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J Church
Official site of the pop/punk group from San Francisco, United States. With news, interviews, tablature, pictures, and discography.

J. Geils Band
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

Jack and Misty
Husband and wife, country artists. Includes discography, biography, photographs, lyrics, guestbook, and news.

Jack Drag
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

Jack Mack and the Heart Attack
American rhythm and blues and soul band. Information from the band members, discography, sound files, radio station, list of television and movie appearances, photographs, discussion board, and merchandise.

Jack Nicholson's Toilet Seeds, The
Official site of the Dutch punk-rock collective. History, profiles, and link to sound files.

Jack Of All Trades
Alternative rock band based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Site includes band history, discography, lyrics, and pictures.

Jack the HotRod
Rock band from the Seattle, Washington area. Photos, gig schedule and links.

Jack's House
Seven-piece soul band based in Southampton, United Kingdom. Includes band news, a gig guide, set list, and contact information.

Jack's Smirking Revenge
Toronto-based hard rock/punk band. Site contains biography, gig dates, and lyrics.

Jackson, Bull Moose
The man, the music, and who was that woman I saw you with last night? Rhythm and blues great from the '40s and '50s who made a comeback in the '80s.

Jackson Hole Community Band
A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson, Jenifer
The official Web site of this singer-songwriter.

Jackson, Jess
British garage/house/dance DJ, producer and engineer; site includes biography and list of credits.

Jackson Mendoza
Australian sisters Natalie and Rebecca Mendoza. Lyrics and sound file.

Jackson, Page
Official site of the indie musician. Site includes a list of the artist's works.

Jackson, Rebbie
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

Jackson, Richard
Official site of the Melbourne-based classical pianist. Includes biography, show dates, audio clips, and pictures.

Jackson, Sherri
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Official site for the group from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Includes upcoming show dates, sound files, discography, and links to reviews.

Jacobs, Brian
Contains sounds, lyrics, news, and information, about this alternative piano/vocal musician.

Jacobs, Randy
California guitarist and leader of the band Jacobs Ladder. Biography, news, discography, gear list, MP3s and pictures.

Jacobsen, Bo
Scandinavian afro-caraibian world jazz music drummer. Site contains biography, album information, and audio files.

Jacobsen, David W.
New York City singer-songwriter; biography, gigs, audio samples, lyrics, press and pictures.

Jade, Faine
Official site.

Jade Warrior
Fan site for the British musical group with a biography, discography, news, interviews, song samples, and cover artwork.

Jade Woc
News, audio samples and itinerary for the Portland artist.

A Boston based band that performs original and cover rock tunes. Check out the site for show dates, pictures.

Rock trio from Dublin, Ireland. Site contains news, a biography, audio clips, and an image gallery. Requires Flash.

Jag Star
News, song clips, pictures, show dates, message board and biography. [Requires Flash.]

Jagga Bite Sound System
Drum and bass duo from the Netherlands; biography, discography, MP3s, tour dates and press.

Jaggerz, The
Rhythm and blues band from Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Includes a discography, and original posters.

Christian hip hop artist from Sweden. Site contains pictures, lyrics, and sound clips.

Jah Resination
Multi-genre band, formerly known as Chunk and the Goonies. Includes biography, photo gallery, audio clips, and links.

British hip hop vocalist also known as Jason Rowe. Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

Biography, news, pictures and events for the Portuguese musician. [English and Portuguese.]

James, Adrian
Detailed history of the musician, including information on his bands, audio samples, lyrics and song list.

James, Bob
The official site for the jazz pianist, currently working solo and with Fourplay. News, biography, discography, tour dates, art gallery, mailing list, photos, merchandise, and links.

James, Elisa
International cabaret and theater show singer. Includes biography, image gallery, video clip and concert and performance dates.

James Goff Big Band
A rehearsal band made up of amateur musicians. Site includes a profile, gig schedule, and CD ordering information.

James, Harry
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

James, Jan
MP3 music, video, photos, biography, press reviews, and fan mail.

James, Jimmy
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.

James, Joseph
Official site includes biography, sound and video files, news, and CD information.

James, Rob
Western Canada rock guitarist. Biography, discography, MP3s, photos, merchandise, and videos.

James Sherlock Trio
Jazz guitar trio based in Melbourne, Australia.

James, Stacy
Gravity Stacy's newest album, produced by Greg White, combines elements of aggressive pop with structured, soulful jazz, which comes together to beautifully showcase the raw power of Stacy's vocal prowess.

James, Tim
Upcoming musician, featured on the Here on Earth soundtrack. Includes discography, lyrics, and photographs.

James, Tyreah
Gothic pop vocalist from South Florida. Site features biography, image gallery, and MP3 clips.

Official site for the Los Angeles based modern rock band. Includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, photographs, sound files, and upcoming shows.

Jane, Cynthia
"A 90s version of 70s-80s Prog Rock."

Jane Doe
Pictures, biographies, and show dates.

Janet Vodka
The latest news and information on the rock and roll band based out of the Lower East Side of New York City.

Janflone, Tony, Jr.
Guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Washington, PA. Site includes news, gig schedule, biography, discography, press articles, pictures, and contact information.

Janflone, Victor
Audio samples from the new age artist.

Janis Figure
News, shows, merchandise, images, audio and video clips, press and forum for the Minneapolis band.

Janover, Jamie
An instrumentalist based in Boulder, Colorado, and specializing in the hammered dulcimer. Site includes a biography, discography, and concert schedule.

Official site of the electronic musician from Richmond, Virginia. Contains a profile and MP3 files.

'70s progressive rock band; biography, discography, pictures and MP3 samples.

Jaquet, Illinois
Includes brief biography and discography.

Jardine, Al
Official site of the Beach Boys guitarist. Includes a tour schedule and message board.

Jarrod, Drew
To share the love and joy of Jesus through music.

Jarvis St. Revue, The
Canadian rock band from the 60's. Review of their "Mr. Oilman" release, with a discussion forum.

Java Monkey
Rhythm and blues rock band from Atlanta, US. Includes calendar, biography, CD information, photographs, and merchandise.

Javors, Russell
Singer/songwriter best known for his work with Billy Joel. Site includes biography and pictures.

Jaw Raw Blues Connection
Official site of the blues band with gig schedule, pictures, and MP3 files.

Jaxson, Kellie
German singer and dancer. Biography, credits, audio samples and pictures.

Philippines R&B/soul singer; profile, discography, lyrics and pictures. [Requires Flash.]

Jaywant, G.
Profile, news, and pictures for the performer of Indian music on Hawaiian guitar.

Jazz Bastards
Rhode Island area "jam band" blending rock, blues, jazz, funk, folk. Highly improvisational, lots of fun. Features schedule, booking information, and merchandise.

Jazz Connection
Biography, schedule, repertoire, and photos for the jazz and soul band.

Jazz Funeral, The
Official website for the Detroit band. Includes pictures, sound clips, downloads, news, history and message boards.

Jazz Survivors
South Florida bebop and swing band.

Jazzberry Ram
Information about the band, current releases, latest concert information, multimedia clips in RealAudio and RealVideo.

Acid jazz group. Their site features a biography, press clippings, discography, song samples, and photos.

Jealous Ex, The
East Bay, California rock band. Biographies, news, show dates, mailing list, and links.

Jean, Steve
Uganda's global pop star/producer and songwriter. Official site.

Jean Decibelius
Lyrics, album information, and sound files for the power metal band.

Artist biography, sound clip, photos.

Young pop vocalist from California. Site includes news, tour dates, biography, photos, quotes, and message board.

Jeans Team
German group, features discography, photographs of the band, MP2 audio clips, and a brief biography.

Five-piece rock band from Milford, Connecticut. Site includes brief biographies, pictures, song catalog, and set lists.

Jee, Liz
Piano singer-songwriter based in New York City. Biography, band details, gig dates and song downloads.

Jeff and Vida
Jeff Burke and Vida Wakeman are an acoustic duet who have been playing their blend of various forms of American roots music in the club scene in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jeffers, Sue
Acid folk musician from Kent, Ohio. Site includes a gig schedule, biography, discography, lyrics, and links to MP3 files and reviews.

Jeffrey Scott Band, The
Florida rock band's site with a gig schedule, profiles, photographs, song list, reviews, and a link to audio samples.

Jefreys, The
Lo-fi basement band from St. Louis. Self-released cassette now available on this site.

Jelinek, Roy
Cuatro player. Biography, photos, and MP3s.

JellyBricks, The
The official home-site of the guitar-pop, rock-n-roll heroes. The site includes band member biographies, current tour schedule, discography, as well as the exclusive "Stuff you don't need to know or see" page.

Featuring miss Belinda Blair. Original jump swing and blues band from San Francisco.

Official site of the Welsh pop-rock singer-songwriter. News, biography, music, lyrics, press, photos, tour dates, and forum.

Jenna Music
News, biographies, sound files, schedule, and photos for the rock band from Los Angeles.

Jennifer On Sunday
Alternative pop band from the Washington, DC area. MP3s, merchandise, and showdates.

Jennifer Perry Combo
Interview with

Jennifer Tefft Band
Rock band from Boston. Site includes a gig schedule, tour diary, biography, press articles, pictures, and contact information

Latin pop group from Los Angeles. Site features individual profiles, an image gallery, audio clips, and tour dates.

Jensen, Caroline
Features her original music and lyrics. All are welcome to visit to listen to her soundfiles. Caroline's music styles vary from country to spiritual, ballads to rhythm and blues.

Jeorge from Yard
Singer/rapper based in Chicago; includes history and album information.

Jepson, Jeff
Liverpool-based singer-songwriter. CDs for sale, links to free downloads, flyers and gig news.

Jerk Chicken
Offers sample songs in MP3 format.

Jerling, Michael
Singer/songwriter's Official Site. "New Folk" winner at Kerrville Folk Festival. His music includes elements of blues, rock and country. Album list, song clips, tours schedule and a video.

R&B/soul singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. Biography, audio samples and pictures.

Official site of the melodic rock band. Includes news, biography, tour dates, press, photos, audio/video clips and lyrics.

Jersey Premier Brass
History, Programme, Information about contests and all members of the Jersey brass band.

Jessen, Tom
Iowa City, Iowa singer. Biography, discography, reviews, lyrics, photo gallery, and merchandise.

Jessie Rae
Bluesy roots pop band; includes discography, gigs, history, venues and press.

Jesterz Court
Rock/Metal band from North Carolina. Concert dates, t-shirt sales, CD sales.

Jesus Taxi, The
Jeffery Scott and Johnny G. are contemporary christian musicians, recording and performing artists and music publishers.

The Jesuses
Michigan ska/punk band. Tour dates, lyrics, profile, and links.

Jet Silver
Official site for the Pennsylvania band includes schedule, audio/video files, and pictures.

Jetplane Landing
Rock band based in London, United Kingdom. Site includes biography, gig schedule, streaming audio, and merchandise.

New Brunswick, Canada electronica/rock band. Downloads, shows, and links.

Rock band from Denton, Texas. Includes news, biography, discography, press, photos, flyers, and show dates.

Jews Brothers Band
A band from New Zealand.

Mixes traditional and new Sami vocal styles (joik) with lots of percussion. Based at 70 degrees North in the towns of Hammerfest and Alta, Norway.

Jill Jack Band
Rock and roll group based in Detroit, United States. Includes upcoming shows, image gallery, biography, merchandise, and press reviews.

Irish rock band's official site presents biography, gigography, tracks, gallery, and lyrics.

Jim Mesi Band
Includes biographies, schedule, news, sound files, and photos.

Jimenez, Carmen
Salsa artist. Biography, tour dates, discography, theatric resume, guestbook. Information about CD releases.

Jimmy Krack Corn
A Long Island based rock band. Site includes a biography, MP3s, and lyrics.

Jimmy O Band, The
Schedule and contact information for the Virginia rock band.

Biography, pictures, MP3s, equipment list, pictures and news.

Jim's Big Ego
Webpage for Boston-based folk/rock artist Jim's Big Ego.

Rock/blues band. Site includes current news, gig schedule, and an image gallery.

Four-piece group, based in Miami, Florida, United States. Includes biographies of members, history, pictures, and merchandise.

Drum and bass musician. Site includes biography, MP3 files, art work and contact information.

Christian rap/rock band. Pictures and profiles.

Christian rock band. Site includes a biography, pictures, MP3 song samples, and gig dates.

Ghent-based DJ; includes news, biography and equipment list.

Jive Aces, The
Presented by the Church of Scientology. Includes information on the band and song lyrics.

Jive Cats, The
News, biographies, and gig dates for the british jump jive band.

JJ Paradise Players Club, The
Official site for the rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Contains a gig schedule, image gallery, audio and video clips, and merchandise.

Jo, Chloe
New York City-based glam rocker. Includes biographies, lyrics, pictures, writings, press, and gigs.

Joan, Cynthia
Ann Arbor, Michigan pop/rock artist. Offers audio samples, a brief biography and show dates.

Rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Site includes gig schedule, profiles, and photographs.

Guitar music to melt your cerebellum. Includes MP3, CDs, reviews, lessons, and WinAmp skins.

Official site includes a tour schedule, news, biography, lyrics, audio, video and merchandise.

Joe Camper
New Hampshire punk band. Biography, pictures, and MP3s.

Joe Moss Band, The
Chicago blues band. Contains press clips, show dates, and a band profile.

Joe Pajaree Project, The
Midwestern rock band. MP3s and lyrics; music video on the World Trade Center attack; photos of the group; list of links.

Joe's Band
Garage Band from Northern New York. Information about the band members, gigs, photos, and links to sound files.

Joe's Band
Contemporary band from Manhattan Beach, California. Band biography, press releases, tour calendar, video and sound clips, pictures, mailing list and contact information.

Joey Shaker
Official site for Joey Shaker, a new alternative christian rock band and CER independent music label recording artist. Buy CDs, cassettes, download mp3s and stream real audio.

Johansen, Even
Fan site for the singer-songwriter; news, biography, discography, pictures, articles, lyrics, tablature and information on his band Libido.

Johansen, Kevin
Singer-songwriter born in Alaska and raised in Argentina. Includes news, show dates, biography, discography, lyrics, audio clips, press, and photos.

John Burgess Society, The
Alternative band based in Las Vegas. Features lyrics and RealAudio clips.

John Earl Walker Band
New York blues band. Biography, discography, audio clips, show dates, photos, and guestbook.

John Jay Mustang Band
High School jazz band. Includes pictures, biographies, calendar, interviews, and guestbook.

John Lowe
Guitar pop rock from Austin, Texas. Biography, sample music and gig information.

John Mark
Official site features news, biography, photos, audio, lyrics, and contact information.

John Mullins Band
Tour dates, audio sample, band biography, mailing list, band photos. Taking elements of blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, and psychedelia, played in a rock format. Could be labeled Americana.

John Wayne Army, The
Punk/folk band from London, United Kingdom. Site includes a biography, image gallery, and merchandise.

John-Kroll, Louisa
Australian artist producing romantic pop/ethereal faerie music. Site includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, MP3 files, and CD ordering information.

Rock band from Bel Air, Maryland. Site includes news, biography, audio files, and photographs.

Johnny Dumbass
Rock and roll band from Harrisburg, North Carolina. Site includes a biography, photographs, and contact information.

Johnny Eulogy, The
News, discography, member profiles, pictures and show dates.

Johnny Favourite
Biography, interview, album review, and links.

Johnny Law
Punk rock band from New Hartford, Connecticut. Site includes news, pictures, and a link to MP3 files.

Johnny Popular
Ska and rock and roll band.

Johnny Vomit
Hardcore/beer metal band from Chicago. History, gigs, pictures and MP3s.

Johns, Bibi
German singer. Photo and painting gallery, biography, discography, audio, and filmography.

Johnson, Betty
Singer of jazz and swing standards. Site includes a biography, discography, image gallery, and ordering information.

Johnson Brothers Band, The
Specializing in performing meticulously reproduced renditions of challenging large-band material rarely heard in local clubs. Band information, gig dates, photos, song list, and links.

Johnson, Bunk
Complete discography, chronology, and biography for the trumpet player

Johnson, Carol
Singer-songwriter based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; includes program information and biography.

Johnson, Carolyn Dawn
Official site of the Canadian country singer/songwriter. Includes news, tour schedule, biography, tour diary, wallpaper, and message board.

Johnson, Eric
Guitarist from Austin, Texas, who has played for the bands Alien Love Child and Electromagnets. Site includes news, biography, discography, pictures, MP3 files, press articles, and merchandise.

Johnson, Jared
Official site of the contemporary pianist. Includes news, a biography, pictures, audio clips, press reviews, and merchandise.

Johnson, Kevin
Official website of the Australian singer/songwriter. Includes biography, MP3 audio clips, reviews, and merchandise.

Johnson, Michelle
Vocalist and performer based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. Biography, schedule and news.

Johnson, Nedra
Reviews, lyrics, sound files, performance schedule, pictures, and biography for the singer/songwriter.

Johnson, Shirley
Canadian children's singer/songwriter. Audio downloads, biography, and contact information.

Johnson, Stan
Virtual studio of this Memphis-based saxophonist/composer.

Johnston, Jan
Mancunian trance singer/songwriter. Site features biography, news, and discography.

Reggae band based in Washington, DC. Site includes a gig schedule, biographies, photographs, MP3 files, and booking information.

Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend
Antifolk singer. Biography, photos, press, discography, MP3s, gigs, news, and guestbook.

Joint Chiefs
Official site of the Reggae band. Site features show dates.

Joint Method
Member profiles, history, MP3s, video and show dates for the Texas band.

A Swedish rock band. Member information, song list, lyrics, and sound clips.

Jolly Rogues
Massachusetts band performing drinking songs, sea shanties and other 18th and 19th century music. Overview, booking information, audio samples and show dates.

Jolson, Al
Site for the International Al Jolson Society, devoted to the memory of Al Jolson, who taught the movies to talk, produced the first million-seller record, was first to entertain US troops overseas, and started the Kraft Music Hall.

Jomei, Dene Marie
Independent Los Angeles singer-songwriter. News, biography, calendar, press, album information, lyrics, audio and video.

Jonah's Prayer
New Mexico light-rock, original Christian music group. Band information, photos, CD information, and Christian music links.

Jonah's Road
Sydney, Australia-based pop/rock band with a hint of country. Site includes biographies, lyrics, audio samples, gigs, photos, and merchandise. [Requires Flash.]

Jonas, Billy
Percussionist specializing in family-oriented concerts in venues nationwide. Includes biography, information on latest CD and tour schedule.

Jonathan M
Sound and video clips, as well as photographs and biography.

Jones, Alan
American composer and jazz drummer of his jazz sextet. Site includes biography, song samples, and a gig schedule.

Jones, Andras
His latest CD is a collection of humorous songs about some of America's most beloved holidays.

Jones, Brother B.T.
Christian gospel singer. Includes a biography of the artist, news, events listings, and CD ordering details.

Jones, Courtney
Steelpan musician from the Caribbean. Site includes a biography, streaming audio samples, and CD ordering information.

Jones, Darryl
Darryl has graced the stage with Miles Davis, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, The Stones. Rock, soul, funk, jazz... History, discography, movie credits, tour schedule.

Jones, Deidra
Home page of the Soul diva. Includes biography, references, song files, booking and contact information. In English and German.

Jones, Hannibal
Modern rock musician from Atlanta, GA. Site includes a biography, gig schedule, audio clips, and merchandise.

Jones, Jeff
Discography, biography, song stories, events, lyrics, news, pictures and audio samples for the Canadian recording artist.

Jones, Mike
Official site of the Houston based rapper. News, biography, photos, video clips, and forum.

Jones, Milo
Official site of the musician. Contains a discography, MP3 files, and reviews.

Jones, Percy
Features complete discography and gig schedule of the fretless bassist.

Jones, The
Biography, show dates, sound files, and pictures for the blues/rock band from Hollywood, California.

Jones, Tony
Los Angeles vocalist impersonates artists such as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis and other pop stylists.

Jonny Cooper Big Band
18-piece big band from South Africa, recreating the sounds of the 1940's swing era. Site includes a history, image gallery, show dates, merchandise, and booking information.

Jordan, Dana and Sidewinder
Country music act; fan club, biography, photo gallery, video and audio clips.

Jordan, Matthew
Singer-songwriter and keyboardist; news, audio samples, show dates and bulletin board.

Jordan, Mike
World/folk musician from Germany. Site includes a biography, and discography.

Jordan, Montell
2001 interview with

Jordan, Roberto
Fan site of the Mexican bubblegum singer, with a biography and photographs.

Jorgenson, Gary
Guitarist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Site contains a biography and MP3 files.

Josephine, Angela
Contemporary Christian/folk musician and songwriter. News, audio, events, images, diary and biography.

Josh Diesel
Official site of the rock band with member profiles.

Josh Kirkland Band, The
Georgia blues-rock band's site includes audio samples, pictures, videos, press, set list and tour dates.

Josh Williamson Band
Official site of the contemporary blues and rock band. Includes news, gig schedule, biographies, and photographs.

Joshua's Choice
Christian rock band from Joliet, Illinois. Site includes mission statement and show dates.

Joy, Ethan
Official site for singer-songwriter, Ethan Joy. An acoustic rock artist. Photos, FAQ, news, sound clips, lyrics, links.

Joyce, Mike
Official page of the ex-Smiths' drummer. Bio, video stills, pictures, current activities, message board, and contact information.

Joyner, Bruce
A musician who has performed with the Plantations, the Stroke Band, and the Unknowns. Site includes a biography, discography, and interviews in French.

J.P. Wasson Band, The
Biographies, radio airplay, reviews, gigs and audio samples.

Sound files and lyrics for the rock band.

Juan Prophet Organization, The
MP3s, shows, reviews, pictures and tour dates for the eclectic band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Juber, Laurence
Official site of the guitarist includes biography, news, discography, sound files, concert dates, and reviews.

Juergensen, Chris
Guitarist's site with news, biography, discography, pictures, audio and video clips, lessons, schedule and gig list. [English and Japanese.]

Jug Band, The
Cardiff based band that plays a mixture of Irish music and Mungo Jerry type jug music. Includes history, overview, and gig details.

Official website of the Canadian motorgrass band. Contains a gig schedule, news, biography, and streaming RealAudio files.

Juice Bros., The
Duet based in Virginia Beach. Site includes a discography, individual profiles, lyrics, sound clips, and contact information.

Juke Joint
Northern California band plays Soul, R&B, Jazz and Blues at clubs, events and private parties. Site has biographies, demos, schedules and contact information.

Juke Jumpers, The
Rhythm and blues band from Fort Worth, Texas. Site includes history and biographies.

Jules, Gary
Singer/songwriter from California. News, biography, journal, audio clips, lyrics, photos, and forum.

Record label's site with news, tour dates, audio/video clips, photos, wallpapers, message board, and biography of the singer/songwriter.

Jumbo Size
Four-piece punk band from Long Beach, California. Show dates, pictures, biography, audio samples and message board.

Jump City Jazz Orchestra
Eighteen piece dynamic jazz swing orchestra from Audubon, Pennsylvania, formerly the Audobon Jazz Explosion. News, booking information, member information, song clips, show dates, band history, and information on side bands.

Jumpers for Goalposts
Leicester based rock band. Site includes gig schedule and MP3 files.

Jumpin' Joz Band
Performs swing music reminiscent of the late 30's to early 50's. Site includes profiles, gig schedule, audio files, photos, and booking information.

Jumpin' Wheels, The
Audio samples, pictures and contact details for the Estonian rockabilly band.

jumpjets, the
UK indie-pop-rock guitar band. Band information and track downloads.

Junction 231
Christian alternative band from Indiana. Site features a biography, audio and video clips, image gallery, gig schedule, and lyrics.

June Brides, The
Official site for the 80's UK independent pop group. Includes the band's history, discography, image gallery, articles, audio clips, press interviews and articles, and information about Phil Wilson's solo effort.

Four piece band from Toronto playing moderately lethargic pop music. Site includes a biography and MP3 files. [Shockwave plug-in required]

Jung Generation, The
Biography, song list and discography for the Atlanta band.

Juniper Lane
Alternative band in the Washington, DC area. Official site includes show dates, history, interview, sound files, and CD information.

Junius, Tilmar
Jazz pianist. Site includes biography, sheet music, MP3 files, discography, current projects, concert schedule, press reviews, and contact information. [Requires Flash]

An ambient noise, soundscape, terror loop, lo-fi grind and minimalistic piano project. With news, audio download and links.

Junkie Electric Show
Band covering songs from the 50's to the 90's. Includes news, art, RealAudio clips, tour details, forum, and repertoire.

Seattle rock band. Tour dates, records, lyrics, reviews, and links to pictures.

Jupiter Sunrise
Los Angeles indie-rock band; includes news, tour dates, diaries, photos, MP3s, lyrics, forum and street team details.

Jupiter's Thigh
Official site features lyrics, soundclips, news, biographies, Vole Weekly, merchandise, and gig calendar.

Jurado, Chris
Bass player and singer for Freddy Fender and the Texas Tornados. RealAudio samples and profile.

Just Add Water
Modern/alternative rock band from St. Louis. Site includes news, gig dates, album information, song clips, and pictures.

Just For Today
Five-piece indie rock band, based in Connecticut, US. Includes biography, lyrics, pictures, news, and show details.

Just in Time
History, pictures, lyrics, gigs, video and audio clips from the UK punk band.

Justice, Johnny
Head of the Chicago party band Southside Railroad. Site includes show schedule, photos, song list, and contact information.

Justicia, Ramon
Guitarist offering a repertoire of classical, popular, and chamber music. Site features a biography, RealAudio clips, and show dates.

Country music singer/songwriter from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Site includes a biography, tour dates, image gallery, news, and fan club information.

A new band from Philly. Includes member biographies, song list, and lyrics.

Rock band playing dance and listening music.

"Jus-Two" Duo
Contemporary country duo Wendi Jackson and Glen Bain. Site contains gig schedule, biographies, and photographs.

Official site for a punk-rock and blues band from Schleiz, Germany. Biographies, news, tourdates, mp3's, pictures.

Official site of UK guitar band. Source of the newsletter Gumf and the Juxtaposition Postcard Network.

Alternative rock band based in Indianapolis. Site contains a biography, equipment list, and pictures.


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