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Science Fiction Crowsnest
- British SF and fantasy web portal. Features an internet search engine, daily news, fiction, reviews, star interviews, comic strips and games.
- Site of the Cable TV Science Fiction Channel. Features a weekly magazine, daily news, web directory, book reviews and bulletin board system.

Alternate Headlines
A humorous look at possible newspaper headlines in worlds that might have happened.

Best SF
Short story summaries, reviews, and a collection of links to texts available online.

Articles about SFF, plus the genres' history and biographies of influential authors.

Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction
A study guide from a class taught at Washington State university, this site contains information about many SF classics, including hyperlinks to related sites.

Dr Tomorrow
Official site of the futurist Frank Ogden.
Reviews of authors and books in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

MiC Newsletter
Monthly newsletter with Canadian SF literature news, award news, media news, a list of upcoming books and guest editorials.

RSS and Science Fiction: The Definitive Guide
SFF fan's guide to what RSS is, how you get it, and why you should care.

Science Fiction & Fantasy World
Authors, SF news, reviews and a free e-zine.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
Links to science fiction and fantasy authors and their books.

Science Fiction Review Site
Sci-fi and fantasy book reviews, top ten lists, and short stories.

SF and Fantasy Book List
Bibliography of science-fiction and fantasy authors and their books. Database also contains links to official and fan sites of various authors where they exist.

SF Site: Fiction Home
Reviews and news of short fiction magazines and anthologies.

Warpcore SF
SFF short stories, news and reviews.    XML Feeds: