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Heat Stress

Heat Stress

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Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Casting, Molding, Machining   (4 matches)

Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Casting, Molding, Machining: Heat Treating  
Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Thermal Process  
Society: Issues: Animal Welfare: Specific Animals: Horses  
Science: Software: Simulation  

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Metal-Tech of Tennessee LLC
Provides heat treatment and stress relieving. Offers, steel , case and straight hardening, nitrocarburizing, nitriding, tempering, and blueing.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Casting, Molding, Machining  

Jasco Heat Treating Inc.
Provides wide range of heat treating services. Includes austempering, carburizing, hardening, marquenching, nitriding, normalizing, and stress relieving. Site provides detailed information regarding available equipment and processes.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Casting, Molding, Machining: Heat Treating  

Spreafico R. s.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in equipment for heat and thermo-chemical treatment of metal parts. Applications include carbonitriding, carburizing, hardening, nitriding, quenching, stress relieving, and tempering.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Thermal Process  

Heat stress in endurance horses
2001 scientific paper from Sydney University explaining how to reduce heat stress, a major cause for concern in the welfare of endurance horses. Examines reduction of body heat production and ways to improve heat dissipation.   Society: Issues: Animal Welfare: Specific Animals: Horses  

Simulation Center
Simulate online with MSC.Nastran, IronCAD, and other engineering software. Run simulation, FEA, CAD, and analysis apps on a subscription basis. MSC.Nastran uses a finite element method for analyzing mechanical models. Analyses include motion, heat and stress. Pre- and post processing is enabled in MSC.Patran with a Windows GUI. For larger batch jobs, the eSubmit application allows a deck to be submitted to backend servers for extended processing.   Science: Software: Simulation  

PUC Unit Conversion
Java programm that converts units of acceleration, angle, area, energy/work, force, coefficient of heat transfer, length, mass, mass density, mass concentration, power, pressure/stress, time, velocity, viscosity, volume and temperature.   Computers: Software: Freeware  

Offers personal body cooling garments and vests to prevent heat stress in warm environments.   Shopping: Clothing: Outerwear  

Special Metals Corporation
Provides superalloy and special alloy long products designed to withstand extreme heat and stress, principally used in the manufacture of jet engine parts. (Nasdaq: SMCX)
.   Business: Major Companies: Publicly Traded: S  

Jackson Technical Solutions Ltd
Producing cooling vests and beds for prevention of heat stress in dogs. Kent, United Kingdom.   Business: Healthcare: Animal Health: Pets  

JN Machinery Corporation
Manufactures electric conveyor furnaces for on-line stress relieving, tempering, and heat treatment. Can also supply ancillary equipment and materials. Site provides detailed product information.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Furnaces, Incinerators, Kilns  

Boundary Element software for various areas such as stress, durability analysis, heat transfer, fatigue, crack growth, acoustic design, corrosion, cathodic protection, mechanical design, contact and wear.   Science: Math: Numerical Analysis: Companies  

Autonomous System for Monitoring Air-Sea Fluxes (AutoFlux)

The study aims to develop and test (in both laboratory and the field)
an autonomous atmospheric measuring system which will measure surface stress, sensible and latent heat flux and also carbon dioxide flux.   Science: Earth Sciences: Oceanography: Projects  

Code CAD, Inc.
Provide PC software, support and training in the areas of pipe stress analysis, finite element analysis, pressure vessel design, heat exchanger design, tank design, and CAD-based plant design.   Science: Technology: Mechanical Engineering: Software  

QuickField software, Finite Element Analysis. electromagnetic, heat transfer and stress analysis.   Science: Technology: Software for Engineering: Electrical Engineering  

The company provides CAE and CFD solutions for fluid flow, heat transfer and stress.   Science: Technology: Chemical Engineering: Software  

Ferrotherm Heat Treater
Specializes in wide range of heat treatment processes. Includes regular and isothermal annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, hardening, and tempering. Can also provide on site hot zinc spraying.   Regional: Asia: India: Maharashtra: Localities: Pune: Business and Economy: Industrial  

BST: Bunny Survival Tests
Stress testing by laser, drowning, heat, flame, boiling water, electrocution, long fall, and microwave radiation.   Recreation: Food: Confectionery: Peeps: Experiments  

Texas Cool Vest
Wearable personal cooling vest for any one who experiences heat stress or simply wants to beat the heat.   Shopping: Recreation: Outdoors: Clothing
Sells chemicals and food additives to ensure clean and healthy water and feed for poultry. Page includes list of products, company news, heat stress tips, and list of distributors. Located in Sydney, Australia.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Livestock: Poultry: Equipment and Supplies  

A Doctoral training Network in Integrative Studies of Plant Stress Biology
Information about "ADONIS", an EU-EST network that aims to dissect the molecular and physiological mechanisms in plant stress adaptation, in particular, to cold, drought, heat and salinity.   Science: Biology: Botany: Plant Physiology: Education  


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