowed them to triumph over Neanderthals.

Hominid Evolution
Descriptions of fossil and recent hominid species.

Human Evolution
A study of the evolution of hominids.

Human Evolution from Ape to Technological Man
Traces origins from ape ancestors such as Australopithecus to modern man. Talks about Neanderthals and their relationship to the gorilla and chimpanzee.

Human Evolution Pictures and Timelines
A collection of pictures and timelines depicting the evolution of human beings.

Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence in 3D
3D gallery of the skulls of five modern primate relatives and five fossil ancestors of humans contains, each of which may be rotated through 360 degrees. With accompanying descriptions.

Human Family Tree
Hominid descriptions including a timeline

Human Origin
A proposal of an evolutionary explanation of the human bipedallity, sexual behaviour, language, and consciousness.

Human Origin Program
Smithsonian Institution's journey through five million years of human evolution.

Human Origins
Radio program discusses fossil discoveries that may provide the earliest documented evidence of toolmaking, and push the origin of homo sapiens back more than 400,000 years. A discussion featuring Donald Johanson and Blake Edgar.

Human Origins and Development of Culture
Covers the development of humans from our ancestors. In module format.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
Links for primates, human evolution and paleoecology, course notes on Human Origins, and Jeanne Sept's personal web pages at Indiana University.

Human Origins and Prehistory
Class page to go along with Indiana University's anthropology class, A105. Lectures cover the human place among the pages, evolution theories, genetics and current research. Related resource links are included.

Human Origins Summary
Information and links to other sites.

Human Prehistory
Exhibit that "walks through" the various stages of human evolution.

Instant Evolution: The Influence of the City on Human Genes
Argues that humans have, in fact, been evolving, since Neanderthal times. Points to new studies being done with gene mutations.

Institute of Human Origins
A non-profit, multidisciplinary research organization, affiliated with Arizona State University, dedicated to the recovery and analysis of the fossil evidence for human evolution.

Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography and Resources
Bibliographic resource for those researching the computational aspects of language evolution.

Leakey Foundation
Non profit organization site with several articles, glossary, and links section. The Leakey Family celebrates 100 years of the Leakey Family in East Africa.

Life and Times of Early Man
Overview of major groups of hominids.

A Look at Our Ancestors
Humboldt University's summary of the hominid evolutionary line, with species involved grouped by genus.

Modern Human Origins
A reference site for information on human evolution, with images of hominid specimens arranged by species and site, papers written by C David Kreger, and a bibliography.

The Multi-habitat Hypothesis
A theory of human evolution which seeks to understand how humans evolved from animals that were similar to the great apes.

Nariokotome Reconstruction
Sculptural and forensic techniques used to approximate what the Nariokotome boy (KNM-WT-15000)looked like in life.

Origins and Evolution of Human Diet
Central repository of information and links pertaining to the study of the origins and evolution of human diet.

Out of Africa and back as "Mongoloids"
An alternative explanation of human evolution evolution.

Paleoanthropology in the 1990's
A series of fifteen essays about the most recent findings in the study of human origins and evolution.

Paleoprimatology & Human Evolution Yahoo! Group
A forum for the scientific discussion of paleoanthropology, paleoprimatology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, stone age archeology, human origins, primate biology, and primate evolution.

Prehistoric Cultures
Lecture notes for a course covering human and pre-human history.

Prominent Hominid Fossils
The list is sorted by species, going from older to more recent species. Within each species, finds are sorted by the order of their discovery. Each species has a type specimen which was used to define it.

Reflections on the Origins of Scavenging and Hunting in Early Hominids
An essay by James Q. Jacobs discussing when our earliest human ancestors first began to scavenge for meat and hunt. Includes references.

Sahelanthropus tchadensis - Toumai
Web Resources for Sahelanthropus tchadensis aka "Toumai" can be found here.

Scientific American: Food for Thought
Article, by William R. Leonard, arguing that dietary change was a driving force in human evolution.

Scientific American: Stranger in a New Land
Stunning finds in the Republic of Georgia upend long-standing ideas about the first hominids to journey out of Africa

Spirituality and Evolution
This article discusses the evolutionary significance of spiritual development.

Theory of Human Evolution
The Emuseum's general overview of human evolution summarizing people in the study of human evolution, terms, hominid fossil images and links.

Think Quest: Human Origins
Aimed at both students and educators alike, providing factual information and follow up questions about human origins.

New Scientist: Chromosomes reveal surprise human-chimp differences
Comparisons of newly-sequenced chimpanzee chromosome 22 and its counterpart, human chromosome 21, show that while the DNA differences are small, they are spread out to affect 83 percent of the proteins coded for. (May 26, 2004)

New Scientist: Dawn of Human Race Uncovered
The discovery of three Ethiopian skulls from 160,000 years ago, showing almost completely modern features, lends new support to the Out-of-Africa hypothesis. Includes information about handling of skulls after death and dating techniques used. (June 11, 2003)

BBC News: 'Oldest' Ape-man Fossils Revealed
Scientists unveiled the remains of a hominid said to be six million years old. (February 7, 2001)


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