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Household Product

Household Product

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Business: Consumer Goods and Services   (91 matches)

Home: Homemaking  
Recreation: Living History: Society for Creative Anachronism  
Shopping: Home and Garden: Cleaning  
Society: Military: Land Forces: Cavalry: Mounted: Horse: Household Cavalry  

"Household Product" Sites

Chase Products Co.
Produces a wide range of spray household items including paints, insecticides, automotive and bench products, craft products, health and beauty aids, and private label products.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services  

Household Express
Offers a directory of household tips, ideas for gardening and home improvement, holiday crafts and decorations and cooking.   Home: Homemaking  

Union Metal Plastic Factory
Hong Kong manufacturer of rechargeable fluorescent lamps, lanterns, portable lites, torches, automobile accessories, kitchenwares and households product.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services  

Household Waste Management
Offers a program that teaches how to safely and efficiently manage waste, and particularly hazardous waste, in the home. Produced by the US Environmental Protection Agency.   Home: Homemaking  

Great Dark Horde
Household encompassing many kingdoms. Includes history, member information, tales, songs, photos, glossary of Mongol terms and news articles.   Recreation: Living History: Society for Creative Anachronism  

Haley's Hints
Set of books containing handy household tips and inexpensive cleaning solution recipes. Also sells related cleaning kits   Shopping: Home and Garden: Cleaning  

Household Cavalry Dorset Association
County association for past and present members of the British corps.   Society: Military: Land Forces: Cavalry: Mounted: Horse: Household Cavalry  

Design Q
Offers a wide range of household products from vendors like Alessi, Zack, Maggis, Kartell, Mondaine, and Ritzenhoff. Based in The Netherlands.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Kitchen and Dining  

Chase Products Co.
Manufacturer of aerosol products for household and industry. Including paint, insecticide, automotive, bench, craft, and health and beauty products. Private label production available.   Business: Chemicals: Cleaning Agents and Toiletries  

Household Tales
Provides the text of 42 folktales from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.   Society: Folklore: Literature: Tales: Fairy Tales: Brothers Grimm  

Procter & Gamble
USA. Multi-national manufacturers of family, personal and household care products. Feminine hygiene, baby diapers, wipes and bibs, and paper napkins, tissues and towels.   Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Hygiene Disposables: Manufactured Products  

International Household Manager
Information on household managers, estate managers, majordomos, butlers, executive housekeepers, personal assistants.   Home: Domestic Services: Education and Training  

Ironmade Industrial Company
Trading company for electronics, household products, sport shoes, furniture, gifts, toys, games and general merchindise from China.   Business: International Business and Trade: Import and Export: Diversified  

Masters Auction Service
Auction company in Idaho that covers estate, household, and farm auctions.   Business: Business Services: Auctions  

Angel Crafts
Collection of designs for baby items, afghans, and toys, as well as various household projects.   Arts: Crafts: Crochet: Patterns  

Orion Paints Ltd.
Manufacture industrial and agricultural paints, such as chlorinated rubber, floor coatings, or-oxide gloss enamel and oxide primers. Also supply household decorative paints.   Business: Chemicals: Coatings and Adhesives  

Honwell Trading Co., Ltd.
Supplier of toys, baby accessories, gifts and premiums, household and kitchenware, and children's crafts.   Business: Wholesale Trade: General Merchandise  

Household: The Boggy Press
Letters, pictures, and news: Clan of Marshin Fayne - which includes the members of House Black Thistle, House Smoking Tankard, House Storm, and House Ishee.   Recreation: Living History: Society for Creative Anachronism: Kingdoms: Meridies: Households  

Midrealm / Middle KingdomEditor's Choice   - The royalty section features online award recommendation and official letters. Included are rosters of peerage and kingdom orders (Red Company and Greenwood Company)
, links to household sites, information on royal lineage and past officers.   Recreation: Living History: Society for Creative Anachronism: Kingdoms: Middle  

Executive Technical Transportation
Specializes in the relocation of household goods throughout the world.   Business: Business Services: Corporate Relocation: Moving Companies  


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