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Home Built Aircraft

Home Built Aircraft

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Science: Technology: Aerospace: Aeronautics: History  
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"Home Built Aircraft" Sites

MD-RA Inspection Services
The official body responsible for the mandatory inspection of amateur built aircraft in Canada.   Recreation: Aviation: Aircraft: Homebuilt  

Nick Proach Models - Aerospace and Aircraft Scale Models
Custom built replica space models, built to scale, of anything that has flown or will fly in space - plus many aircraft.   Recreation: Models: Scale  

Aurora Project Hypersonic Aircraft
The 'Aurora Project' is the top-secret hypersonic aircraft built for and flown by the United States Air Force.   Science: Technology: Aerospace: Aeronautics: History  

GB Aircraft
Custom built giant scale aerobatic R/C model of the DR109.   Shopping: Recreation: Models: Radio Control: Airplanes  

Piaggio Aero
The Italian built P180 Avanti canard push-propelled turboprop business aircraft.   Business: Aerospace and Defense: Aeronautical: Aircraft and Components: Fixed Wing  

Pro Built Models
Offers WW1, WW2, modern military aircraft, helicopters and armor, and motorized models.   Shopping: Recreation: Models: Aircraft
History, deployment and technical data of the most built aircraft after World War II. [English and German languages.]   Society: Military: Aviation: Aircraft: Fighters  

Tim Weber Airshows presented by LifeUSA
Tim Weber Airshows. The airshow aircraft of choice for Tim is the German built EXTRA 300. The Extra 300 is an unlimited class composite monoplane stressed to handle even the most demanding aerobatic maneuvers.   Recreation: Aviation: Events: Performers  

Home-Built Aircraft Cockpits
Webring for the hobby linking similar sites.   Recreation: Aviation: Simulation: Cockpit Construction  

Minister's Delegates, Recreational Aviation
Canadian organisation responsible for amateur built aircraft inspection and Certification.   Recreation: Aviation: Regulations  

Darryl Seering's Hangar
Darryl has been involved with RC model aircraft since 1986 and over the years has built and flown several RC aircraft.   Recreation: Aviation: Model Aviation: Radio Controlled: Airplanes: Personal Pages  

PCU George Washington
Parody site dedicated to the "crankowners" who began a bogus Navy adventue in Newport News Shipyard in preparation for an aircraft carrier which was being built to replace "The Love Boat."   Recreation: Humor: Parodies  

Army-Lockheed YO-3A Quiet Star Aircraft
Army aviation aircraft that served in Vietnam. Fewer than 15 were built. Assigned to the 220th Aviation Company and the 73rd Aviation Company.   Society: Military: Aviation: Aircraft: Specialized  

Aircraft used in the Vietnam War
U.S. and Soviet built.   Society: Military: Veterans: Vietnam War: Army Activities: Aviation  

DB Design Bureau
Free plans for free flight scale models of aircraft designed, built, or flown in Australia. Also a links list of free plans sites.   Recreation: Aviation: Model Aviation: Free Flight  

Skyline Aviation Ltd
UK specialist in the supply of Western and Russian-built transport aircraft and helicopters for charters, contracts and projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Aviation: Air Cargo Services  

STOL CH 801 - Kit Aircraft
Article dealing with the development of the STOL CH 801 bushplane, a short take-off-and-landing aircraft, to be built in Guelph, Ontario.   Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: G: Guelph: News and Media  

Friends of HMS Vengeance
Campaign to save the last British-built WW2 aircraft carrier from scrapping   Society: History: By Topic: Maritime: Ships  

Sukhoi’s “Frogfoot” Su-25, Su-28, Su-39
Discusses origins and history of three Soviet-built attack aircraft.   Society: Military: Aviation: Aircraft: Attack  

Sadler Vampire SV2 Ultralight
Offering information on the Australian built Sadler Vampire SV2 ultralight aircraft.   Recreation: Aviation: Aircraft: Ultralight: Personal Pages  


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