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Hard Drive Utility

Hard Drive Utility

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Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.
Backup utility for automatic and real-time mirroring of folders on CD-RW, ZIP drive, and removable/floppy/network/local hard disks. Integrated with Windows shell and designed for laptop/desktop computers in home and corporate environment. [Win 95/98/ME]   Computers: Software: Backup  

i7 Technologies
Providing small Windows utility programs for a specific purpose, 'Bookman Pro' easy handbook creation, 'Disk Serializer' change the serial number of the hard disk drive, 'AuditionIT!' simplifies the Auditioning of sample Files in Wave Format.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows  

A Mac OS X utility for quickly finding and deleting big, useless files and thereby freeing hard drive space.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Mac OS: Utilities  

HDD Temperature
A disk utility that monitors the current temperature of hard drives to prevent data loss. Available in English and German.   Computers: Software: Diagnostics  

Hard Drive Menu System
Utility manager to use with DOS and Win 95/98.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Authors  

Stellar Information Systems Ltd.
Stellar Phoenix is designed to analyze and recover data from hard disk drives that have been corrupted by a virus attack, accidental format, software malfunction, human error or even a sabotage. Also offers hard drive data recovery software tools, disk recovery utilities, safe data and file eraser utility, and data recovery services.   Computers: Software: Disk Management: Error Checking and Repair  

Inventive, Inc.
Maker of iClip, a multi clipboard/scrapbook utility for Mac OS X and iScooper, an image autodownloader and viewer which can import pictures from the hard drive as well. Will only download images that do not link to anything else.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Mac OS: Utilities  

A free HyperCard virus utility written by Bill Swagerty that will inspect all the stacks on your hard drive, or any part of it, for most HyperCard viruses.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Mac OS: Security: Malicious Software  

Higher Ground Software Inc.
Disaster recovery and disk drive rebuilding software also provides quality utility software for file recovery, virus protection software, and hard drive diagnostic software.   Computers: Software: Backup  

Amic Utilities
Products include a word processing utility, wallpaper changer, security program, software for finding files and information on the hard drive, and a backup program for Outlook Express.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Utilities  

Quik Sync
A file syncronization utility by Iomega Corporation that keeps a copy of your hard drive on Zip or Jaz disks.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Mac OS: Utilities: Backup  

Backup and restore utility for Windows. Backup files to floppy disks, hard drive, network drives, Zip drives, SyQuest and most other removable devices. The program supports several types of backups, including simple copy, simple move or deleting of old, out of date files and backup files to zip-archive.   Computers: Software: Backup  

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