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His Dark Material

His Dark Material

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Arts: Literature: Authors: S: Smith, Clark Ashton  
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"His Dark Material" Sites

News and information about the His Dark Materials books, movies, and stage play, as well as a forum and other interactive features.   Arts: Literature: Authors: P: Pullman, Philip: His Dark Materials  

Nyboria: The Dark Side of Roleplaying
Oering original material for various games including Kult, World of Darkness, SLA Industries, Unknown Armies, and setting material taken from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.   Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Horror  

Colorful exhibition explores dark side of artificial flowers
Article from Brown University's George Street Journal describing a student exhibit by Suzanne Karr. Includes information about materials used and labor issues from the Victorian era.   Arts: Crafts: Flowers: Artificial and Silk  

The Eldritch Dark
Information on Clark Ashton Smith. Includes writing samples, letters, paintings, and links to biographies, tributes and miscellaneous material.   Arts: Literature: Authors: S: Smith, Clark Ashton  

The Dark Portal
Das Portal beschäftigt sich mit den Systemen Ruf des Warlock und Warhammer. Es werden Charakterdaten, Geschichten, Regelergänzungen und Material zum Download sowie Informationen über das Warhammer Tabletop angeboten.   World: Deutsch: Spiele: Rollenspiele: Genres: Fantasy  

Cittàgazze: His Dark Materials Fansite
Über die 'Goldene Kompass Trilogie' von Philip Pullman mit vielen Informationen zu den Büchern, dem Theaterstück und dem Film.   World: Deutsch: Kultur: Literatur: Autoren und Autorinnen: P: Pullman, Philip  

Dark Fortress
Información general con foro para realizar búsquedas e intercambios de material.   World: Español: Artes: Cine: Películas: S: Star Wars  

Dark Knight Productions
Music production company. Works with musical acts and releases their material.   Regional: North America: United States: Pennsylvania: Localities: M: Meadville: Business and Economy  

After Dark Graphics
Design and composition of printed media materials such as newspapers, business cards, and brochures. Offers business contact only.   Regional: North America: Canada: Nova Scotia: Localities: W: Wolfville: Business and Economy  

Sedona Glow Glass Company
Makers of glow-in-the-dark materials that are compatible with all glass coefficients of expansion (COE)
.   Shopping: Crafts: Supplies: Glass  

Rockland Colloid
Materials for the new photography such as liquid light emulsion, halo-chrome toner, selectachrome and dark room products.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Tools and Equipment: Photofinishing Equipment  

Poker Flat Research Range
Information for range users, real time data and images of aurora (only when it's dark in Alaska)
, and educational material on the aurora.   Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Sun: Aurora  

Painted Target
This gigantic Web site from England is loaded with variants for Car Wars, Formula De and Dark Future. Its campaign materials are outstanding. Painted Target is one of the best auto-combat boardgame sites on the Internet.   Games: Board Games: Science Fiction: Car Wars: Play Groups  

London Theatre Guide - Dominic Cooper
"Currently starring in the sold-out production of His Dark Materials at the National Olivier, Dominc Cooper is also set to appear in Alan Bennett's forthcoming play The History Boys." Interview conducted by Laura North.   Arts: Performing Arts: Acting: Actors and Actresses: C: Cooper, Dominic  


Rated 7.8/10 by Abdul Alhazred, "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth succeeds brilliantly in some areas. It makes great use of the source material for one. Given the spectacular failures people have had trying to fit these stories into other media, that's no small accomplishment. Headfirst has also lived up to their name by creating a game that forces a player to accept some realistic responsibility for their character. The sanity system and HUD-less display really encourages you to get into Jack's head."   Games: Video Games: Action-Adventure: Survival Horror: Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth: Reviews and Previews  

The Sarcophagus of Knowledge
A site which features material mostly for Dungeon Masters. Includes adventures, classes, monsters and material on adding technology to the game.   Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Fantasy: Dungeons & Dragons: Netbooks  

Vampyres' Haven
Semi-free form dark ages chronicle using the revised and current materials for character generation and game mechanics.   Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Horror: World of Darkness: Online Chronicles: IRC  

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