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A-HOT International
Factory direct supplier of culinary blow torches, pocket torches and soldering iron kits, and related items. Taiwan.

Specializing in supplying natural and organic products including textiles, loofah accessories and food ingredients from South America to markets in Asia, Europe and North America. Paraguay. [Engish, Spanish]

Arcadia Concepts International
Manufacturing consultant that provide custom manufacturing service, and supply products made in China. Hong Kong, China.

Avid Airline Products
Wholesale travel items for airlines such as headphones, headsets, pillows, blankets, and disposable items. USA.

Babson Noller Corporation
Manufactures and exports towels, tents, cotton bags and rags. Pakistan.

Bad Arrow Industries
Custom vintage bowling shirts and retro gear, photography for advertising, weddings, and concerts and hot spices and organic mixes dried peppers. USA.

Beverley Industrial Company
Produces small electrical appliances and hobby tools such as car vacuum cleaner, mini fluorescent lantern, and lady personal care products.

Bizztonic Enterprise
Produces buttons, baby products, perfume atomizer and bottles, and roller skates. China.

Bolton Group
International group manufacturing branded consumer products including foods, detergents, home care, tissues, adhesives and personal care products. View brand portfolio, descriptions and images.

The Brighter Company
Supplying quality tools and hardware, computer printing supplies, electric appliances, heat sealing, hot melt glue guns, glue stick and soldering irons.

Specialized at producing, developing and exporting all kinds of brushes. China.

Budelpack B.V.
Contract operation services including manufacturing, packing and supply chain solutions for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market.

Manufacturer of lighted toy, novelty, and promotional products. USA.

Manufacturer and exporter of furniture, bags, food covers and mosquito nets, and galvanized products such as watering cans and flower pots. China.

CCV Products
Sources products for mail order catalogs such as health, housewares, gifts, electronics, outdoor, cleaners, and novelties. USA.

Chase Products Co.
Produces a wide range of spray household items including paints, insecticides, automotive and bench products, craft products, health and beauty aids, and private label products.

Church & Dwight
Producer of sodium bicarbonate, which producing four categories which are deodorizing and household cleaning, laundry, personal care and international.

Coltellerie Paolucci
Manufacturer of complete range of knives, scissors, and other tools. Italy

Creative Album
Manufacturer and exporter of a selection of photo albums. Singapore.

Curry's Leather Products, Inc.
Manufactures luggage tags and key fobs, holsters and sheaths, straps, and a variety of small leather goods. USA.

Da Fu Wood
Manufacturer of wooden products and accessories, such as brush handles, wooden round bars, round beads, massage wooden rods, and razors. Taiwan.

Danyang Shangke Industrial & Trade Co.
Manufacturer of a wide range of brushes. Also provides art material and travel bags. China.

Dao Heng Industrial
Manufacturer and exporter of window and plastic curtains, plastic bead curtains, and household items, sporting goods, cosmetics, cleaning accessories, desktop stationery, and toys. Hong Kong, China.

Dhanushya Industries
Manufacturer of electronic products, garments and handicrafts. India.

Dinosaur Designs
Manufacturer of homewares and jewellery. Materials used include resin, silver, glass and ceramic. Australia.

DK Products
Diversified manufacturing and marketing company with operations in the United States, Hong Kong, and China which produce pet products, heat and electronics tool and alarms. USA.

Dove Apparel Systems
Office equipment supplies manufacturer and farms which provides Vietnam fruits, and industrial sewing machines and toner cartridge. Hong Kong, China.

E-Chain Products
Manufacturer of stationery, dog toys, keychains, and pens. Hong Kong, China.

Manufacturer of magnifiers and illuminated magnifiers, and thermometers for the consumer, industrial, educational, and medical markets. USA.

Epis Productions
Manufacturers of bedding, decorative pillows, throws, store display items including banners and overlays, clothing, cosmetic cases, and sachets. USA.

Epoch Industrial Company
Manufacturer of airline and hotel amenities.

Etson International
Manufacturer and exporter of houseware, kitchenware, gift, stationery. China.

Euro Sandow
Produces custom made elastic nets, shock cords, bungee cords, elastic straps, luggage and floor nets for a wide variety of securing applications.

Fame Yang Co., Ltd.
Specializes in raincoats, plastic bags and other disposable items.

Forest River, Inc.
Manufacturer of recreational vehicles, boats, and commercial vehicles. Located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Fortune Brands, Inc.
Producer of home and hardware products, office products, golf equipment, and spirits and wine. Investor relations, product divisions, careers and corporate profile.

Frontier Match Industries, Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of safety matches. Located in Pakistan.

Fusion Ribbons
Decorative ribbon manufacturing.

Gaden Corporation
Manufacturer and exporter of hot melt glue, sticks and chips.

General Electric
Products and services including consumer appliances and repair, lighting products for home improvement and warranty registration.

Gereb Design
Custom and art furniture, fashion, painting designed by Izabela Gereb. Canada.

The Gillette Company
Worldwide manufacture and marketing of consumer products in the areas of grooming, batteries and oral care.

Gladstrong Investments Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of gas lighter such as flint and piezo electronic lighter, razor blade, BBQ and utility lighter. Hong Kong, China.

Makes and design a grip system which allows two users to lift and move large and heavy objects. USA.

Henan Fretle Hide & Skin
Manufactures and exports sheepskin polishing and cleaning products, automotive seatcovers, footwear and equestrian products. China.

Heritage Overseas
Manufacturer and exporter of costume jewelry, Christmas decorations, henna and related products, footwear, home furnishings and gift items. India.

Hip Tai Plastic & Metal Factory
Manufacturer of novelty plastic items. Located in Hong Kong.

Hogue Products
Manufacturer of patented products such as soft touch toilet seats, tool grips and cellular phone shields. USA.

Holesome Enterprises
Computer systems consultants and pet food producers. Canada.

Hoyo Foundry Inc.
Manufacturer of aluminum products such as gifts, bathroom, and desk-top accessories. Taiwan.

Hsin-Yuan Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of electronics and safety products including baby strollers, multi-purpose bicycle lights, and credit card boxes.

H.S.M. International
Manufacturer of household, kitchenware, fitness, gadgets, and beauty products. Hong Kong, China.

IDL 3000 Products
Makes handles for carrying grocery bags, timer and business meeting tools. Canada.

Innovator Alojz Tomazin
Develop orthopedic accessories for handicapped people and various products such as cooking pot and cigarette holder. Slovenia.

Inter Sonic International
Manufacturer of sports goods and plastic injection molding for furniture parts and custom designs over fields of skates, skateboard, bindings, computer table top and fashion. Taiwan.

Intergroup Far East Ltd.
Provides east Asian consumer goods as well as garments and home textiles to stores in Europe. Buying office and sourcing services.

JBC Shopper
Provides an online personal shopper service.

J.H. Smith Company
Importing and manufacturing company supplying a variety of home and garden, office, and safety and security products. USA.

Jiangsu Palm Corporation
Manufacturer and exporter of down and feather, textile products, bedding products and bicycles.

Jin Xing Torch Factory
Produces torches. Site requires Flash.

Ke Hann Industries Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of mesh sponges, shower towels, rhombic net bags, and special-purpose net bags for drain outlets.

Manufacture and provides shower heads, bamboo extract, collagen lotion, and wood. Japan.

Kwang Hsieh Enterprise
Manufacturing gumball machine and scissors. Taiwan.

Featuring products such as baskets, paper and lace, ceramic vase and planter, items for flower shops, and artificial flowers. USA.

Laura Ashley
Designer of women and children apparel and jewelry, soft furnishing and home decoration with geometric, figurative or floral motifs. USA.

Lishui Jinwei Machine
Manufacturer of chairs, shopping bags and luggage carrier. China.

Luen Tai Industrial
Manufacturer and distributors of polyurethane raw material and products such as squeeze toys, memory foam, inflammable sponge, pillow, mattress and furniture. Hong Kong, China.

Mailhawk Mfg.
Manufacturer of a device to extend ones reach, useful in both industrial settings as well as the home. Located in Warm Springs, GA.

Moroccan Baskets
USA. Importer and wholesaler of furniture, bags, lightning and tableware.

Manufacturer of marine equipment, boat safety, communication and entertainment systems. USA.

Nagai Shing Metal Factory
Manufacturer of metal key-chains, cash boxes and other types of products. Located in Hong Kong.

New C&A Practice Instrument Co Ltd
Manufacturers of orienteering supplies, including compasses and map measurers.

Ningbo Dingli Trading
Manufacturer and exporter of plastic ware such as garden tools, pet products, purgation and bathing products. China.

Odessa Trade Group.
Marketing and distribution of garments, accessories, textiles, home goods, pet food, and medical equipment. USA.

Outils Rubis
Manufacturer of precision tools for use in electronic, laboratory, medical, watchmaking, jewelry, and cosmetic industries and also for the consumer. Stabio, Switzerland.

Overseas Commitment
Exporters and manufacturers of home, clothing and sports products such as leather wear, bathroom fittings, utensils and cookware, and bicycle. India.

Oy Fiblon Ab
Offers a variety of fiber based disposable goods. Product details available.

Paxi Glass Fiber Industries
Manufacturer of fiber glass products such as molded items, furniture, chemical tanks and treatment, parts dyes, cases and decorative and translucent tents. Nepal.

Pepin Manufacturing
Manufacturer of electrotherapy electrodes, lint rollers and pet hair pick-ups, and urethane film. USA.

Personal Shopper
Nation-wide group of persons who will do holiday, business and personal shopping. USA.

Phoenix World Trade Associates Ltd
Supplier of electric and gas scooters, motorcycles, ATV's, medical equipment, portable DVD, and laptops.

Pietravest AG
Manufactures natural stone washstand covers, desk tops, stairs and wall slabs.

Pinnacle Industrial
Hotel supplies and airline amenities manufacturer such as travel kits, tubesocks, sewing kits, hotel soap, and shaving cream. Hong Kong, China.

Posez Factory
Manufacturer of case a variety of cases for cigarette, stationery, compact mirror, folder and organizer and CD storage box and photo stand. Hong Kong, China.

P.S. Daima
Manufacturers of brushes including cosmetic, artist, school, hobby and craft brushes. Also leather laces and beads. India.

Qia Business Services
Manufacturer and distributor of electronics, personal care, promotion, gadget, and domestic products. Netherlands.

Qingdao Worldbest Industry Development
Supplies and produces woolen sweaters, chemical products, tire, machinery and electrical motors. Includes product descriptions and photos. China.

Hand loomed fabrics from Kashmir such as throws, shawls, scarves, bedspreads, cushion covers, and silk rugs. India.

Redden Net Co. Ltd
Supplies custom sports, agricultural, and marine netting. Includes company background, product details and photos, and contact information.

RN Group
Multi product company which manufactures and export personal care products, dress accessories and dairy machinery. India.

Sai Ka Industrial Development
Makes a variety of plastic products such as car accessories, decoration, golf and office supplies. Hong Kong, China.

Saintlya Soaps
Specialized in hotel products such as soaps, slipper, shampoo, sewing kits, and shoehorn. China.

Sal's Marine Products
Wholesales sea shells and related products. Located in India.

Score Best Industries Limited
Manufacturers of backpacks, shopping and shoulder bags, and stuffed toys.

Scott Products
Produces bathroom tissue, paper towels and napkins. Site provides links to online purchase and store locations.

Security Manufacturing Corp
Manufacturer of commercial, USPS approved metal mail boxes. Located in Grapevine, Texas.

Shop For Design
Provides designer accessories, storage solutions, branding and identity, dynamic web content, art direction and graphics. Canada.

Showa Denko Group
Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in personal care products, environmental goods, automotive parts and electronics. Japan. [English, Japanese]

South-West Composite Products
Glass and marble architectural material, hand crafts, and sanitary ware.

Starling Co., Ltd
Suppliers of promotional products including silicone bracelets, country flags, bookmark pen, flower sprinkler and lanyard.

Sunlord Apparels Manufacturing
Manufacturers of ladies readymade garments such as dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, home furnishings and textiles, and stuffed toys. India.

Sunshine Industrial Company
Hong Kong, China. PVC and vinyl manufacturer and exporter of products such as rain poncho, zipper bags, PVC toys, and coin purses.

Manufacturer of paper and related products for retail such as paper plates, greeting cards, giftwrap, and aluminium foil. South Africa.

TOD Thin Brushes, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of thin, single row and flat channel electrostatic, static dissipative, anti-static and conductive brushes for industrial and OEM applications, from natural and synthetic materials. Extensive technical information.

Trading Destination Incorporation
Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesale exporters of home furnishing, Indian garment, jewelry, and handbags. India.

Travel Arts
Manufacturer of international electricity conversion products. Includes information on products and the company. Online ordering available.

Tyrex Technologies
Makes products using recycling technologies such as mats, membrane protection and playground. Australia.

Official corporate site for a major manufacturer of food, home care, and personal products including margarine, tea, and Dove soap.

Union Looper
Manufacturer who focusing on plastic loop filament technology, has developed a product range such as floor matting, air and water filtering, and body contact cushion. Taiwan.

Union Luxe Development
Manufacturers of metal and auto parts, households items and candle holder. Hong Kong, China.

Union Max International
Consumer product group specializes in sourcing, design, manufacturing and distribution of apparel garment, corporate gift and toys, home furniture and fashion accessories. Hong Kong, China.

Union Metal Plastic Factory
Hong Kong manufacturer of rechargeable fluorescent lamps, lanterns, portable lites, torches, automobile accessories, kitchenwares and households product.

Vibguor Impex
Manufacturer and exporter of glass beads, fashion jewelry and accessories, handicrafts, textiles and Christmas items. India.

Manufacturer of packaging and bookbinding, underside protection, art and craft, education, and toys and games. UK.

Wagman Primus
Manufactures and supplies human hair extensions, horsehair brush components products globally. Also manufacture paint brushes, floor maintenance brushes and human hair weave.

World Products
Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of computer cabinets, snowboards, home audio and video products. China.

Xiamen Bestfuture Enterprise
Manufacture and export gifts and polyresin products such as sea animals and clock refrigerator magnets. China.

Xinhui Hommy Enterprise
Producers of aluminum and travel bottle, ice cream machine and freezer, and beach pillow. China.

Zhejiang Duoling Holding Group
Enterprise group encompassing garment manufacturers and related industries, such as zippers, yarn and webbing, jet weaving, and synthetic fabrics and textiles. Also plastics, chemicals, and agriculture. China. [English, Chinese]


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