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Hazardous Chemical

Hazardous Chemical

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Science: Chemistry: Chemistry Safety  
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"Hazardous Chemical" Sites

Chemical Inventory
Provides companies with barcoded database inventory, assessments, and remediations for hazardous waste.   Science: Environment: Hazardous Waste: Products and Services  

Hazardous Chemical Database
Contains names, formulas and registry numbers for 1991 hazardous chemicals. This site was last updated in 1996.   Science: Chemistry: Chemical Databases  

Internet MSDS and Hazardous Chemical Archives
Large set of links, mainly to various university safety pages, focusing on chemical safety and awareness.   Science: Chemistry: Chemistry Safety  

Michigan State University - Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety
MSU offering courses and training in radiation, chemical, biological and hazardous waste safety.   Health: Occupational Health and Safety: Colleges and Universities  

Safety Storage, Inc.
Offers portable storage structures for waste and spill containment of chemical and hazardous materials.   Business: Energy and Environment: Waste Management: Equipment: Containers and Containment Systems  

Environmental Software and Services GmbH
European hazardous chemicals database.   Health: Occupational Health and Safety: Hazardous Substances  

The National Chemical Emergency Centre
Products and services for chemical manufacturers, traders and distributors to assist with manufacture and distribution of hazardous products and to be prepared for any emergency.   Business: Energy and Environment: Environment  

NIH Chemical Information Page
Contains a great deal of information about chemical substances. The substances range from helpful drugs to potentially hazardous chemicals.   Science: Chemistry: Clinical and Medicinal Chemistry  

Chemicals in the Environment
Extensive on-line search of information stored in various environmental and regulatory databases, including CERCLIS, MERCK, CHEMHAZIS, BIOLOG. Information on Superfund sites, hazardous materials, environmental degradation.   Science: Environment: Directories  

UIUC Chemical Waste and Safety Fact Sheets
The complete collection of advice and warnings offered to those working at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, all in HTML and pdf formats. Includes "101 Ways to Reduce Hazardous Waste in the Laboratory" and "Pollution Prevention in Laboratories: The How To Guide."   Reference: Education: K through 12: School Safety: Labs and Experiments  

Northway Lignin Chemical
Our Lignin products are on-toxic/non-hazardous polymers, which are derived from the pulping process. These products are sold as a concentrated liquor containing 45-60% solids, or as dried powders containing 4% moisture.   Business: Chemicals: Diversified Manufacturers: N  

Xentex Chemical Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer and producer of chemically engineered products with special focus on replacement of EHS hazardous acids and solvents.   Business: Chemicals: Diversified Manufacturers: X  

CemoS - Chemical exposure model System
A model developed for prediction of fate and distribution of hazardous chemicals released to the environment, from the University of Osnabrück. The model is available for download; a textbook is available for order.   Science: Technology: Chemical Engineering: Software  

Thomson Micromedex
Electronic and printed information for professionals and consumers in healthcare and industry. Databases on pharmacology, toxicology, acute care, patient education, occupational medicine, alternative medicine, chemical & hazardous materials management, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance.   Health: Public Health and Safety: News and Media  

Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, L.L.C.
CTEH: scientific expertise of toxicology, risk assessment, industrial hygiene, occupational health, and response to community emergencies involving release or threat of release of chemicals and hazardous materials in the environment.   Business: Energy and Environment: Consulting  

EnChem Corporation
Manufacture chemical products for paint booth operations. Product line includes metal cleaning and preparatory systems, plus a hazardous paint waste detoxifier allowing standard landfill disposal.   Business: Chemicals: Coatings and Adhesives  

Secant Chemicals, Inc.
Distributor of specialty chemicals and plant antibodies, chemical sourcing, contract manufacturing, import export consultation, hazardous chemical labeling, chemical registration and chemical transportation.   Business: Chemicals: Wholesale and Distribution  

QV Chemicals LLC
Specializes in synthesis and manufacturing of fine organic chemicals from gram- to kilogram-size quantities. Competencies are focused in hazardous chemistry areas, including chlorination, hydrazine chemistry, nitration, chlorosulfonation, reduction and cyanation. Located in Missouri.   Business: Chemicals: Custom Manufacturing  

South Coast Enterprises
Manufacture and sell hazardous chemical and material, acid and flammable storage cabinets for cleanroom and lab safety applications   Science: Instruments and Supplies: Lab Furniture  

Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Company Limited
A port and storage terminal for handling and storing hazardous liquid and gaseous chemicals, petrochemicals, and petroleum products.   Regional: Asia: India: Gujarat: Localities: Dahej  


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