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Index Option

Index Option

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Health: Conditions and Diseases: Cancer  
Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Resources  
Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Software  
Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Research and Analysis  

"Index Option" Sites

Options Clearing Corporation
A clearing organization of financial derivatives instruments. Contains options data, calendars and publications.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options  

Option Labs
Provider of a novel trading strategy that uses options to maximize profits and minimize investment risks.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Education and Training  

Cancer Options UK
Designed to help patients and families find appropriate treatment options and services. Provides access to a nurse specialist.   Health: Conditions and Diseases: Cancer  

Yahoo! Options Center
Many resources for options investors including forums, quotes, tutorials, and strategy guides.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Resources  

Option Insight
Free software that downloads option quotes and then shows all possible spreads. Sort by various criteria. Each spread also shows a profit-loss graph.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Software  

Option Research and Technology Services
Methods for observing historical and implied option volatility.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: Research and Analysis  

Access Futures and Options Trading
Full service and discount online trading. Daily research, commodity charts and settlement prices. A Ken Roberts friendly broker.   Business: Investing: Commodities and Futures: Brokerages  

Viv√≠simoEditor's Choice   - Groups the results by topic via document clustering technology. Options include Web or news search, selection of sources, language restriction, and filtering.   Computers: Internet: Searching: Metasearch  

American Option Services
Offers online stock and options trading.   Business: Investing: Brokerages: Online Brokers  

American Stock and Options Exchange (AMEX)

The second largest options exchange in the world. Trades equity, index, sector and FLEX options. Contains product information, market data, and educational content.   Business: Investing: Exchanges  

Options Unlimited
Offers healthcare and disability management, benefits consulting, and medical case management. Located in New York, USA.   Business: Healthcare: Case Management  

Option Analysis
Offers return on investment, cash flow and sales proceeds analysis for residential rental income properties, vacation or personal homes.   Business: Investing: Software: Calculators  

Business Office Technology | Executive Administrative Assistant Option
Designed to equip graduates with the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to excel in a modern office environment.   Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: North America: United States: Connecticut: Two-Year Colleges: Connecticut Community College System: Asnuntuck: Departments and Programs: Degree Programs  

Stock Options - Animated Tutorial and Analytics
An animated introduction to the Black--Scholes theorem. Includes graphs.   Science: Math: Applications: Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics  

Michael Gray - CPA's Option Alert
An irregular alert about tax issues relating to employee stock options.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Options: News and Media  

THEOS Software Corp.Editor's Choice   - Multi-user, 32-bit OS, mainly for business. Many add-on features available: multi-user DOS/Windows and TCP/IP support for setting up web servers. Since its start in the late 1970s as OASIS, it has steadily improved and added options while keeping its user friendly status.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: THEOS  

Bicycle Commuting Options for Cities
Presented by Sustainable Enterprises, this article offers a brief survey of methods intended to reduce dependency on automobiles and remove them from the inner city.   Sports: Cycling: Commuting and Advocacy  

GoogleEditor's Choice   - Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.   Computers: Internet: Searching: Search Engines: Google  

Netpicks Stock Option Advisory System
Daily investing advisory for trading sector stocks, stock options and short-term swing trading.   Business: Investing: Stocks and Bonds: News and Media  

International French Futures and Options Exchange (MATIF)

Main contracts include long and medium euro national bonds, euribor, CAC40 index, white sugar, rapeseed, and wheat.   Business: Investing: Derivatives: Exchanges  


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